Lindsay Lohan shows off her very shaved vagina again

September 13th, 2006 // 194 Comments

I don’t know when it happened (actually I know exactly when it happened) but somewhere along the line Lindsay Lohan decided to just completely give up on underwear. This shot was taken outside of London’s Kabaret club, and once again features Lindsay Lohan and her totally NSFW vagina. There was so much controversy over her first attempt to offend my eyes she thought she’d give it another go. Only this time she’s not leaving any doubt as to its authenticity. If you’re easily offended by beat-up looking vaginas, I highly recommend you not click the above image. Because this one looks like it went ten rounds with a boxing kangaroo.


  1. looks like groundhogs day came early this year…

    there’s something odd about this pic…but i can’t put my finger on it…thank god…

  2. in other news………

    Happy Tupac Shakur is Fucking Dead DAY!!!

    Lovers of real music everywhere rejoice!

    Although it is a bittersweet holiday, because of all the shit tribute songs to him and Biggy written and butchered by talentless hacks. Yea P. Douchy, I am talking to you.

  3. bbrrken

    #43 – get a grip, how careful are you on a day-to-day basis about the things you do. getting out of a car is second nature and doesn’t require much thought, I can’t believe you can be so fucking judgemental. Why don’t you live in the spotlight like these celebrities do and see how well you make out. I find it hard to believe (especially when referring to your post) that you have never done anything stupid or without thinking, your absentmindedness is not scrutinized by the public and unfortunately people like you. So I’m sure you believe it doesn’t relate – but is does. Get off of your judgemental high horse and scrutinize yourself I bet this picture is not so pretty…. People say that ignorance is bliss for the people who are ignorant sure I can see how it would be bliss(finger pointed in your direction), however, for educated people who have to deal with ignorant people it is not bliss, it’s this – a pain in the ass.

  4. ‘She is getting out the car and the invasive paparazzi is in the way again and it’s more of an oops than an intentional “showing off”‘

    If you’re going to go commando in a micromini, getting out of a car and don’t want your goodies exposed, you turn in the seat with your knees closed and put your legs outside the car, then stand. At worst, you may show a little butt cheek. It’s not fricking rocket science, it’s common sense.

    Of course, common sense would also state you DON’T go commando in a micromini, particularly when you’re a celebrity who knows damned well there are idiots with cameras outside dying to get a shot of you doing something stupid.

    Though it may be a stretch to imagine, assuming Lindsay has any common sense at all, they only other alternative is attention whore. So she’s either completely clueless or she did it on purpose. Neither is good for her publicist to work with.

  5. Aimtrue

    Wow if that is real she needs to invest in some panties and fast. Imagine the noise that thing makes in a stiff breeze–
    wapitta wapitta wapitta.

    It does look a little bright, but that could just be the glow of firecrotch.

  6. Blah. I KNOW a vajayjay isn’t probably supposed to look like that.

    It probably smells like Fez…who’s penis smells like Kutcher.

  7. Blah. I KNOW a vajayjay isn’t probably supposed to look like that.

    I probably smells like Fez…who’s penis smells like Kutcher.

  8. bbrrken

    #54 – I guess you live a perfect life and never made mistakes…imagine people shoving their way to get close to you bumping into you with all of this equipment, the car, the door…..don’t pretend to know what these celebrities go through if you can’t imagine the scene or scenario….. and you think there is time for etiquette :rolling eyes: oh please.

    What is discerning, is that I am the only one who isn’t making nasty rude and downright judgemental comments except to you all who feel like you have a right to act that way. I am glad to not know you people….who needs enemies with people like you in the world as friends.

  9. bbrrken

    this is sad, I am outta here.

  10. bigponie

    where’s my shotgun, I thought I saw a gopher stick its head out of that thing.

  11. Jetset

    #42…I couldn’t agree more! Very well said! For those of you (women) who think its not real cuz it doesn’t look like your vjayjay…think about it…there just like cocks…none of them look the same!

  12. jane's eyre

    Lindsay, is that you? Please do the world a favor and wear some panties. One of those metal chastity belts would do the trick. You need to keep that thing under lock and key.

    Thank you,
    The World

  13. bigponie

    try not to stare at it for to long, you might get an accidental wiff of “it”

  14. Jetset

    By the Way! Why are people getting upset over other peoples comments…isn’t that what this site is for…to comment on the pics??

  15. missnicole

    I think this is FAKE FAKE FAKE, and we should leave this girl alone. And if it happens to be real, Lindsey you got money girl, buy some panties.

  16. ‘Why don’t you live in the spotlight like these celebrities do and see how well you make out.’

    I fricking HATE this argument.

    They CHOSE to go into a career, no, excuse me, they ran over their own goddamned grandmothers for whatever they could get, and finally made it.

    Pricess Diana died because of the paparazzi, so it’s not like it was one big secret that they exist to bug celebrities. I’m not saying the camera hounds aren’t stupid assholes who need to get a life, because they are.

    Nobody grabbed the celebrities by the ass and said, “You must become famous or I’ll kill you.” They CHOSE to. They have a life that the majority of the population would do anything for.

    These are people who have more money than God and every advantage that it can buy. Some celebrities are cool, and try to help out causes, do something decent with it. Some even act like decent humans who were raised by good people rather than wolves.

    But some, the folks that get posted on here, are the ones that prove no amount of money will buy class, intelligence, or a personality.

    Oh, well, nobody can look good all the time.

    Screw that. If I made 11 fricking million bucks every six months, I would have people whose entire damn job was making sure I didn’t look like crap in public. I would have literal fashion police. That’s what money can get you. You can afford manicures, pedicures, you name it. I bet Lindsay didn’t shave her own hoohoo.

    These are the beautiful people–they should look beautiful and keep their naughty bits to themselves. They shouldn’t hit people with cellphones or slap assistants, or get a slap on the wrist for hitting people with cars.

    They have all the advantages, and that means they have no excuses. Hell yeah they should be held to a higher standard.

    And if being famous makes them so fricking miserable, then they should stop their whining, quit making movies and records and fade into obscurity. They can have my goddamned job–nobody knows who the hell I am.

    I sure as hell would take theirs.

    And yes, I’m judgmental. Deal with it, fanboy.

  17. beli3ver

    #53 – COME ON she is getting out of the car and she accidentally forgets she has no pants? does it require so much thought to remember it? and to be more careful? lmao what world you live in? she’s such a attention whore. she proves it everyday.
    and her vagina looks like a dead chicken.

  18. flamarkel

    Does she have a spotlight on her crotch? Both this picture and the previous one seem to be lit up in the crotch. I’m not suggested they’re fake. I’m truly wondering if she has a spotlight hooked up down there.

  19. commissioner


    With celebrity comes scrutiny. I do not, for one minute, feel sympathy for her or any other high profile person who has a camera shoved in their face or is quoted (or misquoted). It’s the nature of the beast.

    One thing some celebs must learn is to never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel. Keep the legs and mouth shut.

  20. brandikay

    I can’t even begin to describe how grossed out I am. It just looks so…. beat up and dead. I need to poke it!

  21. bbrrken

    #67 – I can’t reply to your ignorance, sorry.

    #66 – Duh! No shit they choose this life, but they don’t choose the ridicule by people like you, who behind the keyboard have the balls to talk all kinds of shit, but face to face would probably wimper. It’s the ridicule by the public and the media that irks me. People like you just choose to be a mean person. It’s just mean what is being said in these comments and no I don’t think celebrities sign up for that. Nothing nice is ever posted here and none of the “headlines” for the pictures ever seem nice, why can’t there be a healthy balance, oh that’s right some people need to feel better about their crappy life by berating people who have better lives.

  22. bigponie


    SJTLQ is that you.

  23. chigh

    Fake? I’m thinking this is the real deal.

    Spotlight? No.

    1. Flash on the camera. The paparazzi don’t use wimpy flashes.

    2. region of the body which usually doesn’t get much sunlight, despite her attempts otherwise.

  24. Jetset

    Post #59 bbrrken – you said you were outta here…But your still here??

  25. jrzmommy

    58–I know what it’s like for people to shove their way to get close to me and bump into me with all of this equipment, the car, the door….I’m a working mother of two! You just described any given weekday morning at my house babe! But I remember to put on my underpants!!

  26. magickal

    # 55 – “Wapitta, wapitta, wapitta” LOL! you made me pee a little.

    Bbrrken – shut the fuck up. Nobody wants to hear your self righteous bullshit. Stay the fuck off the site if you don’t like it. Oh, I get it…you’re Dina, Firecrotch’s mom, aren’t you? If Hohan’s twat looks that hideous at 20, I can only imagine how mangled YOURS looks!!! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  27. NotANiceGirl

    71- PLEASE GO AWAY!!! If you wanted to read about “poor celebrities” and host their fucking pity parties- start your own site. Lindsey Hohan’s nasty snatch is nothing to be crying over…. It’s not like it hasn’t been bashed repeatedly –just look at it! Go away you sorry loser!

  28. BriBri

    #71 – Do you really think that someone who is known by millions is never going to be scrutinized. I mean come on. That’s just naive. Most people in here are not being mean….what are we supposed to like seeing her cash and prizes? That’s NOT cute….and if I saw Jane Schmoo or whoever’s vaginal area I’d say the same thing. That shit is inappropriate.

  29. #71.

    First off, this is a celeb gossip site, not fanboy central. This site’s PURPOSE is to not be nice. That’s why it’s not ever nice, or has a ‘healthy’ balance. Go elsewhere if you want nice, and try reading the banners BEFORE posting. Removing your head from your sphincter first usually helps.

    As for whimpering if I saw one, I would think if a celebrity is pissed off by paparazzi, being accosted by a bunch of squeeing dipshits would be even more of a pain in their ass. They ARE people.

    If I met, say, Johnny Depp, who I have had a crush on since 21 goddamned Jump Street, I would smile, shake his hand, and ask for an autograph. Inside, I would be going. “holyfuckthat’sjohnnydeppomigodwouldigetcaughtif ilockedhiminthetrunkofmycarandkepthimuntilheforgotwhohewasomigodomigodomigod…”

    But only on the inside.

    Celebrities do deserve respect. But when they fuck up, we get to say so, and have a good time doing it.

    God Bless America.

  30. beli3ver

    #71 – how people can feel sympathy for sluts like LL, is a mystery to me. hello, you are in snarky community, what do you expect?
    and #73 – i agree. it’s a really bright flash that’s why she appears almost white. notice that her disguisting freckles are still here

  31. Proteon

    Before the year is out I predict a) her pap smear, b) an x-ray of her pelvis and/or c) a blurry absolutely unidentifiable smudge of a youtube clip which will be purportrated to be her fucking someone. At all three you folks will masturbate then post venom for her out of shame.

  32. The firecrotch wants to be free! It wants Lindsay to let it be free and nothing more. Fly firecrotch, fly away!

  33. HeyItsJeanine

    First off, I think everyone should just relax and have an iced coffee or something. That usually helps me, (especially when I use powdered vicodin instead of non-dairy creamer) The tension is palpable. Which is strange because this is a blog, not a gun fight at the OK Corral. I would also like to thank satan for allowing such a picture to exist, and especially for allowing me to see it. Now if you dont mind I am going to go find out where I vomited before passing out…because dude, I dont even remember.

  34. Mark

    bbrrken: You have OBVIOUSLY missed the point of this site. It’s called “Superficial”. Asshole.

  35. NotANiceGirl

    the sad this is…I’m annoyed. I’ve already had xanax, coffee, a few painkillers, and the displeasure of looking Lilo-below has just made me want to smack someone. That thing of hers looks worse than a cartoon duck after a bad night on acid.

  36. I love this. People who come on here and post about us having no life because we make fun of somebody showing their girlies.

    How little of a life can you have when you have nothing better to do than post about how much other people have no lives?

    If we’re such losers, why are you here? Who died and made you the Messiah of the True Way of Light? What is your message, Savior? Say it, then shut the hell up and go find Edna.

    I also notice they always don’t use real name, info, or linkbacks.

    I may be a loser with no life, but at least I’m willing to own it, chickenshit.

  37. bigponie

    #70 – brandikay

    try poking it with your tongue then give it some water by spitting on it, if it opens up and breaths fire in your face, well than I suppose its not dead.

  38. vainandlovingit


  39. vainandlovingit

    #71 irritates me

  40. andrewthezeppo

    28 and others-

    Yeah, we watch the View because we’re supper awesome! It was hilarious when they were talking about that, Rosie looked like a big ole lesbian pervert searching the internet for young nude girls.

    I hope she doesn’t get fired, I love it when she stick it to that blond skank who is a walking poster girl for Fox News. I was literally giddy when Rosie told her off during their 9/11 conversations this week.

  41. sugarplum

    It could not possibly look more obvious, that she’s doing it on purpose.

    First the bikinnis, then the bikinnis in places where they weren’t meant to be worn, then the slutty ass poses in her bikinny, and those slutty ones in a room.

    Then her boobs being flashed everywhere, and now pictures of her vagina widely exposed for all to see and puke.

    Considering porn Lindsay? Might as well go for it.

  42. Jetset

    So what about her hair? (Obviously the hair on her head, cuz she ain’t gone none in her nether regions) It looks a hell of lot shorter here, then in recent pics…guess she got rid of the exetensions along with the panties.

  43. Toonlite

    It IS a firecrotch…*shakin’ head*…I will never be the same…

    Can I claim post traumatic disorder for my eyes being blazed by this?

  44. Toonlite

    DIE #71 DIE!!!!

  45. Why do you continue to show and write about this tramp every single day?? Between her and that other tramp Paris Hilton, I don’t know which one I hate more. Both are nothing but sleezy whores that have way too much money.

  46. Courtney

    Hey, #52, out of curiosity, what is “real music” to you?

  47. mondayblahs

    Am I seeing things or is she also wearing a Michael Jackson Thriller jacket and sitting in a baby car seat? I’m going to go hurl now. Thanks a lot.

  48. checkyourshorts

    What’s a ginger to do when she dyes her head hair black? Get a Halloween-themed boudoir?

    Anyway, now I know why Jupiter is not a planet. It is orbiting between Lohan’s legs.

  49. shell

    If getting a wiff of your own coochie makes you throw up in your mouth, you might wanna get that thing checked out or fumigated or something.

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