Lindsay Lohan stealing boyfriends AND fur coats?

May 6th, 2008 // 78 Comments

Lindsay Lohan has gone from nympho (yay!) to klepto (aw.). Last night she was spotted getting close with Nicole Richie’s man Joel Madden at Hornitos (above). But that’s not her only caper. The New York Post is reporting that Lindsay allegedly ganked a fur coat from a Columbia student back in January. And has been photographed wearing the coat:

Masha Markova, 22, believed she had forever lost the prized jacket – a gift from her grandmother – while attending a private birthday party at 1Oak in the Meatpacking District in the early-morning hours of Jan. 26.
She added that at one point, she was seated next to Lohan, and recalled putting the mink in a common bin with other jackets. It was gone when she prepared to leave 1Oak after an hour, Markova said.
Two weeks later, Markova flipped through the Feb. 11 edition of OK! Magazine and couldn’t believe her eyes – Lohan was photographed the night of Jan. 26 wearing the very same fur coat.

Masha, who is now seeking $10,000 in damages, eventually got the coat back after her lawyer contacted Lindsay’s attorney Blaire Berk. 1Oak acted as a middleman for the transaction:

Reeking of cigarettes and booze with a slight tear in the lining, the fur coat was no worse for wear after a dry cleaning and quick patch-up.
Still, she wants answers – and Lohan to own up to swiping her coat.
“I don’t see how it could have been an accident,” Markova said.

But what about the pressing matter of Lindsay and new father Joel Madden? No big deal. You see, Nicole and Joel have a relationship built on trust. Nicole knows Joel will always come back home and stay faithful to his love. In the meantime, she’s perfectly content staying in and shooting heroin while a complete stranger rears their child in a secluded part of the mansion. And people say family values are eroding in this country. Pfft. Hogwash.


  1. ph7


  2. Jacob is numero uno

    Yay me!

  3. ihearttennis

    lol. that is too weird: taking some random persons jacket? gross.

    is that really joel madden? and not the twin?

  4. andie

    I once wore someone else’s jacket home from the bar accidentally. I knew it wasn’t mine when I found a little penis-shaped pencil eraser in the pocket. Other than that it reaslly did look like my jacket. Who carries that kind of thing around?

  5. Jacob

    If the aforementioned jacket is the one in question, she might have considered taking one that at least matched. . . goodness girl, you’re usually so on top of your coordination.

  6. Lindsay Lohan


  7. sadie

    Oh Lyndsay Lohan…i fucking love you. Fucking A.

  8. Jacob(original)

    God, in picture #2 she looks JUST like Dina Lohan. Scary!

  9. Pixie

    Lindsay has serious issues. Nicole picked Joel and now she has to deal with his flirting and hanging out with chicks all the time. I would not have the energy to deal with all that stuff. Joel is ugly and all is tatoos are gross. I would find a man in a different business so that life would be easy and pleasant.

  10. Sunflower

    Okay, but does anyone see a problem with leaving a mink coat in a “common coat bin” in a bar in NYC? Or any other City, for that matter? Are you kidding me?? You’re BEGGING for someone to take it! And of course, LLL (Low Life Lohan) was the first to take it! Aw… does she need money that badly??

  11. Matthew

    and now is time for another tale of the adventrures of Hohan!

  12. Jacob(original)


    Um, yes. I see a problem with that. If I’ve got an heirloom fur coat and I take it out for the evening, it’s staying with me all night… even if I have to sit on it.

  13. jeff

    that’s either benji or boy george, you heard it here first.

  14. ella

    what a jackass … and that coat looks so ugly on her. brings out the orange in her skin tone …

  15. Goodness Girl...he said that not the filthy troll

    Jacob, I was only kidding about you being a little faggot. But damn oh my God if my psychic powers aint in top form today. Man you really said that, girlfriend. And “aformentioned”. Very clumsy wording therefore I do not think I personally could trust your ability to say, juxtapose disparate objects in any semblence of coordination or pattern.
    Perhaps serving another man lovingly is more your forte. And I might add spiritedly. With gusto. But no dude. You don’t quite have the uh intellect for a critic. And who wants a queers opinion on women anyway?

  16. FIST!

    Is that the alleged coat?

  17. poonmoon

    You rétards that’s not a mink coat, that’s her nasty, froed-out, firecrotch muff that has grown so long and thick she can wrap it around herself like a coat.

    Look closely in pic seven you can see that the fur (PIE) coat originates form her fiery crotch poon. Bah ha ha ha she’s soooooooo NASTYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  18. Jess

    Eh, Nicole had it comin’. She stole this fat-ass from Hilary Duff, and the only reason they stayed together this long was because of the baby. I just don’t understand what all these relatively attractive girls see in him?

  19. Jacob(original)

    Yes, I did just pick up on the improper use of that word. MY BAD. And I didn’t give my opinion on the woman, i gave my opinion on the fact that her jacket ugh, doesn’t match…

    And who knows women better than gays besides other women… since we’re pulling that on the table… seriously.

  20. Eric

    Sure, Lindsay’s pretty much an automatic 3-finger stinkup, but Joel was probably beginning to unzip before he motioned her over. Nicole is already anorexic again. He was willing to trade vomit-burp kisses and the sound of crackling rib bones for vodka-burp kisses and an itchy-burning sensation.

  21. Randal

    Oh Lindsay. You go from top in my books to a little down from top now.

    Fur is not meant to be worn by the human species.


  22. havoc

    I bet her snapper even smells like cigarettes……


  23. Fox News Watcher

    If you’re so unhappy, “Masha Markova,” go back to your crumbled RED empire and suck Putin’s tiny little stalin.


  24. Bigheadmike

    I am going against the flow here and say I would love to paryty with her sometime. Shes living large and likes to enjoy booze as well as the naughty things life has.

  25. Jacob the straight one new and reconciled with laws of nature

    J, you think gay men know women better than the guts that oh say fellate them into orgasm? The guys that throw them around in bed and grab their hair while they scream and pound them with animal ferocity with penis fury? The men that father their children and provide them with a home for their children? That visit their graves for years after they have departed from this world?
    You homosexual men have a more intimate understanding or women? Really? Tell me more, please.

  26. eHarmony

    Jacob, meet Randal. As you can see, he “goes a little down” with just a little prodding. I believe you two have a lot in common.

  27. Behind every fur coat, collar, or bit of fur trim is an enormous amount of suffering. Animals who are killed for their fur are the ultimate fashion victims. They are drowned, beaten, gassed, strangled, or electrocuted–many of them are skinned alive.

    There’s nothing fashionable or cool about fur or fur trim, so spread the word.

  28. Rich

    I agree with #24. Lindsay shouldn’t be lumped with the others. She’s a highly entertaining combo of two cardinal sins, lust and gluttony (re: drugs and alcohol). She would be absolutely nothing if she “straightened out” (unless you’ve really got a crush on Peppermint Patty). I’d love to hook up with her for a week, or until I needed to be hospitalized. Obviously I’d hide my wallet and take all the necessary vaccines first, and make sure that I had a liver donor lined up. Let the good times roll!

  29. Matthew

    PETA has repeatedly stated that Americans who wear fur are EQUIVALENT to the 9/11 terrorists.

    They’re morally bankrupt. Don’t pay any attention to them (they crave it).

  30. #5 is Randal in disguise

  31. adeliza


    OMG!!!! You are a sick puppy! I like it.

  32. j-mo

    He is obviously fucked up & it looks like he is pinching a pill between his fingers. His leg is touching her leg. groooooooooooooooooooooooooooosssssssssssss!!!!!!
    Poor Nicole….and she’s been looking so hot lately. He’s fug. What was she thinking???

  33. Tofu


    There are people that are members of PETA that probably make such statements, but don’t blame an entire organization for what a few say.

  34. jackierabbit

    the better question is who puts a fucking $11 000 coat in a ‘common bin’
    bitch you deserve to have that shit ganked.

  35. Dear Friends,

    We at PETA are so lucky that most of us left New York a day before the terrorist attacks, after hosting our 21st Anniversary and Humanitarian Awards Party at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. So many lives have been tragically cut short, including those of several PETA supporters whose kindness the world will sorely miss. Our hearts go out to the victims’ friends and families.

  36. Kathie Lee Givehard

    That’s not some bitch’s coat that’s MY CAT, or that WAS my cat. You FUCKING WHORE you stole Mr. Fluffy Pants and turned him into a coat to make your slutty ass look even more slutty. You are the pure EVIL. Lo Blo that’s a… lo blo, even for you. You look like a fucking prostitute anyway. I hope my Fluffikins pissed all over you when you took him.

    I am seeking 10 million in damages and for Lindsay Lohan to never make a movie again and to be exiled with her mother and the rest of her trashy family to … well I can’t think of a country that deserves them, but I want them outta here.

    Now it’s not my fault I left Sir. Fluffer Nutters in the common cat bin at that posh party I went to a while back. All the other bitches left their hideous miniature dogs in the common dog bins and none of them got stolen. Of course #12. You do understand that I could not have sat on Fluffers, right? I mean he doesn’t like that very much. He almost died when that obese bitch Kim Kardashian tried attach him to her ass and sit on him on him. She had mistaken him for one of her lost butt pads (covered in her ass hair), it was crazy colamity let me tell you, I was all like “no bitch-fatty, your asspads are covered in coarse black brillo hairs not golden/orange hair that’s my kitty kat and he doesn’t want your stanky ass on top of him, but I can see why you’d mistake him for your fake ass I mean he does smell like pee” . Well, she gave Fluffy back but she wasn’t very polite about it, whatevah bitch. Man what a night.

    Anyway I miss my sweet kitty, she used to liked to lick her own butt hole, sprawl out and present herself to all of my friends, eat old crap off the floor and she smelt like cheese whiz and pickles… hmmm just like Lindsay does… so maybe Fluffy and Lindsay were destined to be together (although Fluffs was always far more mannered and smelt much better than Lilo).

    Goodbye my fluffy princess I’ll miss you always…

    LOHAN, this ain’t ovah. But you career is.HA.


  37. ewwwwwww

    I already knew this chick was absolutely worthless trash, but this makes it even worse. This chick is the scum of earth. Fucking disgusting loser, stealing people’s clothes… how can this scum be so low?

  38. stink

    How many of you 22 year old’s have a lawyer on call. This is a typical story,”that bitch swiped my stuff at a party” but this story has a famous name, more 00 on the value on the stolen goods and barely leagal sluts with way too much power and throngs of educated adults at their beckon call.
    GOOD GAWD I can’t imagine having to work for one of these whores and pretending to give a shit about their little petty issues.
    Lohan’s a dirty theif, but the rich bitch who owns the dead animal could auction that shit for 10 times what it’s worth now that it has a celeb scandal attached to it. Anyway Lindsay is the most vile woman in Hollywood, she is a born criminal that one.

    Also Joel is a repulsive pig, I really feel sorry for the innocent children being born to these celebretardians, I mean there are fucked up, addict, parents everywhere but these future trainwrecks are going to have their hideous demise completely documented and even filmed. I really think us normal people should create a movement to adopt celebrities’ children. If you ask me the future generation of Hollywood’s bastard kids are in much more danger than starving orphans in war torn, aids filled African countries.

  39. Sasha

    Masha is a good friend of Nicole’s. Maybe Joel was asking her about it.

    Either way, Lindsay is a known clepto, pathological liar and sociopath just like her whore mother.

    Google “lindsay steals clothes” and you will see how many people she has stolen from. It’s mind-boggling!

  40. restingonlaurels

    her face always looks like she just ate a red popsicle or something and got it all over her mouth and cheeks. that tanning has got to stop! she was tres adorable in mean girls, this blonde hair – brown skin has got to go.

  41. RENEE

    Is it just me or does that not totally look like a black widow spider getting ready to pull her helpless (and retarded) looking prey into her web? And my first impression was that its not Joel, but the other retarded Madden bro; Paris Hilton’s boytoy. That would make more sense wouldn’t it, since Lindsay & Paris are always competing. (Oh yeh, and fur coats are gross).

  42. poonmoon

    #41. That’s what I thought, but it said Joel, so I was like who am I to tell one hideous uggo from another, they all look the same to me. But after forcing myself to look at the picture ( I threw up on my desk) I can see that that is not Joel it’s Paris’s current victim/douchefucker Benji the assdog. La Lohan and Paris are always at it ,as you said, their pittiful jealousy is so obvious, girls can be such petty bitches. I’m just hoping they have a huge fight one day and fall off a cliff (and just so you boys can hope for it too I hope they rip each other clothes off before they plumet… there happy?) Now lets all pray for the end of these uber sluts.

  43. Tony

    #35 – “We at PETA are so lucky that most of us left New York a day before the terrorist attacks”

    Yeah, you left when it was time to help PEOPLE. Big surprise.

    PETA is filled with liars and hypocrites. And no, it’s not just a few “crazies” who compare fur-wearers to terrorists, it’s all over their literature. PETA doesn’t love animals. PETA hates people.

  44. Lindsey=VD

    Funny enough, thats definatly Benji, not Joel. Notice the tattoo on the neck. Man, I thought he hated his penis when he started screwing Paris Hilton. But Lindsey Lohan?? I think hes officially declared all out war on his testicles. May god have mercy on your… balls.

  45. Harry Ballzack

    @36 – “she smelt like cheese whiz and pickles”

    Now that’s funny shit right there man. I don’t care who you are – that’s funny !!

  46. Linda


    Yes I’m sure every group has their share of crazies. I don’t eat meat because of all the growth hormones, pesticides, and anti-biotics that the government allows in US meat. Also it is disgusting how inhumane they treat the animals daily before they get slaughtered for human consumption. Paul McCartney is a PETA member and he is not crazy.

  47. no name

    Yes that is Benji and they are probably talking about Paris. Boy , he knows how to pick em. But then again, consider the source..ewwww

    All men out there – this look is NOT HOT!

  48. Jamie's Uterus

    This chick needs to be stopped! Her reign of terror should be over by now. A slut and a thief, she’s the next Winona Ryder.

  49. tp

    Why is she always carrying around that box of Ariva?? She’s not fooling anyone!

  50. Lucy

    What the hell is wrong with her lips?
    She looks like an ugly porn star.

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