Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson open joint account

January 21st, 2009 // 67 Comments

A newly reunited Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have taken the next step in their relationship by opening a joint bank account together. After that, they’re technically obligated to join the LPGA or get artificially inseminated. Them’s the rules. Britain’s Daily Express reports:

Ronson, who is said to earn as much as $23,460 (GBP17,000) for a disc-spinning performance, has always been fiercely keen to keep her financial independence – and constantly splashes the cash on her actress girlfriend.
The insider adds, “Sam’s very generous to Lindsay. She pays for everything when they go away together and Lindsay wants to show her gratitude by doing this. Sam is completely disinterested in shopping and things, whereas Lindsay loves to spend and always says she wants to be as rich as possible. Having a joint account with Sam is a huge step for her.”

Opening a joint account is like placing landmines in your relationship. No, seriously, I opened one with an ex once. I’ll tell you all about it as soon as I’m done watching my 102″ flatscreen in my diamond bathtub. God, do I miss her/need a smoothie maker.

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  1. I dont care if Im first

    Blah…shadows, blah…fake…blah blah

  2. jono

    goddamn, i love me a smoothie

  3. dave

    something very very fishy about all this

  4. Randal

    Lindsay continues to define what cute is today.


  5. Pathetic Worm

    Lindsay Lohan looks lovely, yes! But you’ll never find a nipple in the Daily Express.

  6. Swing low, sweet chariots

    Is it just me, or are Lindsay’s breatseses falling?

  7. e_e

    And by breatseses I mean breastseses

  8. Blah blah blah

    And Randal continues to define what stupid is today with his constant ass-kissing, star struck comments.

  9. Hey Randal

    Hey bro, no need to sign your name at the bottom. It’s on the top dumbass.

  10. to 6.

    symptoms for never wearing a bra. 5 years down the line im sure they will be down to her belly button

  11. spindoc

    Since Sam is still working and Lindsay isn’t it’s only a matter of time before the annorexic cokehead turns Sam into a pauper as well.

  12. p0nk

    call it a hunch, this won’t end well.

  13. sick of it

    OMG….I wasn’t really sure who Lindsey Lohan was before ALL the press….now that I think I know I’m sooooo much happier. Honestley all the garbage makes me Not want to see anything she’s in……What is she in?

  14. Boobalickapus

    You put a scruffy beard of Sam Ronson and she’d look just like Bret from Flight of the Conchords.

  15. Ronson looks like she needs to find The Precious.

  16. Jrz

    Linds? Why are we overdrawn by $59,877.32? Did you forget to balance the checkbook again?

  17. Dr McNasty

    Does Ronson:

    a) TAPE her breasts down;
    b) naturally not have ANY;
    c) or, did she CHOP them OFF?

    The first person to answer this question correctly wins a bra to give to Lindsay Lohan.

  18. Alex Baldwin

    Somebody feed that poor formerly redheaded girl.

  19. Krysten

    Sweet otufits “ladies”

    What a duo

  20. Jrz

    Ooh! Ooh! I know!! *raises hand frantically* I know Dr McNasty!!!
    Sam’s got her boobies in her hands…that’s why she’s hiding them like that.


  21. Right Fury

    What in thee fuck does LL see in the ronsoid? Why do dykes look like guys? If you’re attracted to women, shouldn’t you be attracted to women who look like uhh err I don’t know, women?

    LL must have daddy issues. You think?

  22. Xena

    Whoa Lindsay’s looks have really really really gone downhill. She looks like my Grandmother.

  23. Dejected

    “Joint account”

    Damn, I thought you meant they were becoming drug runners or something…

  24. asdf

    $24k for a DJ gig? Damn, I don’t think even Diggers or Doc Martin get that much dough.

  25. lana

    I guess Lohan has lost 70% of her redish, stinky hair as a result of some freakin’ diet.
    Ronson is reported to have invented new sex – is it a boy ? Is it a girl ? – oh, no It’s just Ronson.

  26. Do FreeBird

    Reunited and it feels so good
    Reunited ’cause we understood
    There’s one perfect fit
    And, sugar, this one is it
    We both are so excited
    ‘Cause we’re reunited, hey, hey

    Peaches and Herb

  27. Mike

    The best thing about this relationship, is after all the fisting, the artificially-inseminated baby will just drop out. Hey Ma, no pushing!

  28. Lollypop Kid

    it looks like somebody wiped their ass on lohan’s cheek.

  29. mae

    ugly trash.

  30. sounds like a huge step, i’m glad for them!

  31. Samantha Ronson keeps buying her clothes from the Zack Morris thrift store

  32. lohan's8ball

    Omg I just figured out the freak attraction she has for this lesbian. Ronson looks like a skinny boy/female version of her FATHER! Dun dun dun! Freaky! In that first pic, Ronson looks so much like a skinny version of her dad its actually kinda scary. No wait, very scary.

  33. michael

    its pretty clear who the man in this relationship is

  34. Twinkle

    Why not? Lindsay doesn’t make any money but sure knows how to spend it. All she ever does is shop. Why is there even a recession in this country when you have vapid girls like LL that do NOTHING but shop, and smoke?

  35. joe m

    Beautiful Lindsay should stay far away from ugly lesbian skanks.
    With her talent and personality,Lindsay deserves a better life.

  36. my comment

    Who cares. They are both ridiculous.

    Nice boots. And finally, not too bad of a dress for once.

  37. who would have thought lindsay would be a gold digger?! :-p

  38. Arelle

    Wait wait is that skin cancer on Lindsay’s face? Did she put on someone else’s bronzer on in the dark?

    Sorry girl you failed your “sunken in”cheekbones “im so thin” look because of your nasty pear shape. Lovely child bearing hips though.

  39. Beer Baron

    How nice! Lindsay is hanging out with one of the kids from the Make A Wish Foundation!

  40. Kallie

    I’m a straight girl and for some reason I find Sam really attractive. Not sure I’d give up men for her, but then again not sure I’d technically have to..
    Also, Randal cracks me up. I wish he would start his own blog, I would definitely read it.

  41. likeavirgin

    In the first pic saMan bears a striking resemblance to the little heart shaped (wtf?) applique on her sweater…Also, being coked up again is the only explanation for LL looking like she is having a remotely good time, she hasnt/doesnt smile post-rehab

  42. IThis picture must answer the question why “lylo” (LYING LOHAN) continious the licking part, folks!!

  43. 1moreidiotintheworld

    That man-bitch is as stupid as she/he is ugly…. those fucking freaks deserve each other. Hopefully she/he will bow his/her brains out in despair after Lindsey OD’s on her shit.

  44. ted

    LL looks great always and her gf is cute

    they are a cute couple…leave them be! none of your business really

  45. OH sweet. Read between the lines, kids. Doesn’t matter that Lindsay is a BMFD, doesn’t matter she’s dating a fugly bull dyke, doesn’t matter that she may or may not have an STD. Lindsay’s broke! That means she’s gonna be selling her coochie bulging titties to Da Man within 2 days flat.

    PS: Lindsay it’s time to step up to this!

  46. hedgehog

    I’ve had skidmarks that were lighter than lindsay’s cheek makeup

  47. Tim

    I think Lindsay Lohan gets a bad rap. She is a beautiful woman who has had some setbacks. I applaud her for the happiness that she has found with Samantha. Although I am not pro-gay by any stretch, I still do believe that, if she can find happiness in someone, more power to her. Samantha seems to have had a mellowing influence on her. Hopefully, her life will not be full of fits and starts like Britney’s or like Michael Jackson’s. Take care, Lindsay.

  48. Jeff W.

    Lindsay Lohan has borderline personality disorder, which means that her relaitonships will always be unstable due to her rapidly changing mood. This relaitonship, like all of Lindsay’s relationship will not last.

  49. Apparently this Ronson chick shares a wardrobe with Peter Wentz.

  50. Slapper_crapper

    I’ve been reading these comments and laughing my ass off:o)
    Lindsay’s tits look like they have fallen off the shelf,she looks jaundiced and weird to say the least.And I agree…It does look like someone wiped their ass of her face.Pull it together you train wrecked douche bag!

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