Lindsay Lohan shows off her naughty parts

March 20th, 2007 // 82 Comments




  1. rmeno


  2. Alandra

    I don’t care what ya’ll say – She looks hot and God bless the internet.

  3. rrd

    who the hell got their camera in that close? jeez!

  4. polypam

    Hmmm…I don’t see anything. But I trust it’s there.

    Needless to say, I’m so glad I am moving out of NYC, where I will be safe from the wrath of Lindsay cruddy vajajay. That thing poses more of a threat to this city than the possibility of terrorists bombing the subway.

  5. Wow…….Lindsay’s hoo-ha again.

    I still like the boobies, though.

  6. sharpei dude

    I’d still hit it. With a 1/2-ton van!

  7. jager2ways

    It looks like she’s wearing those pantyhose that fat people wear to make their thighs look thinner. Not really working, though..

  8. BarbadoSlim

    Suddenly, there was silence, after a gaseous cloud wafted off her exposed crotch all patrons started craving for some Tuna-Helper…a dog barked in the distance.

  9. steveperry

    in the words of henry winkler-
    “those are balls”

  10. ponk

    WTF is up with the cigarettes lately? The latest trend in skank accessorizing seems to be the cig hanging loosely out of the mouth. I’m not sure which is sagging more, her cig or her vajayjay.

  11. VeronicaRedux

    Why is she sleeping on that chick’s face in the second pic?

  12. roselynnerae

    Should I be surprised?

    I mean, she drinks 7 times a week. I suppose everybody expects her to flash her hoo-ha. (Not that I’m happy about it.)

  13. Somebody get that crack-ho back in rehab!!!
    One time I was wearing this skirt, and was at a club and went to the bathroom. When I came out my skirt was caught in the waistband and my ass was showing. But that was an ACCIDENT. Funny thing though….nobody seemed to care…..

  14. Ruby

    Her vajeeean looks grey and wrinkly. Like one of those hairless cats from Asia.

  15. mmmBitch



  16. DrPhowstus

    McFire Crotchrotterson was her name on Saturday.

  17. JaeMae

    I dont see anything?!? whatev.

    Also, how to these “celebutards” pull off smoking in a place like this? Ive been to Plumm a few times, its not that big and there is no VIP section…

  18. AudreyE

    I think it’s gotta be hard to come up with original ways to flush your million dollar franchise down the toilet when so many young starlets are self-destructing for the sport of it, but Lindsey has really staked out the “habitual vagina flashing” approach and made it her own.

  19. jrzmommy

    16–that’s too loud.

  20. Jiimbo

    These pictures were posted why? At least with Britney, you got to see a little pussy. no matter how bad it looked.

    And where is “isitin” I miss her

  21. veggi

    ha ha jrz.

  22. kickservebt

    She’s performing the mating ritual of the Hollywood DoDo. It’s common among brain-dead Hollywood females. When the time is right…they lift their skirts to let the males in the herd know they are ready to mate.

  23. Erina Turcic

    lol thats just the hose line riding her crotch. thats not her kitty.

  24. danielle


  25. Actually, it kinda seems like she’s wearing those weird control hose, which have a seam that runs up the middle. My grandma used to wear those all the time (She was in her forties or so, when I recall.) and would hang them up in the bathroom. I’m pretty positive they had a seam in the middle though.

    I mean, I ain’t sticking up for the fact Lindsay’s got a gross Jyne — but if it’s just a weird seam, it’s no fun in making fun.

  26. Bugman4045

    She lifted her skirt to draw your attention away from the outfit! Off the shoulder stripes and fingerless gloves? Jesus! it is horrifying.
    And #23 don’t even joke about her being ready to mate. Fortunately though, I suspect her “works” are too toxic to support life.

  27. NotANiceGirl

    In the 3rd pic. that chick with Hobag looks like Fergie if she were hot or Michelle Pfeiffer (sp?) if she were young again. Either way she’s way hotter than that excess skin surrounding Hohan’s vajayjay!

    Hi JRZ!!!

  28. schack

    19- i know, right? TEAMS of people work with these girls to try to keep the money rolling in, and they SITLL manage.

  29. Carsten5577

    A chimpanzee exposing his genitals in the zoo has more class than that whorish dirtbag.

  30. NotANiceGirl

    @ 30. but at least with the chimp you’re odds of having scat tossed at you are lower!!!

  31. lookma_nohans

    #26–You remember your grandma from when she was in her 40s? Nice to hear the women in your family let the acne clear up before popping out some kiddies. Oh wait…

  32. I saw the actual pics, and I gotta say it, it looks like she has a scrotum and small testicles.

    How beat up does her tunnell have to be to look that flopped out? I have a feeling Bungalow 8 loses a barstool every time she hangs out there.

  33. jrzmommy

    Hi Notanicegirl. Do you think Lindsay Lohan’s asthma acts up when she smokes?

  34. Raff Attack

    Looks like she was using a pussy pump earlier in the evening. You can find more about them here:
    May not want to look while at work or eating lunch.

  35. schack

    what is the point of pussy pumping?

  36. Whammer Jammer

    I truly look forward to the day that this no talent skank is no longer newsworthy. Wait, let me rephrase that…..I look forward to the day that the MEDIA decides she is no longer newsworthy.

  37. TashaVin`

    She’s so hot

  38. looks like the fire burnt out

  39. Bugman4045

    I echo schack. What is the point? If anyone here knows I would be curious to read the response.

  40. mmmBitch


    sorry.. I was at work, and I get so mad, she just looks so goddamn smug. I hate how she’s running around like that, just rotting away like an old roast. She’s going to look like one soon.

  41. schack

    whammer, i wouldn’t hold my breath.

  42. Is it just me or does she manage to make going out look boring?

    Grade School Birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese look like more fun than any of the pics of seen of this rotting husk out at the clubs.

  43. schack

    well, bugman, looks like another case of the runaway train. we don’t know where we’re going or why, but it looks like we’re getting there fast.

  44. Nemesis


    It’s Lohan. It’s not like she’s actually hot. People have been secretly programmed by some alien technology to think that this crack whorelet is sexy….She’s played.

  45. imran karim


  46. jrzmommy

    an old roast? that’s funny.

  47. born2nd

    2nd pic…Michelle Pheiffer (left, duh !) never looked better !!

  48. NotANiceGirl

    @34: If she defines asthma as any form of an airway obstruction- sure. For instant releif, she could try breathing w/out a giant dick in her mouth. Just a thought.

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