Lindsay Lohan shows off her very shaved vagina again

September 13th, 2006 // 194 Comments

I don’t know when it happened (actually I know exactly when it happened) but somewhere along the line Lindsay Lohan decided to just completely give up on underwear. This shot was taken outside of London’s Kabaret club, and once again features Lindsay Lohan and her totally NSFW vagina. There was so much controversy over her first attempt to offend my eyes she thought she’d give it another go. Only this time she’s not leaving any doubt as to its authenticity. If you’re easily offended by beat-up looking vaginas, I highly recommend you not click the above image. Because this one looks like it went ten rounds with a boxing kangaroo.


  1. Jacq


  2. jillybean

    Time to burn that car seat.

  3. Equalparts

    I know that much is possible with photoshop these days, but that picture looks real. Even if her nonny is lighter in contrast, it should be. COnsidering the lighting and the fact that she has been on the beach in bikini’s all summer. I mean, my nonny is a few shades lighter than the rest of me as well.

    This girl has got no class. I don’t care if the papparazzi is in your face, jumping in your car to get your picture. If you know you are commando, you close your damn legs.

  4. Miss_Marple

    #55- That was fucking hysterical!
    #63- I’m just glad this isn’t ‘scratch and sniff’.. how nasty is that :)

    #71- I was going to crazy-glue your mouth shut but it turns out that you do indeed need two functioning assholes; both for releasing all that pent up shit inside of you. You do not belong here with the rest of us so you may as well go and play in traffic. As #74 said (about #71)- “#59 bbrrken – you said you were outta here…But your still here??” So fucking leave already!

  5. Cuore56

    She looks as though she’s sickened by the sight of it as well. By the way, what does NSFW stand for?

  6. Alice-Mary

    53….are you fucking retarded?

    Here’s a thought- a little tip from me to you.



    I don’t want to see her goddamn vagina. And if I see it as a result of her idiocy, I’ll be as judgemental as I please. Especially if it looks like someone raped her with a stereo.

  7. bunnyhugger

    you know, guys, 71 does make one valid point:
    if i was face to face with that cootchi, i would definitely whimper. and then vomit.

    BTW, 71, your unicorn is double parked. please remove it the the rainbow zone. the fairies will direct you to the proper area.
    that is all.

  8. Tracy

    It looks all stretched out and lopsided. I know everyone’s different, but that’s a little funky.

  9. LL

    Yeah, I think the consensus is pretty much that she needs to put on some underpants or get used to seeing her bajingo on the Internet. People don’t follow me around with cameras (I’m pretty sure about that), but I don’t take that as a free Stop Wearing Underwear card. I think the regular wearing of underpants is just a good, solid guideline. Either that, or don’t bitch when people get extremely unflattering shots of you getting into and out of vehicles. Where is her mother, besides signing on to this site and telling all of us to stop making fun of Lindsay? That’s something a mother should tell you, not just to wear clean underpants, but to wear them regularly. Next thing, Lindsay will start playing with herself in public and then whine that the photographers are invading her privacy by taking pictures of it. Hell, why not just take a dump right in the street in front of everyone? I don’t think this is what our forefathers fought and die for, dammit. Why does Lindsay Lohan hate America?

  10. commissioner

    “Your unicorn is double parked”.

    I’m so using that one. I run into delusional people all the time!!!!!!!

    Thanks bunnyhugger!

  11. Rox

    that’s obviously a fake. Where is the light coming from that just the gina is so well lit? And the only way it would be possible to see the whole hu-ha from this angle would be if she had no crotch and the box were where the pubic hair would be (hence the shaving).

    Well, it’s either that’s a fake or Brandon Davis is lying and she does not have a firecrotch, since she has no crotch afterall. And not believing Brandon Davis is just stupid.

  12. kate6711


  13. JumpingIrish

    Well…there is a shadow on her leg from the bag, so it could possibly made her already pale (can’t believe i’m saying this) vajayjay look even paler.

    I just can’t stand it anymore. She is so gross.

    And maybe she shaved (can’t believe i said that either) the firecrotch to keep from being one…

    GRODY! I’m going to wash my eyes again with bleach…

  14. angeleyedsinner21

    If any of you seriously believe that this pic is real you are f!@#ing morons. Absolute idiots!

  15. bunnyhugger

    any time, ana.
    just remember me as you say it!!


  16. Tracie

    As was mentioned previously, the gina is well lit due to a little something called a flashbulb.
    And to our favorite new dipshit, bbrrken:
    Exactly how is #67′s comment “ignorant”? I suggest you check a dictionary on the meaning.
    There is a perfect periodical written just for delusional folks like you, it’s called “People” magazine. Enjoy!

  17. JollyJumjuck

    #6 – NSFW = Not Suitable For Wanking

  18. JumpingIrish

    Yes, I know that most of the time we should give celebrities some slack. Ok. But being a female, I know when I’m wearing a skirt to be conscious of not opening my legs for the world see my gold and prizes. This is dumb. yes, dumb. She should know better, whether people are chasing her or not. Obviously keeping her legs closed is not second nature to her. Off all the publicity she gets, most of it lately is her showing body parts that don’t need to be seen/public fondling/or making a fool of herself. I understand people are hard on celebrities…but come on. This time it has gone too far. Even if it isn’t real and we are just seeing her panties…she can keep her legs closed. It called the “keeping the legs closed and swing them to the side and you get up”. Not hard to do.

  19. JohnniePolo

    28)You know it is time to seriously invest in underwear when your crotch is a “Hot Topic” on The View. Rosie O’Donnell said this am that she’s sick of seeing Lohan’s vagina on the internet

    Are you kidding?? Fat ass Rosie would slather a little mayonnaise on that thing and have at it. She’s too digusting to turn down ANY cooch. Lying bitch!

  20. lisad71

    That is so nasty. Its bad enough that we have to see that infested hole of hers, but what about the poor SOB that is going to have to sit in that seat after her. “Honey, I swear I didn’t cheat on you. I don’t know HOW I got herpes.” Eeewwww

  21. combustion8

    That coochie is toe-up from the flow-up.

  22. jane's eyre

    Buns, that was freakin’ comedy gold. It even warranted me using html code. You done good baby, you done good.

  23. Toonlite

    #114 angeleyedsinner21

    “If any of you seriously believe that this pic is real you are f!@#ing morons. Absolute idiots!”


    T H A N K Y O U ! ! !…..I really thought we were losing our touch…mind you I was really getting concerned… *HIGH FIVE ROOM* WE HIT AN ALL TIME LOW….yet again…

    keep those cards and letters coming….and I’ll file it under “Kiss My Ass” or is “Ass Hat”??? I forget….after all we are idiots!!

  24. tsarinaamanda

    What creeps me out about her sloppy cooch is how the left side looks like it’s stuck to her leg. WTF? And the rest of it looks like some rotten, flyblown roast beef. Damn, with all that money she should pay a visit to Dr. 90210 so he can give it a complete makeover. Maybe he can do something about the smell, it seems to be making her nauseous.

  25. Giggles

    She either doesn’t get it ordoesn’t care: this is just not acceptable social behavior.


  26. abatardi

    whatever… i would definitely hit that. ;-)

  27. Thatshot


  28. polypam

    ‘She is getting out the car and the invasive paparazzi is in the way again and it’s more of an oops than an intentional “showing off”‘

    To bbrroken: “Invasive paparazzi”? Sure, most of them are scum, but COMON! Lohan LIVES for them. She could easily avoid them if she wanted. She was even quoted in Elle Mag as saying if one day they weren’t there, did that mean she didn’t matter anymore. So instead of feeling sorry for Blowhan, just go and buy her some panties and have them FedEx’d to her.

  29. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    128? Oh well…I couldn’t post before, I was nauseated.

    This girl has some serious issues. For one, well, this. The crotch on public display. And for free! Lindsay–Girl! At least spread ‘em for Penthouse and make a few bucks. Since no one in Hollywood is going to hire you, you may need the money. But I guess it’s too late, no one will pay for what they’ve seen for free.

    Oh, but you’re going to marry Harry, right? Uh-huh…know something, if some guy grabbed my T & A in public all the time, I’d smack his fool head in. This is NOT the guy to marry. You marry him and he’ll just go out and grab someone else’s T & A, because he’s rich. Unlike K-Fed, he won’t have to be nice to you because you pay the bills.

    And to the sarcastic, scaly sycophant, bbrrokken reccorrd, get over yourself. Get on your unicorn and find the “I Love Lindsay” site and write gushing posts in praise of her. Or not. Just go away, like you said you would.

  30. polypam

    Though I have to also say that the many different synonyms of the word “vagina” that I have learned on this comment board are priceless, each and every one of them :) You go, vajajay!!!

  31. That should be her next album cover… that way it might deter impressionable teenie boppers…

  32. 97 Glad you asked!

    Music to me is the noise not created by people without musical ability.

    Beautiful women farting in public

    That gurgling noise small children make when they vomit peas onto…just about anything.

    The snapping sound a condom makes when I turn it inside out, to shake the fuck out of it.

    The lovely lilt in your Grandma’s voice as she quavers “Thank you for skull fucking me”

    And, lastly, Mary Fucking Poppins singing “A Spoonfull of Sugar” Brings a tear to me eyes, it does.

    I hope that helped clarify things a bit.

  33. kugal

    Hate to say it, but I really think this one’s a fake. If her legs were spread at that angle, I think her vajayjay would be a lot more “open” and all you see right here is skin. Whoever photoshopped it did a much better job than with the last one, but to me it looks really fake.

  34. buckity

    bbrrken doesn’t know how to use the word “discerning” correctly in a sentence and thinks it is fine to show up somewhere with your vagina exposed so I wouldn

  35. Jebus

    I can’t believe I’m actually about to defend LL-I DO think she’s nasty- but that looks pretty normal to me. Even if it is a fake. Perhaps the only lips any of you have ever seen are the little pink airbrushed ones in mags.

  36. Jeremy1Esq

    Oooh Im Blind…

    She is effin discusting. Atleast leave something to the imagination. What is with these rich uneducated girls. Is even showing the slightest bit of class impossible?

    Airing it out does not make the herpes and the genital warts go away.

    She needs to just go away.

  37. lyncent

    Fake picture. Didn’t anyone notice??? There’s no freckles anywhere around the ‘gina.

  38. chelsea_423

    Tranny Granny, for your information, I wouldn’t know if I have a malformed vagina because I haven’t been able to see my own vagina in years. But I’ve been told it’s nice.
    Seriously though, natural or trimmed vaginas look ok, but shaved ones look bloated and they usually have shaving bumps. And no, I’m not basing this on my own vagina, I just watch a lot of amature porn.

  39. chrisj987

    Five o’clock shadow, Wood floor/Jon-Benet, or Black Beard the pirate. Its how they smell and taste.

  40. courtkneeyo

    the sick thing is. girls have natural moisture down there even with out period going on. so basicaly that shit is running down her leg all the time now. so if you need a dna sample just scrap it off of her inner thigh

  41. maiira

    # 83: You, sir (madame?), are GOD. I nearly pissed myself reading that.

    Also…I’m with the “this is fake!” crowd, if only because I seriously doubt that even LiLo is that stupid.

  42. ToiletDuck

    I am strangely fascinated, sort of like a snake staring at a kitten (yeah, I used that analogy on purpose)… On the one hand, I am repulsed, but on the other, I want to plant my mouth firmly on that thing and never let go…I did however, get a hard-on when viewing it…so it must be real…

    Here is a link to the uncovered picture of that little unshaven snatch, and you will see what I mean…

  43. ToiletDuck

    Why am I being so polite in my language?? Its’ a CUNT for crissakes, but if you look at the picture, it’s just so cute and tiny and pink…but so are piglets, but I usually don’t get a hardon when I stare at piglets…hmmm

  44. gigi33

    OK. Here’s my 2-cents. While I think it would be smarter and more appropriate for her to wear undergarments, her privates looks just like any other privates that get a Brazillina in Full. Quit acting like you are a bunch of 10 year old boys looking at your sister naked and deal with it. If she needs anything she needs a lesson from Ms. MAnners about keeping her legs crossed and a gift card to V. Secret.

  45. Pitch A. Tente

    I’d eat it.

  46. bunnyhugger

    janie, i was gonna say the same about you, yesterday!
    the funny pills must be workin’ cause you were pretty hot yesterday!

  47. kangkong

    i wonder what’s with lindsay nowadays. cant she learn from past mistakes. like i dont know maybe wear underwear when cameras are around.

  48. ToiletDuck


    jesus, give us a break! How often do we get to stare at naked, celebrity, shaved snatch for godsakes? And you are goddamn right I will act like a 10 year old boy, because that’s what boys LIKE is naked, unshaved celebrity, bald cunts…and Miss Manners can get fucked by a moose, who the fuck cares? Lohan has a mother, if she can’t control her whelp, who the hell do we care??? Quit lecturing me on how to behave, men have been ogling cunts since time immemorial and if you don’t like it, FUCK YOU!! Don’t lecture me on how man are to behave…..jeeeesus…piss me OFF…

  49. bunnyhugger

    janie, i was gonna say the same about you, yesterday!
    the funny pills must be workin’ cause you were pretty hot yesterday!

  50. ToiletDuck


    By the way, I forgot – take your “2 cents” and shove them firmly up your rectum…

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