Lindsay Lohan robbed her own house

Check out these surveillance shots of the burglary suspects outside Lindsay Lohan’s home, and one of them looks familiar. In fact, even Lindsay knows who it is, according to her Twitter page:

that’s how i know it was not a ROBBERY. electronics weren’t taken… just things that a certain old friend knew meant a lot to me
8:57 PM Aug 25th from web

Yes, that certain old friend knew to go right for the nude pics and embarrassing legal documents, BECAUSE IT WAS YOU. Seriously, look at that first pic and tell me that’s not Lindsay Lohan. Unfortunately, the camera didn’t have infrared otherwise you’d see an abnormally high heat signature coming from the groin area, so now we’re forced to rely on old-fashioned detective work. Namely pointing directly at a picture of Lindsay robbing her own house and saying “There she is.”

Photos: Splash News