Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson still wearing bikinis

October 1st, 2008 // 103 Comments

Here are a buttload of pics from the second day of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson’s Mexican getaway. Am I crazy or does Sam have some wicked five o’clock shadow going on in that first pic? I mean, wow, I don’t like to shave either on vacation, but then again, the paparazzi don’t disguise themselves as dolphins and take my picture. Sure, everybody’s looking at Lindsay’s jugs, but it never hurts to take a little pride in your appearance. (Read: Please hide behind a sand dune.)


  1. jt

    she doesn’t look that bad; though, the forehead is a bit much.

  2. morga

    at least they look happy together =)

  3. ph7

    it would be more interesting to see them wearing strap ons.

  4. Forget being a lesbian, Who knew Lindsay was into hunchbacks..

  5. HuckyDucky

    My. Fucking. Eyes.

  6. Fred

    Lindsey look GREAT in a bikini. I’d pose as a woman for the opportunity to devour her luscious cans and sweet pussy.

  7. hamburgler

    Sam has a lousy beach body -ick.
    Such wide hips on a pasty little thing, you’d think she was a mother 4.
    Has the posture of a geeky 12 yr old boy.

  8. So Lindsay (who has the face of a 48 year old, all of her leathery, freckled skin), is still frolicking on the beach with an ugly man in a bikini. Why? Who knows. And now this man has neglected to shave.

    And if even that wasn’t enough, the ugly man in the bikini’s forehead is the size of a fucking driveway. Horrible flab, and jowly cheeks on him too. Geezus, what an uggo.

    I guess Lindsay needs him there to keep her from tipping over, since she’s so top heavy. Why he’s gotta wear a bikini, though, I don’t know.

  9. reese

    im going to go on the record as anonymous.

    i was there in mexico with them and those are not regular lolly-pops. those are morphine lollipops that samantha got from her brother.

  10. hamburgler

    On last pic – she’s gotta be peeing or (gasp!) pooing.
    Possibly it just hurts to sit – sammy plays hard sometimes.

  11. combustion8

    and still eating each others box.

  12. jennifer hammond

    Im suprised that Samantha shaves down there. I figured she was more of an au naturale type gal you know?

  13. Ricardo

    Oh Look Lindsay Lohan is dating Mr. Burns . Who Knew!!!

  14. Spoogey McSpudnuts

    If you look close you can make out the marks on Sam’s forehead from the strap-on….

    LiLo digs the screwnicorn.

  15. Nancy

    The lesbians look like they are having fun in the sun. I’ll never understand it but enjoy the pussy juice ladies!

  16. Slut

    I already had a feeling Sam smelled-nevermind a hot day at the beach

  17. Alicat

    Aweful posture.

  18. I knew Samantha would be of the slightly-distended-gut persuasion. Bad posture and slightly malnourished. Nice to see she actually is female though.

  19. Sam R

    @9 and all of you,

    My gf, Lindsay is beautiful, stop being so damn jealous. Why don’t all of you go jerk off with a belt around your neck. I don’t care if you think I look a little boyish…i am a lesbian, HELLO? How many of you can come down to Mexico whenever you want, how many of you have gfs as hot as mine???? YOU ALL ARE SO PATHETIC, I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOU

  20. Sam R

    @9 and all of you,

    My gf, Lindsay is beautiful, stop being so damn jealous. Why don’t all of you go jerk off with a belt around your neck. I don’t care if you think I look a little boyish…i am a lesbian, HELLO? How many of you can come down to Mexico whenever you want, how many of you have gfs as hot as mine???? YOU ALL ARE SO PATHETIC, I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOU

  21. Wow! Compared to Sam, Lindsay looks pretty sharp in a bikini. I suppose a dog would, too.

    This must fall in with Lindsays “surround myself with fugly girls” method of looking good.

    Looks like a bikini calendar made in a concentration camp.

  22. farty_mcshitface

    wow, that ronson bitch really is hideous. those scrawny bird legs and those knobby, old-woman knees. she really does have the body of a geeky 12 year old boy. such a disaster!!
    but, hohan is pure trash so- she can have her!!

  23. Lindsay will be back, just like Rough Douchie, Lindsay loves penis in her mouth.

  24. blah

    Lindsay’s got some big boobies. Samantha does look like a 12 year old boy. Where is it’s ass? And for being such lesbos, are these two ever caught kissing? You would think that a “lesbian couple” frolicking on the beach together in Mexico in their bikini’s would, I dunno, show some affection toward each other.

  25. YourFavoriteBrunette

    that makes me think of “Mankini” from The Soup on E! hahaahahaha i cant wait for friday now! :)

  26. Hey Hillbilly? if I were you id be obsess with me too…

  27. Douchie, sadly the only one here obsessed with you is, well, you. Shouldn’t you and your log cabin boys be getting ready for the debate on thursday?

  28. Flip

    Seriously though, this new writer is SOO not funny… I’m officially never coming back to this site. PEACE!

  29. will the bull

    wow, shes ugly

  30. Hillbilly? Im not sure what makes you so stupid but it really works….

  31. havoc

    Lindsay Lohan couldn’t get a better looking lesbian chick?

    Seriously. There are so many young woman who would love to munch the red carpet. Samantha must have a Gene Simmons tongue or something.


  32. Kooity

    Due to legal pressure, they were forced to take down the picture of Lilo sucking Sam’s cock.

  33. Testors model cement and gold krylon, what’s your excuse?

  34. pete

    Sadly, Ronson is about 10 times more attractive than most female commenters here.

  35. #34 I feel sorry for you,,,,so before you get on the pc? youve been sniffing these products? so i wasnt far off…geez us

  36. My excuse is, I just figure each time i type to you,,,im lowering my standards…

  37. Grunion


  38. John McCain

    The last time I had an erection was 94 years ago. Cindy the trollup still sucks my limp noodle dry. She is insatiable and definitely enjoys my fist in her ass!

  39. Who's Horny?

    Lindsay has a nice figure, but she doesn’t do it for me. She has so many freckles she looks like she’s wearing a coat. And in the spots where she doesn’t have, well, spots, she’s so damned pale it’s gross. But she does have an attractive figure – she’d probably look much sexier if she was blocking the sun and you could just see her silhouette.

    When I look at Lindsay in a bikini, I think “nice figure”. When I look at Samantha in a bikini I think “dork”. Kinda like the stunt Jim Carrey pulled off several weeks back.

    And apparently, the guy in the background in pic # 7 agrees with me. He took a look at the two of them together and obviously had no other response than to shit all over the place. . . .

  40. OJ's Mom

    Thats not Samantha Ronson. It looks more like Adam Sandler.

  41. tc

    LIndsay is a coot-bald, chimp-faced, hippo-skinned, monkey-moralled, pig-ugly dyke-for-publicity slag with


  42. Slut

    Come on Lindsay….it’s time to go from suck to blow

  43. toolboy

    I’m telling ya, it has got to be some kind of “Lesbian Make a Wish Foundation” trip…..

  44. Randal

    It’s always a pleasure seeing you Lindsay and looking as good as ever if I may add! Your bikini fits your form very well, sucking to your skin like a leech, except it’s sexy on you. :)

    Don’t think I’ve seen such a smile on your face before like the one you have in these shots. Samantha is obviously making you very happy, so keep at it and live your life well.


  45. Uncle Eccoli

    Fuck, her tits are huge.

  46. Uncle Eccoli

    Also, nice posture on Sam. She looks like fucking Gollum.

  47. PunkA

    Wonder how much money they are making from the paps for staging this photo shoot? Didn’t Britney do this same type of crap when Sam Ghalib was calling the shots? Mexico trips to get paid. Yes!! And Spencer and Heidi did it too. Seems to me that Sam Ronson is using material straight out of Sam Ghalib’s playbook on how to exploit a “pap” star. Totally pathetic. Hope they both die from diarrhea.

  48. glace neuf

    i’d hit half of it.

  49. Fumus


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