Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson quit each other’s vaginas. Again.

June 17th, 2009 // 40 Comments

Samantha Ronson kicked Lindsay Lohan to the curb again. But this time it’s all the fault of Nicole Richie and her hatred of all things firecrotched. E! News reports:

“Nicole refuses even to be in the same room as Lindsay,” says a source, noting that just last week Nicole invited Sam to a mutual friend’s birthday party at Bar Marmont with the stipulation that she not bring Lindsay. “Sam went to the party, and it really upset Lindsay,” says the source.
After Sam had dinner with Nicole at Izakaya last night, a source says she gave Linds the kiss-off.

Wow, everyone does hate Lindsay. If it makes her any feel better, she can always hang out with me, and not because it’s basically a given she’ll sleep with my landlord. That has nothing to do with this, but I can’t be held responsible if he’s already naked in my house holding a gun to my head sexier than a panther riding a motorcycle with like a chick who has stupid huge cans yeah write that stuff.


  1. Natasha

    You really are a piece of shit aren’t you. (not lindsay)

  2. joho777

    So Samantha finally came to her senses. Just like every other person that Lindsay has been close to.

    Even love can’t conceal that Lindsay is a turd!

  3. MR. T


  4. .

    #3 10 seconds for YOU to prove you’re worthy of exsistense, 10, 9, 8…

  5. Ananana

    Typo in Richie’s name.

  6. The Bisexual

    I kind of feel bad for her. I mean…she’s made some stupid mistakes, etc, tried to clean herself up…has made some shit-ass movies…I just wonder if, at this point, she’ll even be able to redeem herself? She’s just a joke to people.

  7. wondering

    i wonder why and when LOOKING GOOD has become the ONLY requirement to be judged sexy.

    all over this site we’re plastered with images (thanks, fish, keep going, don’t let these considerations stop you) of skanky women who – almost without exception – are dressed, have the posture and the facial expression of a tramp.

    what about class?
    yes, class, even in a bikini.
    maybe less tattoos? maybe keep your back straight and your head high? more elegant shoes?

    what about refinement. less make up? a more elegant make up?

    what happened, i’m asking.
    elegance is gone! and class is just a memory of the past.

    so sad.

  8. What exactly does she do again?

  9. sperminator


    women, for what their purpose on this earth is, only need to look good.
    and like di@k, unlike the firecrotch who would otherwise be a PERFECT example of woman.

    sexually available, big cans, nice face, empty head.

    you keep wondering about your bullshit, i’ll go out and bang some…

    think about it.

  10. .

    #9 awww but MY purpose on this earth is to be an anrarcha-feminist bitch. I guess we wouldn’t get on : (

  11. erika

    @7 wondering

    agree 100%. you go girl!

    because you’re a girl, right? none of the male superficial commenters would ask such a question.. it would require thinking and not just masturbating looking at the pictures…

  12. sperminator


    if you have all of the other required traits, i’m sure we can come to a mutually satisfactory agreement…

    i suddenly become more open minded as soon as i see certain qualities in a woman!

  13. .

    #12 haha, I’m afraid even though I am a total knock out, I enjoy taking a dump on patriachy even more than having sex with random slutty internet menz ; )

  14. Valerie

    in picture 8, she looks worse/scarier than I have ever seen her : (

  15. sperminator


    then what greater pleasure could you find than objectifying a man?
    not to sound too slutty, but hey, i’m saying this for you…

    in any case it’s a pleasure to find that some of the women on the opposite side of the thought spectrum have at least a good sense of humour…

    cheers, “.” (wtf is going on with your nick?)


  16. chupacabra

    @ 13 – what type of super freak calls themselves, ” a total knock out?” I think the only person legally able to state that about themselves would be Christie Brinkley circa 1983, directly related to her role as The Girl in the Ferrari in “Vacation.”

    Otherwise, you are either lying, delusional, or just playin’ with the sperminator’s ball sack …

    Phew… “knock out”? Really? What the hell is wrong with you?

  17. Fai

    I wonder if Linds has been checked out for syphilis.

    Clearly she must be insane for a reason.

    Oh. Wait. Publicity. I forgot about Publicity.


  18. dirk

    Linds, seriously – when 7:00 Saturday rolls around for your weekly shower, please clean your fingernails. Bitch always looks like she just got off work at Jiffy Lube.

  19. sperminator

    #16 chupacabra

    dunno if she’s lying or delusional,

    but if she’s playing with my ballsack that’s fine with me!

  20. Dread not

    Pic 6: I’m with, Regis Philbin. I like a woman who squats.

  21. Gary B

    Lindsay Lohan is SOO HOTT! because she is going down in flames!

  22. Ella

    She seriously has a weird fetish of trying to show off her “hot” body (hot being the operative word). No one wants to see this trash Lindsay, now close up shop.

  23. racy*red

    can’t believe this mess had the nerve to out timberlake’s cheating on twitter..
    i don’t care for him, but lindsay, come on – you’re a hypocrite.
    silly girl.

  24. rob imhoff

    Lindsay used to be something to look at, in a Cub Scout den-mother kind of way. Like if I was still 11 years old, and going to Cub Scout meetings sucked, I’d still go if my den mother looked like Lohan. Kick the tires regardless, but I’m 11, so what else am I gonna do on a Friday night (between 7:30 and 9)? Now she’s just banged up. (Lindsay, please hurry and do yet another Marilyn Monroe inspired photo shoot. It’s so original for anyone to compare the 2 of you.) And for Christ’s sake, let’s flip all those bags over, how much crap are you carrying? We’re so shallow and we’re so empty in our own lives, that we have to know what this has-been who’s been in like ONE movie, years and years ago, is doing, and dating, and drinking, every day. Cheers.

  25. Just accept that the supreme being put some people on this earth to wander alone and friendless till they turn to dust.

  26. dude

    Good by me. Whats important now is she gets on me and rides off into the next phase of her life! A cumback of sorts if you will…..

  27. Kelley

    Yikes … pic no. 8 is really scary !!!

  28. amoi

    Why doesn’t she do something with her life? Maybe take some acting classes? You never know where that could lead.

  29. whocares

    bored. so very very bored. next story please.

  30. Someone who knows better

    She kinda looks like a rat in that last pic.


  32. andrew.

    i love lindsay. we have alot in common in our relationship life, drug problems…. work issues….no one likes us…. love of drama… i just love her .

  33. herbiefrog

    what a crazy life… copy getting a taste of it…
    …no wonder she gets a pit beedoff
    you go babe : ))

  34. Ananana

    #7, but… she DOESN’T look good!!!

    Besides, we mortals like bashing The Pretty People.

  35. Darth

    Are they tired of eachothers vags again? How about trying a different taste?

  36. Nero

    Did they try already bacon taste?

  37. yuval

    you are sick (this website)
    you are the worse’i can’t believe it!!!!
    you make the famous look ugly but we all know who is the real ugly and sick!!!!
    mother fuckers!!!!!

  38. yuval

    you are sick (this website)
    you are the worse’i can’t believe it!!!!
    you make the famous look ugly but we all know who is the real ugly and sick!!!!

  39. yuval

    you are sick (this website)
    you are the worse’i can’t believe it!!!!
    you make the famous look ugly but we all know who is the real ugly and sick!!!!

  40. AMO

    Lindsay is a freakin’ joke! Sucks to be Sam b/c I’m sure Lindsay’s dynomite in the sack, but she is loathed by all. You go Nicole! Sam’s not stupid; she’s going to stick w/ who runs Hollywood and will keep her relavent over LOLohan…

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