Lindsay Lohan shows off her very shaved vagina again

September 13th, 2006 // 194 Comments

I don’t know when it happened (actually I know exactly when it happened) but somewhere along the line Lindsay Lohan decided to just completely give up on underwear. This shot was taken outside of London’s Kabaret club, and once again features Lindsay Lohan and her totally NSFW vagina. There was so much controversy over her first attempt to offend my eyes she thought she’d give it another go. Only this time she’s not leaving any doubt as to its authenticity. If you’re easily offended by beat-up looking vaginas, I highly recommend you not click the above image. Because this one looks like it went ten rounds with a boxing kangaroo.


  1. So I guess we can’t call her firecrotch anymore.

    • tellynnx



    • I'm on my Period.

      Why does she only have 1 vagina lip? Where’s the one on the right?

      • Belinda D.

        YES!!!!! Your question is correct,,,,, where is her other lip????? pERHAPS SAMANTHA GOT CARRIED AWAY AND GNAWED IT OFF OF HER.Also, eeeeeewwwwwwwwww!,,,,,what if she leaves a snail trail on the furniture she sits on? What? Is her vag-juice liquid gold or something? BLECH!!!!! BARF!!!!! PUKE!!!!! HOW DARE SHE!!!!!sorry for all the extra CAPS, i accidentally hit he all caps button and im to layayayazy to re-write it all:-) Have a great day!

  2. Superevil

    I think I’m gonna be sick

  3. Alucard


  4. LinguisticAnthro

    I think I see warts.

  5. Alucard

    She looks like she’s going to vomit, must be the smell.

  6. Berrylicious

    What the hell is NSFW? I know it is something about shaved puse but what the hell is the FW?

  7. chelsea_423

    That’s so gross. Vaginas aren’t cute, I don’t understand men wanting them shaved. They’re hidden by hair for a reason.

  8. damn i’m getting so tired of seeing her whoreable vejayjay.. i’m surprised we don’t see shit crawling out of it.. like worms, gnats, cockroaches and all those freaking socks that go missing in the laundry..(bet her pr dept. photoshopped that shit out).. bitches trinket has got more photog coverage and airing out than any other celeb this week.. someone please please please tell her to SHUT HER DAMNED LEGS..

  9. rolson

    Mmmmmmmm…I’d hit that.

  10. arieschic

    she wants to prove to everyone that she is not a firecrotch so people will stop calling her that. hahahaha

  11. pixelbasic

    Fake. Anatomy 101 . The ass check and vagina would not be visible at that angle. Beside the real deal would have melted your face.

  12. This…is…just…SAD. Is dignity not cool anymore?? Is going “commando” the way to go?

    Maybe it’s me and my old-fashioned ways, but everybody knows that you wear ALL your clothes around the Paparazzi.

    If you run out of underwear, dammit, buy some! NOBODY wants to see that!

  13. arieschic

    NSFW = Not Suitable For Work

  14. Binky

    Hummm… Is that a watch strap ?

  15. gatorbates

    She just needs to accept the reality that she’s a whore.

    The best way for her to do that is to pose nude for “Roast Beef Monthly”.

    I think once that is done, the world will accept her a little more.

  16. when lynsey lohan tells you to read her lips…run…run…don’t think…just run…

    actually…in this pic she looks a little runny herself…

  17. nichole

    Jeez, with all the pictures out of her nowadays, it’s hard to believe she was the cute little girl in The Parent Trap remake.


  18. RichPort

    Where the hell is Lin Milano and her SafeSearching crusaders?

  19. On the up and up – at least there aren’t any open sores!

  20. nichole

    #6, if you’re serious, it’s NOT SAVE FOR WORK. NSFW.

  21. nichole


  22. Devil Is Chrome

    “Fire Crotch” does not refer to the color of hair…it’s what you feel after sleeping with her.

    i.e. “Holy sh*t, I feel like there’s fire in my crotch! I can’t stop itching!”

  23. um…#19….i’d say that is the very DEFINITION of an open sore….

    and #16…you’re a riot…classic!

  24. ruhroh

    I think she’s holding up that bag saying “Here…I found this bag in there also…..dear God!! I think I’m gonna be ill!”

    I mean I think….

    She could just be doing a ventriloquist act and someone said, “Hey Lindsay! Cover up, I can see your lips moving!”

    It’s possible…

  25. sing_blackbird_sing

    @ 7: Amen to that!

    her labia are all over the place!

  26. BriBri

    Bla….OOO, it’s a blurred spot. Whatthefuckever….probably another fake.

  27. llllllllll

    I clicked on the link but it s bleeped out…how were you guys able to view it?

  28. JennSTX

    You know it is time to seriously invest in underwear when your crotch is a “Hot Topic” on The View. Rosie O’Donnell said this am that she’s sick of seeing Lohan’s vagina on the internet and Barbara looked confused, Joy openly questioned Rosie on if she was specifically googling “Lohan’s vagina” because Joy hadn’t seen it yet, and the young one…Melissa??…said that you couldn’t help but see it – her crotch was everywhere.

    Her crotch just got more press than she has in months. Also, it is weird that the one last week showed such droopy, old lady ones while this weeks it looks shriveled up. I wonder if women have the same “turtle” effect down there that men do? Like they hang in warm weather and shrivel close to the body in cold? hmmmmmm Well, that’s an experiment I hope never to see at a science fair.

  29. JoannieBalonie

    Looks like she’s blowing an imaginary cock.

  30. PacificLight

    This site just desintegreated into one long thread of Phreaky Phriday Photoshop, Lohan vajayjay edition. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

  31. MissLaVey

    Those beef curtains have hurt my eyes and I think I’m going to sue somebody.

  32. JumpingIrish


  33. RichPort

    #18 – Dirtbag damnYELL is really on a roll today. That’s not my comment of course, because it’s no where close to funny. When I told you to fuck off and get a life, I didn’t mean mine. damnYELL, you’re a fucking idiot.

  34. commissioner


    I missed this morning! I would have looooved to see Baba’s face when Rosie talked about Lilo’s vagina!

    Rosie’s gonna get the word she’s going to get shitcanned next.

  35. MissLaVey

    Also, I had always wondered what a snatch would look like after being beaten up by the Harlem Globetrotters.. now I know.

  36. sillyrabbit

    apparently she thinks that if there is no hair, there will be nothing for the crabs to hang onto. really is too bad she keeps getting caught w/ those weathered pastrami flaps hangin out. lindsay, close your FUCKING LEGS!!

  37. #26 and #27: Click on the image, not the link. Then brace yourself.

  38. bbrrken

    Oh really Superficial, she is obviously NOT “showing off her vagina again” If she was showing it off she would be posing for the friggin picture or doing porn. She is getting out the car and the invasive paparazzi is in the way again and it’s more of an oops than an intentional “showing off” Get a grip and at least be responsible when posting pics like these. I wonder what the people who work for your website look like, better yet, what their vaginas and penises look like, this is too much, leave these celebrities alone – how would you feel and on what right do you post comments like this. Thumbs down on your reporting style. and my middle finger goes out to you and yours.

  39. amajean040904

    its fake just look at it
    hteres tomuch light on it

  40. amajean040904

    oppes there’s too much (39)

  41. mrlithium

    get a sense of humor or get off the site

  42. The Kennedy autopsy photos come to mind. Just a nasty, nasty gash – were we expecting something different? Everything about this bitch is fucked up – high belly button, freckles that put Carrot Top to shame, the curveless body of a 14 year old boy, raspy just-throated-a combine-of-cock voice and saggy tits at only 20 years of age. How could her punani not look like Betty White’s slit? The odometer on that pussy has rolled over… twice.

  43. beli3ver

    bbrrken i loled so hard. if she is not showing off, she would have been more careful when getting out the car with no pants on. or she must be really retarded. she has like no brain then. it _must_ have been intentional, i can’t believe someone could be so fucking stupid

  44. al rarow

    #36: “weathered pastrami flaps” — LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  45. jrzmommy

    One of these chicks — Hohan, Parasite, Cadaver girl — is gonna just run down a red carpet some night butt-nekkid and poop all over the place. That’s it. There’s really nothing else they can do that’s more embarassing than what they’re doing.

  46. RichPort

    #45 – I agree, a Steve O moment is in at least one of their futures.

  47. That pic looks like she is holding her hand over her mouth, trying not to hurl at the pig-farm stank emenating from her disease-hole.

    Oh and Chelsea…..normal vaginas are beautiful, sorry you obviously have a malformed one.

  48. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover


  49. looks like groundhogs day came early this year…

    there’s something odd about this pic…but i can’t put my finger on it…thank god…

  50. BriBri

    #37 – OMG! I didn’t know. My life just flashed before my eyes….it was a good life.

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