Lindsay Lohan Falls Off the Wagon: In Glorious Security Tape-vision

November 25th, 2008 // 84 Comments

What you’re looking at is security tape footage of Lindsay Lohan at a Washington D.C. club where Samantha Ronson recently DJ’ed. Highlights include: Recovering alcoholic Lindsay pouring herself vodka and Red Bulls; some lesbian making out – or heterosexual. Who knows?; more making out which is obviously interrupting Lindsay’s texting (Gawd); and, finally, like every single night since Lindsay’s been 12, a coke deal. *sniff* She’s still mommy’s little angel…


  1. Ram Punchington

    Welcome back, Lindsay. Welcome back.

  2. Que

    Que dang!

  3. Giorgios Papaloukas

    ¡¡¡Madre mía que tetas!!!!

  4. p911gt10c

    Unless a porn tape surfaces, none of this is remotely interesting.

  5. p0nk

    live you’ve never been gone.

  6. p0nk

    like you’ve never been gone.

  7. lizzy

    i love this! i wish it were more scandalous — i love seeing lindsay’s life in the shitter.

  8. That took longer than I expected but whore Lindsay is back.

  9. Amy

    Wow, this will threaten her highly successful movie career.

  10. Steve

    Does anyone know which club it was?

  11. Érico

    I want more Katie Price.

  12. Hater

    She does have some nice titties!

  13. VanillaFace

    damn, I’d actually bang her regardless of the burning and agonizing STDs that result from it.

    killer bewbs

  14. jrz

    Parliaments? Damn…that’s some ghetto-assed shit right there.

  15. Kaboom!!

    But Sam loves her!! Sam only wants the best for her!

  16. She never stopped drinking, so how can she fall off the wagon? She went to rehab for coke, not booze

  17. Pink


  18. Pink


  19. Buster

    You mean she’s back on the wagon…

  20. JJ

    Great overhead tit view. I’d give her a pearl necklace.

  21. kelly

    ugly freak. ahaha good to see her doing so bad again.

  22. You would think she knows how to make a drink by now..Shouldn’t the mixer not the vodka come last

  23. Cartman

    If she’s still drinking then how can she be a “recovering alcoholic”? I thought you were only recovering if you stopped.

    Unless you mean she is recovering her alcoholic status?

  24. that’s my girl.

    go Linds go!

  25. Tom K

    I love it! Welcome back you red head whore!!!

  26. P

    why is it that a guy in the slims will get busted and sent to jail for possesion, but these kind of people can just walk away freely.
    Disgusting World!

  27. JuliaJolie

    How is this a coke deal? I don’t see anything in that picture. Maybe I’m just naive…

  28. Ryan the Canadian

    I love how she is demonized for doing what most people her age do. It makes no sense. She is an actress in Los Angeles that gets drunk, does coke and makes out with her lover……about as fascinating as watching paint dry. Brittany at her lowest made for decent fodder. Can’t someone else have a breakdown?? Maybe some other vapid woman that nobody knows will make a sex tape in the next day or so and there will be some superficial content worthy of everyone’s posts…….

  29. Plastic Sturgeon

    She never stopped boozing or doing coke. She just became (for a while) more discreet.

  30. Max Planck

    Flush twice.

  31. Lucy

    I’m presuming she’s been drinking all along, only now she doesn’t care who knows…that’s the progression of alcoholism!

  32. fanfare

    i’m sorry but this totally made my day. officially: i’m deeply saddened to see any addict failing. unofficially: thanks for making me smile superficial :) It’s only funny b/c she isn’t a total wreck here, otherwise I’d actually feel sorry for the poor (rich) girl.

  33. jaime

    i think the bad girl of the day thing should definitely go to boobs lohan, more than philton.

    pd. giorgios, argentino?

  34. Lucifer

    I heard that she appeared on a dating community ***INTERRACIALLOVING.COM*** with a personal account there. Maybe you have the chance to talk to her online or meet some singles there. It is amazing.

  35. Confused

    OMG YOU GUYS! I live in Washington DC

  36. boli

    it’s against the law to smoke indoors in dc.

  37. jaime

    in the fourth picture she’s probably texting “god, i need some fucking dick man, this dyke is killing me!”

  38. Danklin24

    Unless that was a joke about Coke the drink im confused cause i dont see a coke deal going on.

  39. ummm...yeah

    Ryan, you being Canadian says it all…STFU, dickwad…
    Anyway…Open your mouth lins…time for some cock!…not coke.

  40. Lindsay

    Why the hell is she mixing her own drinks? She has no chance…VH1 Celeb Rehab, here she comes!

  41. Balls McCoy

    picture 8: “hey Lindsey, it’s snowing in the back room…”

  42. The girl looks (nice set) good in the introductory pic, no wonder sam is like a hound around her!

  43. Allen's Woody

    I wonder if this will ruin her chances at an Oscar?

  44. OnlyGayEskimo

    Oh good, I like Lindsey Lohan gossip, even though it makes me feel dirty – as in, I need to take a shower after I read.

    Its been so boring with Britney and LiLo staying out of the public eye – Lindsey might be a coked out alkie, but at least she is a lesbian which is ALWAYS fun. Britney is just a whore – no fun in that.


  45. Mix

    This is SO STUPID. Show me a screencap WHERE SHE IS ACTUALLY DRINKING. That’s right, YOU DON’T HAVE ONE!!

  46. OscarTheGrouch

    This explains her weight loss. I knew she wasn’t doing it naturally. She’s a sleeze.

  47. geyt

    Look at the third picture it looks like a transcation is going down between Samantha and the guy. Drugs?

  48. Nathiest

    thats super cute

  49. simplicity

    she looks too busy texting to be making out with any of them, including the dude behind her.

    who gives a fk anymore about this chick? let her be drunk and gay and whatever else… seriously… she’s had her 15 mins… move on.

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