Lindsay Lohan snubs Robert Altman’s funeral

February 22nd, 2007 // 74 Comments

After Robert Altman died last November, Lindsay Lohan released a statement saying he “was the closest thing to my father and grandfather that I really do believe I’ve had in several years.” So how did she honor his memory? By skipping his memorial service Tuesday and instead going out to party in Los Angeles with Steve O.

And just curious, but what exactly happened to her in rehab? It’s like they tried to kick her addiction to drugs and alcohol by getting her addicted to sausage. If you have to butter you thighs to slide into a pair of jeans they probably don’t fit anymore.



  1. Alex

    Ha! Snub!

  2. His funeral probably wasn’t “Adequate” enough for her.

    Lindsay has very high standards, if there isn’t an open bar and a private bathroom to have unprotected sex with strangers SHE AIN”T GOIN!

  3. Bugman4045

    It’s just a thrillerrrr..thrillerr!

  4. -Stormy.

    Loved the letter she wrote… anyone have a link to it?

  5. Whammer Jammer

    She’s upset because the ANS trial and Twitney Spears are getting all the headlines lately. She’s thinking up a publicity stunt to get her name back in the news. Look for her to pull some dumbass stunt within the next few days. Her mother should be chiming in anytime also.

  6. fame is funny


  7. No_Angel

    I don’t think she looks fat, I think she looks healthy. Many people come out of rehab with a few extra pounds because she’s eating well, sleeping well and has time to work on her demons, instead of all the crap that Hollywood “demands” you look like.

    And no, I’m not a lindsay lohan fan, I couldn’t name a movie that she’s in and I’d probaby trip over her in a crowded sidewalk.

  8. GG 4.33

    Altman was a real artist, and Lohan should feel priveledged to work with him. Considering she worked on his last film, she should doubly be grateful. She should have shown respect to him, but, alas, no. She goes out and parties with Steve-o, a man who puts leeches on his eyes, fish hooks through his face, and who wears a mask connected to a guy who farts into it.

  9. JungleRed

    You expect Lindsey to go to a funeral for some dead old guy? She doesn’t show up for any event where she’s not the center of attention? (Oh if that were only true here.) As for her weight, the cocaine and cigarette diet was the only thing keeping her ass in shape.

  10. misanthrope

    She was lucky as hell for Altman to have even known her name, much less put her in a film. His last film at that.

    It’s sad. The old Lindsay would have gotten shit-faced, gone to the memorial and dry-humped a floor lamp.

  11. jFp

    I use to like her until she got so fat and started wearing fat-hiding-colors.

  12. Dude. She is as vapid as Paris and as vacuous as Brit. Who gives a rats ass what she does? I mean unless she like, trips and falls into Harvey Weinstein, calls him a fat ass and demands to have him arrested. That would be something to hear about. Oh yeah.


    here’s what Linsey deserves:

    its best to have access too good surveillance equipment.
    get to know their routines, where they work, where they hang out etc..bring something to read during the downtime like Hunters Weekly..
    and this is where the chloroform rag comes in. get the drop on em and load em up and from there on out its back home! to the needles and the blades and the thousand points of pain LOL.
    sometimes while im working and if theyre not gagged i like turning up the rock&roll. mebbe some Korn/ LimpBizkits/ or Creed and then let the fun beginlol

  14. jrzmommy

    Because Steve O. is the perfect person for girls fresh out of rehab to hang out with.

  15. MrSemprini

    I was there and let me tell you, she was heartbroken. She was definitely in mourning because she would only drink Black Russians. There was that one Creme de Menthe, but just one. I asked her why Creme de Menthe and she said, in a very low voice, “Its for my tapeworm”, then she gave me this weird wink. I still have nightmares about it. Not like the Hoff in drag nightmares but, hey, how do you go beating THAT? Whoops, gotta go, Sirens!

  16. #13 – not funny. details of kidnapping and torture really? seek psychiatric help.

  17. whitegold

    What a surprise, yet another boring Spears story followed by, you guessed it, another boring Lohan story. I dunno about anyone else, but I’m absolutely sick of hearing about the Spears-Lohan-Hilton trifecta (and the other frequent topics of discussion like Richie and Smith)!!!!! None of these “celebrities” has done anything lately to make them at all worthy of celebrity status. They are more like reality tv losers these days, people who are in no way special or important or talented, and yet we follow their lives and misfortune anyways. But their lives are really starting to bore me. So can’t we start to focus on other, more interesting, celebrities for a while and just completely ignore this group. Maybe if we ignore them, they’ll all just go away. And isn’t that really what everyone wants?

  18. #17 – 100% agreement. The more press they get the harder it is to consider them human beings.

  19. Luy Sel

    This girls actions are.. She amazes me very often, and unfortunantly never in a way that demands respect.

    But calling her fat makes you sound even dumber than she undoubtedly is.

  20. They’re HUMAN?!?!?!

    Crap, that just makes us look bad, can we trade them out of the human race in exchange for that monkey that smells it’s own shit?

  21. JungleRed

    @17: Are you trying to shut this site down? Focusing on and insulting vapid celebrities is what this site is all about. This isn’t

    Besides, if we ignored them and they all went away, we’d be left to focus on our own inadequate lives. And I ask you, is that really what everyone wants?

  22. tits_on_snack

    Yeah yeah, Lindsay’s a stupid cunt, HEY can we get rid of the PeTA ads? I hate PeTA. I hate looking at their ads. I hate the thought of my page views giving them a single penny.

  23. RichPort

    I everytime I see a PETA ad I have a hankering for some veal. And fur, lots of fucking fur.

  24. slipangle

    im the best

  25. jrzmommy

    PETA makes me want to rip out an elephant’s tusks and shove them up an animal rights activist’s ass.

  26. Lambency

    What a bitch.

    The next thing we’ll see her doing is shaving her head before checking into rehab three separate times, then getting pregnant, dressing up like a clown, wearing a bikini, and dying leaving no will and no trace of the father.

    The ultimate publicity stunt!Maybe throw in some midgets and goats too.

  27. moonshine

    Steve-O’s “date” with Lindsay is probably going to appear as a future segment on Jackass 3. After all, wouldn’t an evening with Miss Lohan be akin to firing bottle rockets out of your ass and getting hit with a stun gun?
    I can see him ordering a classy bottle of blush as Knoxville etal try to keep from losing it in the back room.

  28. k

    i actually saw her 2 weeks ago when she came to my town for filming. she looked thin but healthy. she probably looks heavier because she’s wearing flats with skinny jeans, instead of 4″ heels.

  29. 23apples

    #21 – agreed!
    Sure, there are a lot of stories on here about Lindsay, Paris, Britney, etc. etc… but those are the ones that are the most fun to read! Theyre the ones who do the stupidest shit, and thats why their stories are always on here. I thought the point of this website was mainly to poke fun at the stupid things celebrities do in their everyday lives. Those girls can’t help it (or can, who knows??) if theyre the queens of stupid celebrities… at least they give us something funny to read everyday


    16 – i like yer site i think i’ve seen that goth hipster couple at some of the clubs i hang out at, waiting in the shadows getting to “know” people.
    i think i’d like my cutenessburger rare very rare Lol.

  31. 23apples

    Wait, whats the point of going to rehab if after getting out you’re just gonna party again and hang out with good influences like Steve-o?

  32. Jiimbo

    Does anyone really care? blah blah blah when Britny is so much more fun to watch. I am just waiting for the sex video of her and K-Fed

  33. mel

    i think she looks good for being on the verge of death

  34. lastangelman

    Ach die lieber! Now you’re just being mean. … to sausages.

  35. whitegold

    #21 – no no, I’m not saying that, I’m just saying that I want to start focusing on insulting OTHER celebrities. I most certainly don’t wish for all celebrities to disappear, I’m just so sick of the Spears and Lohans and Hiltons getting any attention and I’m tired of hearing about them. I wanna start insulting a new and different group of celebrities. Know what I mean? I just want these ones to go away. They’re not interesting anymore, they’re just pathetic and annoying. Need some new big shot celebrities to insult and put down!

  36. Stink

    She was with Steve-O? Bleh. There’s goes my fantasy of doing LL in Herbie…

  37. poptart

    It’s scary that I’m coming to LaLohan’s defense, but in all fairness…the Los Angeles memorial service for Robert Altman is in 2 weeks, so she’s probably going to attend that one.

  38. herbiefrog

    apparently aliana went…

    aliana is going everywhere
    …these days

    cos big sis cant manage it anymore

    aahhhh : )


  39. KimberWolf

    I’ve seen the Jackass movies and I thought they were funny, but Steve-o is the most disgusting person on the planet. There is no going lower. That’s it.

  40. JungleRed

    Agreed. These clowns are all on autopilot to self-destruct. There are no suprises. I’d also like to see some variety. What annoying holier-than-thou crap is coming out of Streisand, Sanandon, Robbins, and Oprah lately? Also, there’s gotta be some untapped gold in the lives of the male “Friends.”

  41. JungleRed

    #40 was in response to #35.

  42. Mick

    # 7 is wrong. She wasn’t in rehab long enough to gain that much weight. Plus, she was gaining weight way before she even went into rehab.
    She is so big now. She seriosuly needs to slim down because isn’t not like she was ever pretty. Being thin would be the only chance she has at being some what attractive.

  43. licklick

    Fuck you, Bin Laden #42.

    And while we are at it, fuck George W. Bush. And fuck your religions, too.

    Waste of good bandwidth, the lot of you.

  44. licklick

    Lindsay Lohan snubbing RA’s funeral is exemplary of the type of garbage that passes for celebrity these days. Very little talent with even less brains fronted by fake attitude.

    Few of them have even a stroke of intelligence. And I’d bet none of them even know who Altman was.

  45. #43 licklick

    Sheesh all RIGHT, I’ll ask the psychologists if they will allow you to start giving your father blow-jobs again if you’re going to get so pissy.

  46. Geddy McGowan

    addicted to sausage… sausage

  47. Geddy McGowan

    that pale skin in a two-piece gggrrr

  48. licklick

    Post #43 refers to a long sutpid rant posted by someone posing as Bin Laden that appears to have been removed by the moderator immediately prior to my post .

    Still, fuck all those stuipid religious zealots.

    Hey, moderator, remove my post #43, too.

  49. woodhorse

    Why are they just now having a memorial service for Altman? Didn’t he die over a months ago? Did Howard K. Stern claim to be his father or something??

  50. What an adequite cunt.

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