Lindsay Lohan Falls Off the Wagon: In Glorious Security Tape-vision

November 25th, 2008 // 84 Comments

What you’re looking at is security tape footage of Lindsay Lohan at a Washington D.C. club where Samantha Ronson recently DJ’ed. Highlights include: Recovering alcoholic Lindsay pouring herself vodka and Red Bulls; some lesbian making out – or heterosexual. Who knows?; more making out which is obviously interrupting Lindsay’s texting (Gawd); and, finally, like every single night since Lindsay’s been 12, a coke deal. *sniff* She’s still mommy’s little angel…


  1. mclovin

    Awww…they are just so cute at this age.

  2. Cash

    Wow. Just, Wow.

    Hey Ronson, way to watch out for the love of your life’s best interests there.

    FAIL x 2

  3. darius

    I don’t see a coke deal. That’s projecting. What is really disgusting though is that the club sold these security tapes to the press? Thats really disturbing!!! And won’t that make other celebs think twice about setting foot inside. Is that even legal? They hope they sue the club.

  4. Lindsey the Loser

    There are a lot of talented people out there waiting for their break and Lindsey got famous not out of talent but because people gave her great opportunities. Lindsey obviously needs to hit rock bottom again in order to get help.

  5. Matthew

    2008 worst parent of the year award goes to once again Dina Lohan (AKA Party MOM) way to go raised hohan and her untalted sister dina!

  6. Mr. McCuntlipz

    who gives a shit, who gives a fuck

    baba booey

  7. Mr. McCuntlipz

    who gives a shit, who gives a fuck

    baba booey

  8. The best coke deals are the ones you can’t see. That’s a pro. So anytime you see two people leaning in and talking to each other, it’s a coke deal!!

  9. first?

    eww. that whores nasty. and her lover is even worse

  10. marme

    Linz-mmm more vodka in this drink pleeease I need a bit of a buzz before I grab.

    Sam leans in- Dude just grab a ball instead of a 1/2 ball you know how much I do these days just so we dont have to call him later ya know?

    Linz-K well hes not repling back yet so relax and pass me my smokes.

    Lindsays & Sams relationship there ya go!

  11. linus

    @First .Must be a bad one than, because apparently a lot of people can “see” this coke deal, despite the fact that we can’t actually see their hands. Its good to know that next time I am standing close to a dude in a club its considered a coke deal.I can’t believe they would be stupid enough to do it so openly amongst other people though at some random arse club, just doesn’t ring true.

  12. sla

    Is she wearing a body suit with leggings? If so, she should go to fashion rehab. That outfit is a cry for help.

  13. Jamie's Uterus

    This chick is a ditch pig. How will her cougar mother Dina spin this one? I’m sure it will be hysterical.

  14. #61, I was being sarcastic..

  15. Dirk the Magnanomous

    Linds just wasn’t getting enough publicity. She is in a tight battle for Queen of the Media Whores with Britney, and needed some publicity.

    As they say, any good shots of a media whore drugging and skanking along is good publicity!!!!!!!!

  16. beth

    damn, thats sad.

  17. zsa

    Sam always looks drugged out, so it’s only a matter of time before Lyndsay follows. Not that you actually see it here. Or see her taking a drink. So this is all “alleged”…

    That being said, she prolly is texting a guy. She was recently seen dancing with an ex, and they’re publicly fighting all the time. The clock is ticking folks…


  18. Petruchio

    LOL at #15. Parliaments, yeah, wow. I think that might be worse than vodka and coke ( with a small “c” ).

    People that smoke Parliaments are, invariably, the modern version of Victorian chimney sweeps. Dirty and in despair. Parliaments are the hell to American Spirits’ heaven.

  19. LittleCupcakes

    How did the pig in number 6 get into the club? Lindsam Ronhan would never go to a club that would allow that heifer inside…….would they?

    Damn, there goes my respect for skeevy nightclubs.

  20. LittleCupcakes

    Sorry, the blancmange is in number 5.

    I stand corrected, and I regret my error.

  21. Lucifer

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  22. Big mack

    Everyone smokes the P-Funks… it’s the recessed filter.

    American Spirits? Yeah okay.. Let me just flip on the birkenstocks and never-been-washed red bandana and roll my own cigarette that goes out 9 times while I’m having a conversation, and the inevitable stale pack by the 3rd cigarette.

    :thumbs up:

  23. Helen

    She’s smoking? How come? I thought nowhere in the world let you smoke indoors anymore. I’m booking a ticket to the USA and going there right now. Damn this nanny state!

  24. CosmicScorpio

    When Samantha Ronson’s coke addiction ends and/or hookups get cut, Lohan will bail. Let’s face it, that’s why they’re together. She’d probably be banging a llama if it kept her on the high she wanted.

  25. marme

    well said CosmicScorpio

  26. someone superficial

    welcome back? did she ever “leave”? i doubt it.

    my favorite shot is the one where she’s holding a big grey goose bottle. i love the scumbags at the club who gave this tape away!

    sad thing is, the tape shocks no one. it only confirms what we all already knew.

  27. herbiefrog

    we already answered somehwere ?

    else ?

    no… no… not the twins again…

  28. Slimfast

    So, this is the “NEW Hollywood Diet” – Lose up to 15 pounds in one week: Red Bull+Vodka and Coke, so what else in new.

  29. Geronimo

    The only thing remotely interesting or redeaming about this bitch are her luscious titties.

  30. NOVA gem

    anybody from dc/nova recognize this club? i wanna hit this up :)

  31. el ces

    Yeshhh, do it Lindsay Lohan!

  32. BoBo Hatcher

    She drinks smokes and does drugs. Hopefully one will kill her

  33. hannah

    Did you see the pic with the mirror? That’s definitely a coke mirror. Nasty whore.

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