Lindsay Lohan taking the whole lesbian thing seriously

May 29th, 2008 // 84 Comments

After making out on P. Diddy’s boat, everyone knows the next step in a same-sex relationship is to introduce your families. But make sure the making out on Diddy’s boat happens first. Otherwise you’re doomed from the get-go. Fortunately, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson know how this crazy game called “Love” works. People reports:

The duo – who are “together,” a source says in the new issue of PEOPLE – were spotted Wednesday afternoon lunching with Ronson’s writer-mom, Ann Dexter-Jones and Lohan’s sister Ali, 14, at the Italian restaurant Gino’s on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.
Throughout the meal, the group engaged in a spirited session of girl talk, the source adds.

I love how Ali walks around in these photos trying to cover her face with her hair, and it’s not because of Lindsay. She’s only 14 and has no clue what a frisb-ian is. Ali’s just hoping no one recognizes her from her mom’s show Living Lohan. So, who wants to tell Ali she has a better chance getting attacked by a real live leprechaun? And not just because Tom Cruise is in town. Hi-oh! I’ll be here all week, folks.

Photos: Splash News

  1. She will never work in this town again!!

    Hollywood hates the gays.

  2. Jumpin_J

    Lohan lesbian porn tape… aargguhuh (droool).

  3. There is nothing wrong with a little carpet munching..

  4. Angel


  5. havoc

    A last ditch effort to remain relevant……


  6. #2 That is gross. I love all kinds of porn, but THOSE TWO??? No way man..
    And I REALLY love porn

  7. INDEED!

    Jimbo (#3) and Havoc (#5) are BOTH right!

  8. BunnyButt

    When did Lilo’s mom go brunette?

  9. tylor

    i love how Ali looks like a fucking middle aged crack head.

  10. The Gorgeous One

    Lindsey would be alright, but the girlfriend leaves a little to be desired.
    (puts dildo away)

  11. deacon jones

    Kudos #2!
    Id take her sister in a fucking second.
    That other chick looks like Tom Hanks’ double in “Philadelphia”

  12. cassandra

    why does ali look like she’s 40 years old???

    were allllll the lohan skanks ridden hard and put away wet or what?

    holy crap that does not look like a 14 year old kid.

  13. granada

    Ali Lohan looks to be about 25…how can a 14-year-old girl be allowed to wear so much makeup!

  14. B

    Why does Ali look like she’s 30?

  15. metalman

    there’s only so many men on this planet.we all knew she’d run out of different peder sooner or later

  16. gotmilk?

    that chick is 14? a little on the slutty side, no?

    i guess when you’re 14 and look older than your leather skinned mom, you can dress however you’d like.

    and if Dina was an actual parent, she wouldn’t let her other kids anywhere near Lindsay.

  17. Auntie Kryst

    About time Lindsay came out of the closet.. I need some transmission work done and I know she’s broke so…gimme a call Dyke.

  18. snarky

    Jeez, you would think if she was gonna turn lesbo she’d pick someone more attractive than that Samantha chick; strange thing is though… apparently Samantha has more money than Lindsay (or is from a rich family, I should say). Lord knows not too far in the future Lindsay’s career will be in the shitter, so Samantha might come in handy. Overall I just don’t see the Lohan appeal; those 2 Lohan sisters look like 2 washed up 40 something soccer moms holding hands.

  19. Hecubus

    Here’s a hint, actual ‘lesbians’ tend not to sleep with more than 3 guys a day. She’s a nympho. Nothing wrong with that but it ain’t lesbianism just like the fact that she’d suck a dog’s dick if you stuck one in front of her doesn’t make her an ‘animal lover’.

  20. I get it. Ali is 14 but she looks much older than that.

    C’mon people, we need some new original material here..

  21. Grunion

    I never thought lesbianism could bore me. until now.


  22. Question

    If she is taking the lezbo thing so seriously then why is Lindsay 6 or 7 steps ahead of the man-woman-thing that she is “gay” with? They couldn’t even get a picture of them even looking at each other. It’s like she is embarrassed to be seen with her.

  23. suzy86

    I love how Sam is carrying Lindsay’s purse..


  24. rikki

    Lindsay and her sister are wearing the same shoes (different colour) – and in the last bunch of pictures posted Ali is wearing the same shoes, just different colour.

  25. Mike

    #6, FRIST, why don’t we get together sometime and watch some porn together. I really enjoy porn also, I think we have something in common.

  26. cavy

    So….what’s wrong with Lindsay being a lesbian? I’m a straight female and I don’t see why it’s a big deal. Perez, do you have a problem with it? You love to yank stars out of the closet, even if they’re not ready….are you there to lend support to Lindsay? I think your great, otherwise I wouldn’t check your site every day – I just hope your not going to bash Linds for this one…

  27. tylor

    Well, Ali is going to be the new thing to pick at.
    Lindsay is just old news now, and honestly, who cares if she’s a “lesbian”.
    next week she’ll decide monkies are attractive.
    whatever, the girl sells leggings for a living.

  28. Ali is trying to cover up her swollen, collagen filled lips. The swelling hasn’t gone down from the latest round of injections and she’s not ready for her pic to be taken. That is so awesome that Dina allows her 14 year old to get lip injections. Whatta mom…

  29. cavy

    Holy fucking shit – I got my sites crossed – sorry to the superficial – your not perez – I guess you can bash Lindsay all you want…LOL – I still think it’s not a big deal!

  30. blah

    I hate how Ali and Lindsay are wearing the same shoes.

  31. mindy

    hahaha look at picture number seven with that bald guy in the middle…that cracks me up…as for lindsay i think shes faken she may be BI but not totally lesbian

  32. D

    Ok, so far as I know, no one else has come up with this, so I’m about to unveil a celeb nickname that will go down in history as one of the all time greatest. Drumroll please…. Introducing “Les-Lo”. Let that sink in a minute. Patent Pending.

  33. HuckyDucky

    I don’t mind legit lesbians. Hell, I love drinking beer with ‘em. This other chick is butchy enough to convince me. But Lindsay Lohan is just a mentally fucked-up fake lesbian. She’s no lipstick lesbian.


  34. Jason

    I know everybody and thier brother is gonna fall on me for saying something nice but… it’s nice to see Sam without that ugly hat on her head.

  35. Don Boogie

    Holy cripes…by the time Ali is 21 she’s gonna look like Janice Dickinson.

  36. I thought that the next step in a lesbian relation was moving in together and immediately suffering lesbian bed death.

  37. Veroonica

    I just can’t picture anyone wanting to fuck that Ronso chick, Man or woman. She is JUST so DIRTY. Then again, a nasty twat like Lindsay probably just loves sucking the grease from her pussy hair and licking the dingleberries on her hairy asshole. YUMMY!

  38. Dumdidum

    The blonde one looks better without that MOTHERFUCKING hat.

  39. Nathiest

    So? Let them be gay! Just let them be. shit! I mean really, REALLY! REALLY!

  40. ubee0173

    wow- i’ve seen less cracked out people than sam emerge from dumpsters… shes probably just lindseys supplier…

  41. izabela

    If I was a dyke I defenitely sleep with Sam. She is hot, I like tomboy style! Anyway In my personal opinion LiLo is a stupid little girl who makes a big effort to be one more time on the cover– scandal, lindsay is a dyke! When she kisssd samantha it was made for a public!!!!!!!!!!!! but anyway sam is promoting cos of lindsay. and her sister is 14?? my god, she looks like dina.


  42. ^lesbian

    I bet both their pussys stink up the room

  43. herbiefrog

    …and it we were a cavy
    …we would need a decent dyke outside the cave
    cos there’s

    [ok… yes something comin… : ))

    just you try and remember : ) ))


    [are we done?

    us too…

  44. Mike

    It’s easy to see what will happen with this. Mischa Barton and Kirsten Dunst will both become lesbian to imitate Lohan. But they will do it in a cheesy way, picking sexy partners and trying to be “hot” ( This Ronson relationship at least is mysterious and weird. )

    Lohan then — staying one step ahead as always — will become a nun.

  45. herbiefrog


    …we’re pretty much happy with sam ?

    c an nOT say that ?


  46. cici

    HOLY COW!! Ali is 14 years old?? She looks older than LIndsay. She sure is following is her sisters footsteps.

  47. ym

    i was wondering why she would have any interest in this disgusting Dyke but then you have to figure 1) anything that draws attention to her, regardless of how degrading and 2) That Sam dude has a huge cock. Werd.

  48. jack

    One thing’s for certain: Mark Messier sure looks like he’s pissed at something in that photo.

  49. My Penis


  50. Vinca

    Why all the whining? They look happy, healthy, and hip. You all sound like a bunch of soccer moms.

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