Lindsay Lohan stalker arrested (Plus things)

Tales of derring-do:

- Lindsay Lohan’s crazed stalker was arrested last night after “lunging at her” at an Arizona nightclub. Finally, someone’s put Samantha Ronson behind bars before she lesbianizes another fading actress. [E! Online]

- Elisabeth Hasselbeck learns that whining will get you an invite to the Bush’s White House Christmas Party. I actually don’t blame her because they’re gonna tear that mother apart. I got ten bucks Cheney “accidentally” dumps egg-nog on the nuclear launch button. Adios, France! [TMZ]

- Tiffani Amber Thiessen is pregnant with her first child. Is it Zack’s? Slater’s? That bastard Jeff from The Max? All I know is it wasn’t me – which is why I cry myself to sleep every night. I loved you, Kelly Kapowski! [Star]

- Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy did an impromptu a cappella performance in Washington Square Park Monday. Afterward, Pete showed everybody a video of Ashlee Simpson peeing because he loves her so much. [Page Six]

Photos: WENN