Lindsay Lohan robbed herself: Exhibit B

August 28th, 2009 // 74 Comments

Seen here strung out as hell leaving Bardot last night, Lindsay Lohan’s stolen safe is starting to become more and more convenient. Apparently inside was $2 millions worth of jewels she had on loan but, surprise, those pesky robbers took it. RadarOnline reports:

Lindsay had the jewels on loan from swanky Beverly Hills store, XIV Karats, from over two months ago but when asked to return the pricy baubles the Mean Girls star fessed up that she didn’t have them.
“Lindsay claimed that they had been stolen from her safe,” a source tells
“They’ve disappeared. XIV are not happy about it.
“The jewels were in Lindsay’s care and they were only on a loaner, they were expected to be returned. If something is not resolved soon there will be legal action taken.”

What I can’t believe is that someone made a conscious decision to lend $2 mil in jewelry to Lindsay Lohan. Seriously, whoever took one look at her and said to themselves “Nope, these won’t get bartered for coke” needs to not be responsible for lending precious jewels to customers. Or anything above pouring me a coffee at Starbucks.


  1. Steve

    hmmmmm, maybe she ripped herself off to pay a drug debt?!?!?!? something to think about…

    btw….FIRST!!! WooHoo

  2. yummy yummy…i want a lindsay/ ali sandwich!

  3. yummy yummy…i want a lindsay/ ali sandwich!

    first BTW

  4. dyke in the closet

    i miss samantha ronson drama :(

  5. Kelley

    And what about the jewellery that disappeared from that photo shoot in the UK ? What’s up with THAT ??

  6. Randal

    I highly doubt Lindsay would ever steal from her own house. The media and other people seem to like to jump to conclusions because of someone who has long hair on the security camera.

    Don’t think so.

    Lindsay, I hope they find the people who are trying to give you a bad name. Keep your head up girl.


  7. also dyke in the closet

    p.s. why does she dress so SHITTY 99% of the time

  8. lizzy

    damn, she looks TERRIBLE and i gotta say — i fucking love it.

    can’t wait for all that stolen shit to surface, YESSS

  9. Deacon Jones

    Man, she looks worse than the before/after pictures of people on “Faces of Meth”

    Look at these people:

  10. Complete and utter rock bottom in 3…2…1

  11. ROUGH daddy

    I can’t support Lilo till she come back to the hard and stiff I’m terribly sorry.

  12. Full On Porn in 3...2...1...

    #6 – Randal – Are you serious?

    The people trying to give her a bad name are Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Jose Cuervo and some fella named Cocaine. Find them and you’ve got your culprits. The best places to begin looking are her liver and nose.

  13. libz

    Wait till Liza Minnelli finds out Lilo stole her favorite sequined jacket……

  14. FACE

    This skank is aging exponentially – look at her fish belly white skin, those wretched looking hands for a woman 3 times her age . just a classic white skank drunk/druggie hoor

  15. Randalllllllllllfan

    Ha, ha, ha, ha at -Randal-, you’re sooooooo funny! Always writing so people can reply at your comments….see even I am doing it!
    I am a big fan, keep up the good work and like Lindsay, keep your head up!

  16. saywha?

    you better hope your hunch is right because if i were lilo (thank “god” i’m not), i would sue you for everything i could get if you started spreading fake rumors about me robbing myself.

    i’m not angry, i’m just sayin’…

  17. JJ Daddy-o

    She’s going to be doing a remake of “Prisoner: Cell Block H” if she keeps this shit up.

  18. Stripes

    Too bad it happened in California because if she’s found guilty she might only do a week in prison.

  19. Spitzer

    There’s Train Wreck, then there’s rock bottom and then there’s a point of no return.

  20. William Gopie

    What happened to her? she was one of my favourite actresses… geeesh
    she was so pretty and wat the fuk happneed to her..she’z look stink n everything
    i miss the old lindsay
    not this freak who took over her body

  21. Deacon Jones

    Hmmm, looks like Fish got spooked and erased the last 7 comments on here about certain…legalities….

  22. Sport

    Just die already in a dark alley somewhere. I hate this fucking skanky attention whore. DIAF.

  23. samuel ronson

    she’s like a math problem. if a train wreck leaves Bardot at 2am and staggers around for 10 minutes trying to get to a her car, how long does it take for people to take her picture and make fun of her pathetic life.

  24. Bird

    or Gawds sake….. only the rick seem to get robbed of the precious jewels that arent even their!!!! Once maybe….. twice….no way! These jewelers better wise up before they loan that type of stuff out to coke heads!!!

  25. Bird

    or Gawds sake….. only the rich seem to get robbed of the precious jewels that arent even theirs!!!! Once maybe….. twice….no way! These jewelers better wise up before they loan that type of stuff out to coke heads!!!

  26. Kurgen99

    She’s dumb enough to show up somewhere wearing the “stolen” jewels.

  27. Matthew H

    OMG! Look at her nose and chin!

    I think she’s being possessed by the spirit of Michael Jackson!

    Or at least has the same plastic surgeon….

  28. lola

    That outfit makes her look like an ass clown.

  29. Nameless

    As a business, if you are dumb enough to give this crack ho money or jewelry, you deserve to be ripped off.

  30. Sweet Plan

    Nice scam.

    Her homeowner’s insurance pays for the stolen jewels, which Lindsey stole form herself, and Lindsey pockets whatever quick cash (or kilos of coke) she got for those stolen jewels.

  31. Dustin Dawind

    Come on, give her a break. What that mother & father, what chance did this girl every have to grow up normal. I kinda feel sorry for her.

  32. Kikker

    She might as well get botox now. She is scuffing up her forehead with all those drugs

  33. LPB

    Hey Full on Porn, don’t forget the “Walker Brothers”, Blackie and Red.

  34. Randall

    Celebrity Porn, Millions of dollars in Jewelry, if I found out that that safe had a PS3 I’m going to explode…and by explode, of course I mean rub one out while uncontrollably sobbing and dropping a load onto a picture of Spencer Pratt’s skin toned beard. (what the hell is up with my obsession with Spencer Pratt’s skin toned beard?)


  35. ellie

    She’s such a rockstar

  36. chupacabra

    she’s so dried out from all the coke, do you think she needs a line and a latte just to take a shit? if so, what does she shit, because she’s obviously not eating a damn thing.

  37. Do FreeBird

    DId *anyone* mention that they would “hit that”? I’ve been coming here for quite a while and I can’t remember a time when some intrepid horn dog would volunteer to at least jam his cock down someones throat. Has anyone noticed that except for some halfhearted skank-whore sandwich volunteer, there is nothing, nobody who wants her in any way. Not even a volunteer to piss on her.

    That’s right, NOTHING! No oral, vaginal, or anal sex acts being offered. Nothing – Nobody wants to even touch her (except for Randall who I doubt actually has a penis that is capable of penetration).

    That’s how low she’s sunk in the last half of a year. She looks half dead – and the dead half is the better looking half.

  38. spicy

    hahaha i love Randal. i think i look on each post just for a bit of Randal. such outrageous posts.

  39. buttbutt

    I just love that every separate bit of skin in Picture #2 – well, all the pictures, really – is a completely different colour. It’s like looking at a terrifyingly ugly paint sample chart.

  40. Do FreeBird

    My appologies to Randall with two LL’s. (comment #34).

    I was discussing the Randal with one L (#6), but added the extra “L” by mistake.

    BTW – Randal with one L, your still a dick weed.

  41. Superbiggerevil

    I’d gladly put up with daily doses of the “Wonder Douche Twins” in exchange for the sudden and violent death of this fucking drugged out low budget cunt LiLo. Why the fuck this bitch can’t simply stagger out of a club into the awaiting grill of a taxicab, I’ll never know! YOU FUCKED UP MY DEATHPOOL FOR ’08 BITCH!!!!!

  42. Randall

    I’d llike to apologize for all the confusion. I woulld llike to make it clear that there is a huge distinction between mysellf (Randall) and Randal. Randall is a drug addicted, Woman beating, tranny lloving, skin toned beard jerking, clloset case, misogynistic, Certified NAMBLLA member who yearns to be beaten and spit on by homelless meth addicts with hanging from a lleather bellt in his clloset whille wearing llipstick and fishnets. whille Randal is more of a brunette beard fan. Again my deepest apologies for any confusion

    Randal…I mean Randall

  43. UPinYA

    She is circling the drain. It’s only a matter of time and she will be with MJ.

  44. WHOREhan sucks

    Randal – August 28, 2009 1:49 PM

    I highly doubt Lindsay would ever steal from her own house. The media and other people seem to like to jump to conclusions because of someone who has long hair on the security camera.

    Don’t think so.

    Lindsay, I hope they find the people who are trying to give you a bad name. Keep your head up girl.

    I see WHOREhan sychophantic sucks are now posting on this website. Randal, you need to open your eyes. Your girl is a drug addicted, alcoholic, sperm burping, arrogant lying kleptomaniac. She has the WORST reputation in all of hollywood; the stupid bitch not only stole another woman’s fur coat last year (and had to be forced to give it back), but she also was loaned jewelry last year by a different company & refused to give it back; she had to be forced at the threat of lawsuit to give it back. She’s a liar, she’s a thief and she arrogantly refuses to follow the law. FUCK her; she deserves to be in jail, and I suspect that’s where the whore is headed…

  45. Jamie's Uterus

    This is what addicts do, steal and buy drugs. Not so hard to believe, especially with this used up train wreck.

  46. Whippet

    I have to agree with Sweet Plan. This smells like a classic insurance scam to me.

  47. Randall

    #44 you take that back. My little LiLo will never end up in jail. we all know she will end up in German scat videos for coke money. I demand an apology, lest I be forced to masturbate furiously onto a picture of Spencer pratt’s dreamy skin toned beard. Don’t think I wont do it for a third time today. that will show you what’s what


  48. me

    Madonna looks good for 50.

  49. dacotti

    Gosh, it sure looked to me that the pillow case she was wearing out on the town the other day was the exact outfit photographed on her security cam. Put a fork in her. She’s going to do time for this one.

  50. Judge Ito

    She will go to jail for this.

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