Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson obviously had sex last night

December 16th, 2008 // 43 Comments

Lindsay Lohan dedicated the following blog post to her man-thing lover Samantha Ronson this morning

this is for samantha ronson
here you go baby hahahahahahaahaha
everyone should watch it late night!
i know “i’m so embaressing”

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So, basically, something gross happened last night in the soft, dim light reflected off Anthony LaPaglia’s head. Information I could’ve lived a full and productive life without ever knowing. In fact, I’m pretty sure I just died a little inside.

UPDATE: Even better; it’s cancer. Goddammit, Lindsay…

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  1. mimi

    FIRST… but who cares?

  2. dork

    boy, I’d love to smell those sheets

  3. mimi

    I do, OBVIOUSLY… I was FIRST… I was FIRST… I was FIRST… I was FIRST
    so take that suckas!!

  4. BMurphy72


  5. Dixie

    I bet Linsay’s lesbian lover lets her use the vibrator first.

  6. Ewwwy...XP

    I think all girls are icky.

  7. mimi

    In all honesty, I wish I had something to live for other than this site.

    Pray for Amy

  8. Phil

    Without a Trace? I think not – snail trails (Lindsay) and skidmarks (Ronson; possibly also smegma).

  9. joe m

    Lindsay,you’re beautiful.
    Please give up sodomy.

  10. Obama the Messiah

    Even though I think Lindsay is pretty hot and has nice tits….this is one clam slam I wouldn’t want to see.

  11. lisa

    it that a nipple?

  12. Dixie

    I bet Lindsay’s lesbian lover lets her use the vibrator first.

  13. I hate Lindsey Lohan

    Why don’t you got back to school, get an education and do something productive, Lindsey Lohan??? And please… learn how to spell “embarrassing”…. It’s a 2nd grade spelling bee word for God’s sake!!!

    Oh, and you might wanna lay off the fake tanning.. just a suggestion!


  14. Sport

    nice cheeseball in the sweatsuit.

  15. “embarressing”? sign someone needs more dicKtations…

  16. She doesn’t even have a cock to stick between those funbags… just sad… the whole point of Lohan is to spray her face with more DNA than the walls in a murder scene. Just sad…

  17. Aja ( the real )

    It’s so ewwww

  18. Matthew

    that’s sick

  19. Howard Stern

    I bet after they give each other oral; their pussy’s smell like fish and tabbaco!

  20. Jupiter Girl

    Tsk tsk….She spelled embarrasing wrong! Dumb Girl….

  21. z

    I don’t get it.

  22. p0nk

    praying for mimi…

  23. The use of quotes indicates that she is aware of the spelling error. Obviously too much “dicKtation” on douchie’s part.

  24. joanna

    hey, mimi, dont give up (yet)
    lilo, put a bra on ,biatch

  25. Damn, she makes love to a skeleton

  26. Boobage is nice. I like.

  27. Pppttth

    I’m still not convinced Samantha Ronson is female.

  28. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  29. Kyle

    is it just me, or can you totally see through her shirt???

  30. gimme gimme

    who knows where i can get her coat? i LOVE it. maybe with fur around the hood? anyone know??

  31. Back wood bitch you have no idea why the quotation mark is there,,,you’ re speaking out of your ass, pretending you know something,,,home schooled always stick together!

  32. I wonder: THERE IS MORE MISERY TO COME, folks?

  33. Aja ( the real )

    I’m a whore. I’d like to suck on your penis for a while. I haven’t had any work lately; I’ll do it for free.

    C’mon, wanna fuck and suck?


    Aja ( the real )

  34. Érico Calixto

    WTF is Lidsey doing hanging around that ugly beeotch?

  35. Érico Calixto

    And come someone photoshop that ridiculous geek out of the picture?

  36. Rosie Eats Taco

    Is that SamRo behind her with the cig and the popped collar? She’s finally starting to look feminine.

  37. Pussy Fart

    What a queef…..

  38. kuki

    Her lips are deflating. Time for some more collagen.

  39. herbiefrog

    both listening and hearing…

    miracles can happen : )))

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  41. ramona putz

    Note to Lindsay:
    Forget about women. Forget about men.
    For now, your priorities should be the following:
    1) Get some serious therapy concerning your narcissism and neediness.
    You really need to address this before you can get your life in order.
    2) Focus on your career, work your ass off to salvage it and behave yourself like the adult and professional that you are. You can do it.
    You have a lot of talent. Get your shit together, get up and get on with it.
    No one can save you, in this life you have to be your own saviour.
    And do not, do not let your Dad back into your life. You are vulnerable right now and it is the perfect time for that weasel-shit -of -a man to slither his way back in.
    I want to you to be successful and happy. I don’t want to see you on a future episode of celebrity rehab. Sincerely, I wish you strength, courage and the belief in yourself that you can turn your life around.

  42. She also does not stick a cock between them funbags … Just sad … Lohan at the scene of a murder the whole thing over the walls to spray his face with DNA.

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