Lindsay Lohan runs over people



Lindsay Lohan almost killed a photographer last night after hitting him with her car. She told cops she was driving friends in her mom’s BMW when they pulled up to a hotel at 3am to dodge some paparazzi. She then claims the paparazzi swarmed her in the valet lane and one of them jumped onto the hood of her car. Unsurprisingly, the photographers tell a very different story, saying one of the photographers was standing in front of the car when Lindsay flipped the car into reverse and then drive, knocking him down. A source adds:

“She got out of the car to look at Giovanni on the ground as she’s talking to a cop, and then she’s allowed to leave. The other photographers there threw a fit that she was allowed to leave. The cops then asked her friends to call her to come back, and she came back.” NYPD detectives were still probing the incident but seemed to believe Lohan, sources said.

Lindsay Lohan crashes her car like every other month. She’s almost as qualified to drive as the blind. And how can the cops believe her story over all the photographers that were there? They jumped onto the hood of her car? She’s just making stuff up now. I’m surprised she didn’t claim they also had knives and were turning into vampires.

UPDATE: Here’s video of the incident. And yes, that’s admittedly the worst impression of getting hit by a car ever.

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