Lindsay Lohan ruining movies

July 20th, 2007 // 70 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was supposed to start filming on “Poor Things” once she got out of rehab, but apparently the producer pulled the plug on the film because Lindsay’s behavior in Las Vegas over the weekend worried insurers. GE and Dell were promised placement in the movie but got an email from the set designer saying:

‘Poor Things’ has been cancelled

Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news, but I just received a call from Jacky Gilardi, the producer, pulling the plug on the ill-fated film.

Apparently, Ms. Lohan’s antics in Las Vegas over the weekend have scared the bond companies and all of the funding has been pulled … I look forward to working together in the future and trust our next project will not be as fraught with difficulty.

I’d be worried about financing a film with Lindsay Lohan too. Halfway through filming she’d end up crashing her car through the set and driving over half the cast. She’d stumble out of the car and point her finger at everybody, telling them to act cool, then point to her cartoonishly large alcohol monitoring anklet (which nobody actually checks) and go, “See guys. I’m wearing this. This means I dinin’ haf anything to drink. Nod even one drop.” Then she’d curl up on the floor and fall asleep, with three people dead under her car and everybody else standing in a circle with their mouths open.



  1. darstardlyduke

    what a useless skank

  2. Steven Braun


  3. :(

    damn it

    also, she’s retarded.

  4. Penis Mightier

    Will this drive her to drink (more) and do (more) drugs which will send her into another downowrd spiral and lead to eventual death? I hope so.

  5. lapet

    See you on Lifetime Lindsay! Hope homegirl saved her money.

  6. Zoey Lund

    Nice Rack.

    Am I the only poster here that *likes* freckly boobies?

  7. gossipmonger

    Mark my words, she’s gonna go the Anna Nicole route. We’ll hear one day (this year, I suspect, but if not this, then next year) how she was found dead of an OD in some hotel room…
    And who will mourn her? Her mom, ’cause LinLo is her meal ticket. She doesnt give a damn about her daughter, thats been so obvious from the beginning.

  8. ali

    theyre never going to learn. wear a shirt lindsay GEEZ.

  9. lapet

    P.S. Linday, when your doing Television For Women, you might want to start staying out of the sun. Judging from that forehead, your thirtys are not going to be kind to you if you keep that shit up.

  10. Smelly Gostard

    Can you feel the suction? Her downward spiral is increasing in velocity…Hohan is circling the drain!

  11. Freck

    #7 – Right there with you…

  12. anna banana

    what a waste…

  13. Christ on a Crotch


    Wow, washed up at the legal tender (HA!) age of 21. I hope she invested her dough somewhere.

    Fucking leper!!!

  14. Christ on a Crotch

    Lifetime Channel, heeeeere come’s Lindsay!

  15. Supertramp

    Those sunglasses are a huge mistake. On another note, is there anyone else left in LA to talk about besides Lindsey and Britney? We are talking about two washups with, at best, sixth grade educations.

  16. Jimbo

    Ordinarily I’d try to Steamer some sense into her, but after seeing that freckled face over and over again, I think I’d go with a Strawberry Shortcake instead

  17. Big Daddy

    Seriously folks…
    Everybody trashes all these chicks on this website, but I would wager 99% of the posters on this site would kill to have a girl as hot as LinLo or Britney.

    I mean, who wouldn’t accept a blumpkin from Lohan?

  18. Big Daddy

    Or maybe a rusty trombone would be more appropriate, what with the freckles and all…

  19. anna


  20. lulu

    OOOOOOO, TOO BAD…it might have been as good as Georgia Rule. :p

  21. sos

    Forget she is Lindsay Lohan for a moment. If you picture her walking through a Walmart or washing clothes outside a trailer, she looks just like regular old trash. All that money and she is still an uneducated disgusting girl.

  22. my comment

    Why is she even in movies?

  23. kelly

    this disgusting pig and her sandbad titties needs to be put in jail and have her licensed taken away…maybe the world can take the focus off Britneys ass to see this Bitch Lindsay is a hotmess!!!

  24. Jimbo

    I dont know about y’all.. but I’d smash the shit out of that fire crotch. Then bust all over Veggi’s face. AMERICA… FUCK YEAH!!!

  25. ziggurat

    Red Vines take another victim.

  26. “”but I would wager 99% of the posters on this site would kill to have a girl as hot as LinLo or Britney.”"

    You can go through any old high school yearbook of yours and find 40 girls prettier than Lindsay Lohan, she just looks like some kinda used up 35 year old waitress with an ok smile. The fact that she is only 21 and looks like that is unbelivable.

    As for them cancelling her movie. How dumb a meatbag do you have to be to not understand THESE words. “Bitch, stay home, stop partying or you will not work again”?

  27. norton

    I’d be willing to bet that Linds has had more deposits in her mouth than Jenna Jameson.

  28. Bugman4045

    I love them droopy 21 year old boobs. She must let guys (or girls) just swing on ‘em.

  29. maeby

    Oh the hillarity.. Shes like a female Corey Haim!

  30. morning coffee

    ‘harbinger of bad news’?
    That her film was cancelled?
    Shit, that is the best news all week.

    Bitch looks like she just walked out of a homeless shelter. Twizzlers stuck to her dirty paws, court-ordered ankle cuff, cartoon of a hairdo, clown-like glasses.

  31. Meisterburger


    I really like freckles. Connecting them is the fun part!

  32. wedgeone

    #7 – you & 12 & 32. The rest of us like ‘em smooth, round, and firm. Not all saggy like some 70 year old yenta.

    I love it – “Georgia Rule” was a tanker. “I Know Who Killed Me” will tank. Now “Poor Things” tanked before it even got started.

    My question: why cancel the film when she could just be replaced by another equally talented actress, like Paris Hilton? >^D

  33. becca

    seriously, wear a bra.

  34. who gives a shit?

  35. and no, that is not a nice rack. Puuhhhlleeezzzeee.

  36. and no, that is not a nice rack. Puuhhhlleeezzzeee.

  37. Chauncey Gardner

    Why is anybody surprised that she’s ruining movies? She’s been ruining photographs for years.

  38. I’m sorry, whippets still rock. She’s ok in my book.

  39. Blohan'sDeviatedSeptum

    Gosh she looks smart.

  40. herbiefrog

    what was the last movie she ruined ?

    [no answer]


    get your own lives babes

    we’re already living ours

  41. Why so Pippi Longstocking? Does Lindsay Lohan drop a comic book on the floor every day and dress like that character?

  42. Is that a nipple I spy?

  43. harbinger of bad news

    Set designers shouldn’t use big words when they don’t know what they mean.

  44. Ferocious_Imbecile

    Why is Hollywood and the USA by extension turning out so many insane drug addicted women? I’ve been waiting 30 years for this drug thing to turn around and start getting better and instead it’s just falling off a cliff into the depths of hell. Really, seriously, little 13 year olds are looking at this stuff carefully and using these Hollywood drug pigs as their role models like we used to use Mickey Mantle…of course Mickey was a drunken asshole ….and, well, my generation turned out to be a generation of drunken assholes…

    See how it works?

  45. O dear God…I can ztill zee
    ……….her face………

    39// what iz a whippet?

  46. Anabel

    Please, it was money problems with the movie itself, not Lohan. Had SHE been the problem, they woulda just replaced her, since they already had other big names committed to the flick. On TMZ.

  47. Cardinal Ximenez

    forehead and tits look way old for her age. Janice is three times her age and looks just as good if not better.

  48. The Fabulous Armand

    If this is what drugs do to your looks, I’m going to rehab today. She’s turned into Mickey Rooney.

  49. The Fabulous Armand

    If this is what drugs do to your looks, I’m going to rehab today. She’s turned into Mickey Rooney.

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