Lindsay Lohan seriously needs cash

Lindsay Lohan is low on cash these days and has resorted to openly asking friends for spending money. Lindsay is trying to stay afloat and is promoting products for whatever cash she can get. Unfortunately for her, she does a shitty job at it, according to NY Daily News:

A separate source tell us Ariva – the quit-smoking tobacco lozenge she has been unofficially promoting – paid her a sum in the mid-five figures this week.
Officially, Ariva reps have denied it is paying Lohan – possibly because of all the recent paparazzi pics of her smoking.

Okay, who was stupid enough to hire Lindsay Lohan to promote a quit-smoking lozenge? That’s almost as bad as making her the spokesperson for Vick’s Anti-Whore pills. Lindsay should get behind a product she actually uses. Like Kotex Flame-Proof feminine pads: Now with more oven mitt!