Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson in bikinis

September 30th, 2008 // 91 Comments

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson slip n’ slided down to Mexico yesterday, and I gotta tell you, I am shocked by these photos. Mostly because, after seeing Sam in a bikini, my penis didn’t run off screaming into a wood chipper. Jesus. Who saw that coming?


  1. Partygirl

    She’s Fuc$ing UGLY

  2. Jenna


  3. Carpet Consumer

    Munch munch munch

  4. partygirl


  5. toolboy

    That chick’s forehead is inadvertently signaling planes overhead…..

  6. Edgar Howards

    Well, we can see who wears the pants in this relationship.

  7. kyasmami

    SamRo got her tuck game proper!!
    …are y’all really doin the “first” shit up in here??

  8. kyasmami

    SamRo got her tuck game proper!!
    …are y’all really doin the “first” shit up in here??

  9. New favorite sport!

    You two are awesome! A hateful slut and an utter life failure who can’t even First! correctly.

    It’s like a parade of sad internet cliches, whee!

    My new favorite sport is finding these like standouts like I’m on safari among the mentally challenged!

  10. New favorite sport!

    Man and a third contender, the double-poster! This is a great day!

  11. Ted from LA

    @9 – WTF are you babbling about retard? Youre trying to make fun of someone and making no sense only makes you the idiot. You sound like binky and cliff notes…derrrrrrrr

    Ill bet their underwear from the trip there is smelling ripe about now.

    2 day old clitty litter anyone?

  12. hitler

    Why’s that guy wearing a bikini?

  13. The concept of gender bending is to repelled the opposite sex,,,boy did she succeed….How does Lindsay go down on this Broad..

  14. So Lindsay Lohan, whose face is as leathery and weathered as ever is at the beach with a guy in a bikini. And dear God, that is one fugly guy! He’s all FAT and pouchy and repulsive! UGH! And his FACE! Those sunken eyes! Those spit-caked sausage lips! That corpse shaped head! Geezus, I can’t look anymore!

  15. God

    For Fuck’s Sake.
    Lindsay come to papa.

  16. Did anyone else see the naughty, naughty thing in pic #4? Yea, that’s what I’m talkin’ about baby!! Ride it hard!

  17. Greasy Weezel

    Dude looks surprisingly OK in a bikini. And Lindsay is smokin’ hot!

  18. ph7

    Sam looks better in a bikini than she does in street clothes.

  19. mamadough

    i love the rainbow on ronson’s ass in pic #3, like the dyke hair cut didn’t give it away all ready.

  20. Slut

    Looks like Lindsay is at the beach digging for clams……

  21. Did ya get that camera guy?

    @9- wow, are you really chris angel mad because your show flopped and have had all your women taken by me…Vince from Shamwow?

  22. Julie East

    Number 11,
    I’ve read Ted from LA, I’ve laughed at comments posted by Ted from LA, and you sir, are no Ted from LA.

  23. I laughed at Ted from LA’s “WTF are you babbling about retard?” comment…then again I ALWAYS laugh when someone calls someone else a retard. Thanks Ted.

  24. I mean…really. Have you ever seen a retard?

  25. John McCain

    Were these shots taken on the Isle of Lesbos?

  26. ubee0173

    so… does this mean that sam person…isnt a dude..? ’cause ive never seen a tranny with limbs so noodley before… and the noodle thighs dont rub together so you can clearly see there is no tucking. well, i’ll be damned…

  27. Horrible Judgment, you make me laugh my ass off.

  28. Grunion

    So which one has the cock again?

  29. SevanSins

    I had no idea Powder 2 was even filming.

  30. Austin Powers

    She’s a MAN Ba-by, yeah haa…..

  31. penis envier

    Something is wrong with your penis, then.

  32. LoLa

    GROSS…. That’s just disturbing and I can’t even find words to explain my disgust and amazement at the same time

  33. Book

    awww, thats cute y’all hatin because its trendy. makes me wish i didnt have a brain either, so i could join in on the fun!

    Sam’s got a rockin bod. Simple as that. Its scary to think so, but damn.

  34. Erica Lew.

    Sam actually has more fat than Lindsay. I though Sam was the anorexic one..

  35. Okay….I’m really not seeing the naughty, naughty thing in picture #4. But then again it’s been a long day….

  36. Clive

    Can you believe Lindsay is attracted to this ugly girl? She has no ass! It reminds me of that movie about two English girls who fall in love, with Emily Blunt, the ugly one will get shafted. Lindsay will fall for a guy and leave this ugly duckling, and break her heart. Prepare yourself SaMANtha!

  37. Whatever with the whole lesbo thing. Lindsay is hot and Sam is OK from the neck down.

    Onto more important issues…Who the hell would want to go to mexico? What a 3rd world shit hole that place is. I felt safer in Iraq than I did in mexico last time I was there. And that was over 10 years ago.

  38. @ You’ve quite obviously joined the fun.

    P.S. Most people with brains use punctuation marks. (Just so you know)

  39. Ted Mosby

    Sam is motoboating as we speak.

  40. Pistol Pete

    Anyone else surprised that Sam is even wearing a bikini? I figured she’d be in some board shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.

  41. LawnGnome

    Hard to believe, but Lohan looks quite tanned next to that chick, and usually she is pale. I just have a hard time believing she is a true lesbian. She has such a healthy obsession for the penis not so long ago. This just seems like a phase…

  42. steve

    Come on, give Sam some credit. She has given Lindsay a lot of happiness. Or, should I say, a lot of ha’ penis.

  43. Bunnie

    EW. there are no words.

  44. Pat

    Samantha has Sarah Palin’s butt.

  45. not first!

    SamRo is so HOT!!!

  46. @38 Why does your husband call you squirt??

  47. malicious

    she does seem to be happy, looks like they are playing spot the pap, she hasn’t done a decent movie in yonks and still the paps are all over her ass.

  48. Jamie's Uterus

    I wonder if Lindsay eats Sam’s man pussy? Or is she one of those fake lesbians, that lets Sam do all the work to her fiery red love taco, but she never reciprocates and returns the favor to Sam the man? Hmmmm….theories, thoughts?

    I’ve known many straight women, that went lesbo for a while, but never really ate pussy, they just would lay there, and let the real lesbo do the work. It’s all very confusing.

    I just want some clarity today!

  49. Binocs

    I am mostly amused that they appear to be ogling the paparazzi back through binoculars. Funny.

  50. blowme

    Between these two is a powerful vibrator.

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