Lindsay Lohan eating sushi again

May 22nd, 2009 // 69 Comments

Because they know I need some easy targets on Friday, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson went out for sushi last night, according to The Sun:

The former couple were spotted going for sushi together at Matsuhisa restaurant in Los Angeles last night.
There is no confirmation of what conversation was on the menu, but Lindsay was spotted smiling as she left the posh eaterie, albeit on her own.

So these two are definitely back together, right? Okay, great. Who wants to place bets one murders the other with a lawn dart over the weekend? I’ve got ten bucks on Lindsay biting it after Sam sees her eating a bratwurst.


  1. ph7

    Sam’s eating that redfin, for sure.

  2. what is it called?

    Frist? Furst? Lol the thing that happens when people try to be first but by the time they are they’re usually third?

  3. Lisa

    OMG she ate sushi?! OMG NOOOOO WAY


  4. EB

    “Lindsay Lohan eating sushi again”

    That one is just too damned easy and obvious……LOL!!!!!

    But on a more serious note: It bothers me that Lindsay may convert to Judaism to please Sam.

    Haven’t Jews suffered enough throughout history?

  5. friendlyfires

    Sam is having red sauce tonight – bleaugh!

  6. Pastafarian

    Snore. Who really gives a sh-t anymore.

  7. no

    Lindsay converting to Judaism will be good for her career. Hollywood is Club Jew just like the banks. Good move!

  8. They may have had Suishi as the main course but Stanky Meat Wallet for dessert!

  9. Chuckaroondo

    She looks pregnant.

  10. Photoshop Police

    Hey, at least she’s eating, right?


  11. smells fishy to me

  12. Jennifer

    But really. What’s going on with her stomach lately. I’m not buying into the pregnancy rumors but someone so think with a little stomach bulge. Does this mean she ate something and her frame is so small that the food in her stomach shows through? Or is her stomach distended because she’s starving, kinda like an Ethiopian.

  13. Galtacticus

    We’ve a good impression what Lilo looks like when she’s 40.

  14. Nero

    We know and see EVERYTHING.Even right now at this moment! Boo!

  15. Unub

    Ronson & Lohan are once again dining on each others’ fur-burgers.
    That’s some nasty shit right there….

  16. Darth

    I just see you eating a fingernail again!

  17. Some days she is sooo hot. And others she is a urinal.

  18. Gando

    The 3rd photo shows us how she looks without dentures.

  19. mikeock

    she is not going to age well.

  20. vito


    Get some self esteem you stupid, scrawny has-been.

  21. scissor sister

    steamed Bearded Clams in their own juice with a dash of heavy cream

  22. While I am happy that they are still “friends,” I agree that Linday should take better care of her looks.

  23. fashion smashion

    Is the pocket supposed to be hanging out of the rip in her jeans? Is that supposed to look good?

  24. Alli

    #10, have you ever SEEN a pregnant woman? Actually, have you ever seen a female in person…ever?? Anyway, I remember when she released her first album..and was on The Rollingstone i think? She was actually pretty hot! She has let herself go..’tis a shame.

  25. herbiefrog

    too confused…
    we came up with ***.xxx.5029
    but that’s obviously not right]
    sign language ?
    “i’ll trade them all for an old …” ?

    [let it go...]

  26. What’s the significance of their necklaces? They’re exactly the same.

  27. SALLY


  28. SALLY


  29. Holden McGroin

    i dont care what anyone says, picture 8 is a guy.

  30. DeviousJinx

    Damn her skin looks BAD…she is not aging well at all, I guess eating “fish” isn’t as good for you as everyone thinks!

  31. nicefrenchgurl

    i totally agree with u, was actually going to post whether i was the only one wondering about her swelled stomach

  32. Ananana

    i know i’m not supposed to, but i like her trousers…

  33. Albert

    They should lock up every writer and photographer that mentions these two.

  34. kerri

    i think what #10 is seeing is the swollen belly of someone who is starving herself to death. she looks disgusting. pretty sad actually.

  35. Danklin24

    Good, now maybe lindsay will get back to being somewhere in the vicinity of hot. She looked her best when she was with Sam…thats a fact.

  36. joe m

    Lindsay should stay away from sodomy.
    Perversion will ruin her career and her life.

  37. I wonder: ISN’T SHE EVER FED UP WITH HERSELF, folks?

  38. Darth

    Isn’t it time to clean out your living room? What are all those clothes doing there? clean out your living room and kitchen.Prepare yourself for your movie role from now on!

  39. Nero

    It wouldn’t help much to drag this one on her hair to an ATM.The ATM would spit out her card imediately and electrocute us as a punishment.

  40. Dread not

    Lindsay’s gonna keep goin’ back for more. Why? Because she just loves the way Sam completes the two headed octopuss with her. And that ain’t the only reason. Ever see the video of people strapped into the G-force simulators? They have their goggles on, their mouths are wide open, cheeks blown out wide? Yeah. Well, when Sam pops a squat over Lilo, while Lilo mouth gapes Sam’s tail pipe, Sam backfires into Lilo’s face. It’s the same deal. Lindsay knows damn well she won’t find anyone else to do those things like Sam does. So these two may be together for a long time. At least, until Sam loses bowel and sphincter control and blows her first shit fart into Lilo’s mouth. Who knows, that still may not be a deal breaker!

  41. Rocka

    I have sam on twitter and she said she flew to Manilla to do some shows for the weekend, so THE SUN has its facts wrong.

  42. Rocka

    I have sam on twitter and she said she flew to Manilla to do some shows for the weekend, so THE SUN has its facts wrong.

  43. Francis

    I had to read that headline twice. SUSHI!!! Got it??? Wink wink, nudge nudge??
    Oh, never mind…

  44. lola

    Did anyone actually she her eat?

  45. I agree that Linday should take better care of her looks.

  46. Joseph

    Lindsay and Sam should start a restaurant of their own. They could call it the bearded clam. Well…..

  47. Paula

    Most of your comments are disgusting. Making these kind of comments make you no better than the tabloids who write garbage about people. Lindsay does not look happy at all so how do you figure that she and Ronson are back together. As far as the tummy… have got to be kidding. That is not a pregnant tummy. If this is all you have to talk about I feel very sorry for you.

  48. JC

    Paula, you hit the nail on the head. Even the original article shows a level of writing worthy of a snickering schoolgirl in a high school bathroom .
    After all the childish gay jokes, lets start with ‘N word’ jokes, baby killer jokes, and most of all, ‘stupid and immature poster’ jokes.

  49. CC

    21. vito – May 22, 2009 12:36 PM


    Get some self esteem you stupid, scrawny has-been.


    Yeah, and if she ever read a comment like yours, that would really help with the self esteem issue…

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