Lindsay Lohan robbed her own house

August 27th, 2009 // 66 Comments

Check out these surveillance shots of the burglary suspects outside Lindsay Lohan’s home, and one of them looks familiar. In fact, even Lindsay knows who it is, according to her Twitter page:

that’s how i know it was not a ROBBERY. electronics weren’t taken… just things that a certain old friend knew meant a lot to me
8:57 PM Aug 25th from web

Yes, that certain old friend knew to go right for the nude pics and embarrassing legal documents, BECAUSE IT WAS YOU. Seriously, look at that first pic and tell me that’s not Lindsay Lohan. Unfortunately, the camera didn’t have infrared otherwise you’d see an abnormally high heat signature coming from the groin area, so now we’re forced to rely on old-fashioned detective work. Namely pointing directly at a picture of Lindsay robbing her own house and saying “There she is.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. debagger

    first. lame

  2. dela

    First !!

  3. she must have seen edward scissor hands and realized breaking into your own house can be profitable, especially if you have insurance!

  4. Mike

    Yeah it is her. If that damn camera could pick out red spots, we would see all those damn disgusting freckles.

  5. Flower

    Funny thing. First thing I thought when I saw this picture was “That’s Lohan, herself”. Guess it was because the cowl she has over her head is so like the picture you ran earlier of Lohan walking in SoHo. Sure looks like her to me.

  6. Mac

    My exact comment yesterday….

    “Done intentionally for publicity. Her career is in the gutter. Need to make the front page of the tabloids some how.”

    : )

  7. AKiz

    She is a complete joke!

  8. Deacon Jones

    Holy shit.


    I guarantee they match up the hand position on that fence she’s touching and dust for prints. She’s looking at federal time if they catch her.

  9. yawn

    looks like she’s desperate to have the video released.

  10. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    And to think I thought she was only known as a turd burglar

  11. Bryce

    Gingers are confusing. Shouldn’t she go to jail for filing a police report that someone broke into her house? Shouldn’t she have known there was a camera at her pad? I guess coke really is the worst drug you can take.

  12. Danklin24

    Umm these pics don’t prove shit. Peole. She had to get back to her house somehow. The pics of her and another person outside the fence look just like an actual photo released earlier.

  13. SuperflyCaroline

    lmfao!!!! I thought this at the very first glimpse of the photo. It’s Lilo unless she has a younger sister who wants so frame her…naaaah!

  14. Cash

    Hips are too wide… LiLo looks like an ethiopian, especially if she had a damn rag on her head.

    It would be really funny if it were, but no, this isn’t her.

  15. Tonawanda

    Freckles aren’t disgusting. Lindsay’s freckles may be disgusting, as an extension of her ugliness, but come on …

    FWIW, I want to see the sex tape. She may be a troll, but she’s still bangable troll if you wear six condoms and go to jail afterwards to get one of those de-lousing showers.

  16. Peter Pumpkin Eater

    @9: If this was anyone else in America, what you said would be true. She’ll spend 7 minutes in jail at most, if they even make a case against her.

  17. Dee

    She is a joke. Why she still gets any attention is beyond me. No talent, nothing to offer, slut/drug addict.

  18. Hecubus

    I think it’s disgusting how you’d accuse a young girl of fraud with so little evidence, the person on that surveilance video could easily be E.T. or Mother Theresa’s ghost out for revenge.

  19. #17

    Pft…seven minutes is asking way too much. I mean, come on! As a half-assed celebrity, you can bite and assault your girlfriend and get probation. Breaking into your own home for publicity? The judge will just laugh and say, “Heavens, Lohan, you kill me! That’s too cute! Now scooch on out of here before I spank you! Ah, well, that takes care of that. Bailiff! Any celebrity murderers today that I can at least point my finger at and use harsh language? I’m feeling extra judicial, today!”

  20. Who’s saying its her? Sherlock-fish in the name of satire?

  21. jen

    And it looks like saMANtha was with her.. How many anorexic lesbian thieves are there on one planet??

  22. ass

    But that b*tch is opening the doos wiht the key!

  23. Dee

    She just wants to release that porno to get her career back on track

  24. lola

    I think it looks like Sam or maybe her younger sister.

  25. magpie

    ah, msn got the story from you! that’s cool. i hope it’s true, cuz it would be wonderful. i want her to go to jail for something that’s really gonna piss off the court system and police.
    p.s. what’s up with that shit-eating grin? she seems to think this is the cleverest thing since lady windermere’s fan.

  26. ari gold

    International Talent Management (one of the biggest agencies in Hollywood) has a booklet that they give all of their clients. On page 16 (second paragraph from the bottom) is information on the steps to take to cause your career to implode. This EXACT example is given. LOL!!! She’s following the steps to point by point!

  27. R.I.P.Each

    Looks like Halloween decorations. Like those made in China ghosts that say Booooo-ooo-oo when you get too close to their electronic buggers.


  28. GOx42

    Dude it’s the same top she had on from your entry a couple of days ago the says “lindsey not wearing a bra” check it out

  29. true story.

    I hope you are REALLY confident about tht, because you can pretty much get the shit sued out of your over that.

    You should edit and put ‘allegedly’ in about 40 times, that should cover you. Then maybe “we take the law very seriously”

  30. Shawna

    It does look like the shirt she was wearing earlier.
    And what a coincidence, her house got robbed the morning she was wearing that white shirt too.

    I see what she did thar.

  31. kitty_kat

    Iunno. The pics are way too grainy to say definitively.

  32. joho777

    Busted. But Lindsay was never very good at planning anything (except getting her next 8-ball).

    Unfortunately, people have no interest in seeing Lindsay momentarily bumping uglies with one of the thousands of faceless nameless guys that she has picked up to screw.

    I will really be surprised if her sex tape (after she releases it) actually sells. Sorry, Linds.

  33. Paige

    I knew it!!! I watched the video and I thought it looked like her. And the shirt looks like one she was wearing in photos earlier in the week. How dumb. Its a wonder her and her father dont get along better since they are using the media to their “advantage”.

  34. this could be her best role yet and possibly not go direct to video.

  35. Clamhammer

    she’s gonna release her own sex tape and make millions. why not? kardaskank, paris, lee anderson. lots of green for some second rate scenes.

  36. amoi

    You dummies. It’s clearly Michael Jackson.

  37. Tom Peeping

    I hope she goes to jail for filing a false police report. She and her Dad are such PR whores, what’s next a Peeping Tom.

  38. Erika

    That is Sam R. and one of her posse. That’s definitely not Lindsay….that girl is way too wide to be Lindsay!! Lindsay is a toothpick. That girl need to get on the treadmill.

  39. This is some funny ass shit. Who are those apparent skaters/ wiggers in the shots? Bizarre and INTIMIDATING.
    The Rake

  40. Yawn. I called this yesterday in the LL post. Boy, her father is really scary to go along with this. Stupid south shore Long Islanders!

  41. joe m

    Criminal losers blame the victim of a crime.
    Their empty lives will always be boring.

  42. I'm the coolest

    New title for the linds drama, “As The Fuzz Bumper Turns”

  43. lilo ho

    pic#3 looks like paris hilton

  44. Shaadi

    This chick is one line snort away from really going off the deep end. What rich person robs their own place unless they want the insurance $?

    Plus, her track record with men is scary. I was looking at a list of her hookups…not good:(–and–hookups/celebrityhookups

  45. Nathiest

    Looks so much like her!! too bad she was out of the country at the time.

  46. Truth Doctor

    No way you can claim that you know who that is. Sure, it resembles her, but it also resembles pretty much any girl of her stature as well.

    Also, something looks odd with the pictures. They look a little doctored to me (I do a lot of photo work). I can’t say what it is, they just look…odd.

  47. hm

    Looks like Nicole Richie, if she wasn’t currently pregnant – and a little more mature these days

  48. Cambria

    That is so -not- the same shirt. Look at the last pic. It’s a girl in a t-shirt with another shirt over her head. Also, you can see her hair sticking out under it and it is -way- shorter than her hair is right now. Yes I know there are such things as extensions, but taking out and putting in extensions in an effort to disguise herself on this video sounds like WAY more planning than lilo is capable of.

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