Lindsay Lohan snubs Robert Altman’s funeral

February 22nd, 2007 // 74 Comments

After Robert Altman died last November, Lindsay Lohan released a statement saying he “was the closest thing to my father and grandfather that I really do believe I’ve had in several years.” So how did she honor his memory? By skipping his memorial service Tuesday and instead going out to party in Los Angeles with Steve O.

And just curious, but what exactly happened to her in rehab? It’s like they tried to kick her addiction to drugs and alcohol by getting her addicted to sausage. If you have to butter you thighs to slide into a pair of jeans they probably don’t fit anymore.



  1. Truthseeker013

    Let’s find some consistency here, folks! First she’s being ripped because she’s wasting away, and now we’re into her because she’s finally getting the weight back. An addiction to sausage? Depends.

  2. superstar

    That horrible, unreliable bitch!

  3. WienerSchnitzle

    Since when is fat considered healthy? me confused.

  4. EgoManiac

    Lindsay is such a coke skank. I wouldn’t even let her blow lines off my balls. I’m lying, of course…………

  5. sid


    Who the fuck cares?

    With Britney going medieval on a car, who cares about Lindsay?


  6. CheapShot

    She’s definitely not fat (probably at a healthy weight), but she’s noticeably bigger (especially for a celebrity) than she was before she went to rehab.. maybe its due to some kind of medication they put her on? No idea.. I never went into rehab.

  7. Saera


  8. lohan needs to step up her game if she’s gonna get any tabloid space in the next few months….britney has set a new standard

  9. Wow Just Wow

    Ever see a pic of this no-talent turd without a cellphone in her paw?

  10. sassi_chic

    No open bar?? Shyt! Like I would be caught dead there…


    It’s a contradiction for Lindsay to expect to be a high-flying Hollywood actress and a straight-laced young woman at the same time. Part of her attraction was her tendency toward self-destruction. Either she’s straight, or she’s a story, she can’t be both.


    I want back the old lush-Lindsay, the same way I want back the old cute-Britney. It’s like she’s become part of the Manson family, WTF?

  13. There’s an LA memorial service for Altman on March 4th, so I just assumed she’d go to that one. Warren Beatty wasn’t at the NYC one, either sinc e he lives in LA. The NY one was pretty much only NY’ers.

  14. nicole

    oh please your all saying she looks fine when like people above me are saying they gain weight after eating good blah blah blah, in a couple of weeks no offense, she’ll be starving herself, smokin some pot, and partying with paris hilton, stars go into rehab, come out clean and go back into their shitty habits again, because its like theres a force or a pull calling them to a club or party, so save me the bull shit, and stop going into rehab if its just a huge waste of time!

  15. Mrs.Sack

    Hmmm..what’s up with those butt-ugly shoes?

  16. belle

    She looks like the fat midget guy who played all the Oompa Loompas in the most recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. I’ve hated this ho-bag since she was little.

  17. asscrack

    Disagree she looks good with some meat on her bones; I need some cushion!!

  18. herbiefrog

    After Robert Altman died last November, Lindsay Lohan released a statement saying he “was the closest thing to my father and grandfather that I really do believe I’ve had in several years

    it’s about respect..
    that thing the mafia [not that it exists]


    good luck with yours babe : )

  19. Mick

    #43 licklick, I have no clue what you are talking about when referring to my #42 post.
    Bin Laden? what does he have to do with Lohan?

  20. Lowlands

    She doesn’t look bad at all on these photos.Only i was wondering which maoistic movement she borrowed the coat from.Seems to be a size too tight.

  21. SuperChic

    aaaah Lindsay. I think the best thing we can do for her as a team on The Superficial is let her go through this you know. I mean she is really lost here. Give her as much drugs, clubs, wild nights, hot sex, butter and sausage as possible and just let her run with it. I mean seriously, you gotta hit rock bottom at some point. If she’s washed up by the time she hits 30… which is ineviteable, we will deal with it then. Yeah, and that is IF she is STILL around after all the drugs, clubs, wild nights, hot sex, butter and sausages she can consume… that’s my 2 cents and I’m stickin with it.

  22. herbiefrog



  23. techclerk

    Can’t wait not to go to Lohan’s funeral. I used to really like her but it turns out I was really a Tina Fey and Kara Diguardo fan.

    SteveO somehow loses his last shred of dignity when he went out with Lohan. Man, that guy is SICK!

  24. yeah, she’s really classy…

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