Lindsay Lohan ruining movies

July 20th, 2007 // 70 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was supposed to start filming on “Poor Things” once she got out of rehab, but apparently the producer pulled the plug on the film because Lindsay’s behavior in Las Vegas over the weekend worried insurers. GE and Dell were promised placement in the movie but got an email from the set designer saying:

‘Poor Things’ has been cancelled

Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news, but I just received a call from Jacky Gilardi, the producer, pulling the plug on the ill-fated film.

Apparently, Ms. Lohan’s antics in Las Vegas over the weekend have scared the bond companies and all of the funding has been pulled … I look forward to working together in the future and trust our next project will not be as fraught with difficulty.

I’d be worried about financing a film with Lindsay Lohan too. Halfway through filming she’d end up crashing her car through the set and driving over half the cast. She’d stumble out of the car and point her finger at everybody, telling them to act cool, then point to her cartoonishly large alcohol monitoring anklet (which nobody actually checks) and go, “See guys. I’m wearing this. This means I dinin’ haf anything to drink. Nod even one drop.” Then she’d curl up on the floor and fall asleep, with three people dead under her car and everybody else standing in a circle with their mouths open.



  1. lucky7


    Lindsay is real hot shit in Hollywood now!!!

    In a few months, it’ll be “lindsay who!??!!?!?”

    Then in a year, we’ll see the on Extra, “Lindsay Lohan: the tragedy” once the bitch is living on skid row with dirty hair, her front teeth missing, and a black boyfriend.

  2. TAS


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  5. pish

    k rev, take easy now

  6. Tessa

    #51 LMFAO

    She stinks. Her breath stinks, she farts loudly!

  7. Ju

    oh dear God.

    i’ve been a fan of Lindsay since her cute double acts in Parent Trap and i still idolize her acting wise but someone’s gotta help this girl get back on her feet.

  8. buf

    she sooo cute.

    like a mini dirty harry

  9. zhez an old wazhed up movie ztar at
    the age of thatz fuckin
    the funniezt thing ever?????????????

  10. garnet

    i used to have nothing against her back when she was all cute and innocent. but she ruined herself and now even her career, i really dont feel sorry for her.

  11. henry

    Linds looks so goood…freckly boobs are the greatest…she will be back in A-list movies in 3 years…i heart her

  12. needy

    She doesn’t deserve those tits

  13. lsucajun

    Dude, I’m shocked that you didn’t comment on her huge boobs or the fact that they are crazy lop-sided.

  14. Mama Pinkus

    That gal is really starting to get the alcoholic-look going.

  15. Moe

    lol, that shit is hilarious!!! “nod even one drop!”
    that stupid std ridden slut.

  16. This little pork belly is going to jail, and if she doesn’t, she’ll get probation and of course break that the first day. So, like I said, she’ll go to jail. I think I’ll call her porktities.

  17. lilo is old and ugly now

    she looks awful. she looks 38. so sad, she has lost the cute girl face at such a young age. What will she look like when she really is 38?

  18. homan

    what a retard

    glad its all going down hill for these bi**hes, if you act like king dicks expect to be brought back down to earth HARD…. she better get jail and daaaaaamn i wish it was for the 8 years… teach all these skanks a lesson…

    but it definately looks like hohan was brought back down to earth…. literally! hosag more like it… she used to have such great titties… and was fresh meat too, yummy… now? exactly as was mentioned by many…. the drugs are really kicking in…

  19. Browns

    haha you guys are dicks! she F****d up.. she had it all, and she lost it, typical life of a celebrity.

  20. thanks for your post!!!!!!!!!

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