Lindsay Lohan’s best friend stole her top secret clothing designs

January 5th, 2010 // 51 Comments

Lindsay Lohan sycophant Patrick Aufdenkamp has allegedly stolen Lindsay’s clothing designs and plans to market them as his own, according to Us Magazine:

A friend close to Lohan tells, “Patrick stole Lindsay’s sketches for her new 6126 clothing line.” WWD reported Dec. 30 that Lohan’s 6126 leggings line would be expanded to become a full clothing collection for fall 2010.
Lohan tells that Aufdenkamp has been her “best friend” since she was 16. He has frequently been photographed with the actress, and was present at many meetings related to her new fashion line.
“He is now running off trying to do his own line,” a Lohan pal says incredulously, “And telling people he’s going to fashion market week in NYC on February 18 to debut his line.”

Patrick Aufdenkamp responded to allegations just a few hours ago and looks like he’s about to become a walking reservoir of Lindsay Lohan shenanigans:

Everyone will know the truth soon enough. And I mean Everything…! En route traveling home.

Because I don’t need this shit turning into a huge debacle, I’m going to personally reimburse Lindsay for the loss of her clothing designs by giving her the $4 I have in my wallet. I know that’s roughly $20 more than the worth of her loss, but once a year my heart grows three times in size overwhelming me with the spirit of generosity.

You’re welcome.

Photos: INFdaily, Flynet

  1. rudy mcbean


  2. God of Thunder

    Ugly rotted whores being covered as news?

  3. DT

    Whats up with the pictures of Amy Winehouse?

  4. what is ....

    what is that long scar she got in picture 4? Cutting herself??
    What is wrong with her lips?
    What is wrong with her sister?
    What is wrong with that whole family???????

  5. ss

    her lips are ridiculous – and she looks old.

  6. shea

    God – what size shoe does Lindsay wear?!!!

  7. Delgo

    Her sister does too many military presses.

  8. phineas q.

    I feel bad for her little sister. Of course when you’re that young you’ll want to be like your older sister and look up to her. Lindsay will turn her into a skank.

  9. The 'AINTS Suck

    Ali is starting to look like Samantha.

  10. Mac

    I don’t like Lindsay Lohan but this dude sounds like a real scumbag.

    Google his name and look at him… he is hideous as fuck. You’d have to be real ugly or a giant slut to bang that thing.

  11. Mac


    Why are you blaming Lindsay for screwing Ali up? Maybe you haven’t noticed but their dad is constantly getting arrested and their mom goes out clubbing with them. You really think Lindsay is responsibly for screwing up Ali? If that’s the case, you can blame the parents for screwing Lindsay up first.

  12. Randal

    Damn Lindsay, your pout is deadly. No wonder everyone started to copy you, getting injections to have natural looking lips like yours but they just don’t get the same sexy results that you pull off.


  13. Captain_Insano

    Randal says:

    “Damn Lindsay, your pout is deadly. No wonder everyone started to copy you, getting injections to have natural looking lips like yours but they just don’t get the same sexy results that you pull off”.

    That was the best laugh I’ve had so far in this young new year. Thanks!

  14. pimp

    ali looks like she fell outta the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down…get on some drugs to have a fucking excuse at least…

  15. Rough: shooting from the lip

    Dina? I think Ali in need of a tune up for a saggy one! get one similar to Lilo’s…Maybe thatll get a smile on her face…

  16. Freddo

    Hang on…is this guy’s name pronounced like ‘often camp’? Sounds like a butt bandit.

    p.s. Ali’s got a pretty fine body, but Lindsay will always be my girl.

    p.p.s. Randal: You’re the funniest dude on this site, you should replace the Fish.

  17. Fas(c)h(ion)ist(a)

    Freddo– Ali looks like a dude. You are obviously gay.

  18. blah

    No you stole my idea for leggings.. LEGGINGS! and bikinis worn as shirts, damn you DAMN YOU!

  19. Freddo

    Well I was talking about the body. I agree that the face is pretty hideous, but if you think that’s what a dude’s body looks like, then you are all kinds of fucked up.

    p.s. Did you really take the time to type that dumb-ass name?

  20. Fas(c)h(ion)ist(a)

    Freddo blows Randal

  21. Angie

    What exactly is screwed up about Ali? Nothing. She’s been hanging out with Lindsay for a year, traveling with her to Hawaii, Paris, Singapore and spending most of her time in LA with Lindsay. Has anyone seen her drunk? Has anyone seen her smoking? Has anyone seen her doing anything inappropriate with a man? Any loud arguments or confrontations anywhere? Look at her skin, see any evidence of cutting? She was knocked for wearing tons of makeup in her Living Lohan days now she wears none. She can be pretty if she wants, this is a casual environment, her hair isn’t styled and she’s wearing no makeup. This girl is shooting up in height, she’s a good 3 1/2 inches taller than Lindsay which puts her close to 5 foot 9 inches or a bit beyond. This, and being a teen, makes her look a bit awkward. Taylor Swift is 20, 5 foot 11 inches and still looks awkward. As this family goes, Dina does ridiculous things and has been a public embarrassment as has Michael as has Lindsay. Ali is the one that hasn’t so far. And I’ll take Ali with Lindsay. Dina is only interested in exploiting Ali, at least LIndsay seems to protect and promote her. She may go bad in the future, but she probably would be bad now if she was spending most of her time home with Dina.

  22. Sheena

    That Ali Lohan looks awfully cranky. Haven’t seen one pic of her in the last few days where she isn’t wearing a huge scowl. There’s nothing like a moody teenager.

  23. These celebrities have some story or the other. Lindsay’s best friend wouldn’t need to steal something.

  24. Lindsay, just go ahead and get your porn career started a couple months early.

  25. Lindsay needs to take her swollen vagina lips and pucker up and kiss Patrick’s ass now that he’s threatening to “tell all” about his life with Lindsay.

    I’m sure “The Coke Chronicles” will be a great read!

  26. Ali has a horrible body for her age. Just look at the “whole” body in the pic where she is standing beside the vehicle. That is one ugly body.

  27. She is looking gorgeous in this photo!!

  28. So what ever happened to Alis “singing” career? What a joke! Attempting to ride her sisters coat tails, with no talent and an unmarketable look. She is the equivalent to K-Fag. Hey can’t wait till she goes away like that fag thankfully did!

  29. Pootie has done Lindsay a life saving favor, cuz that’s what friends are for.

    He didn’t want her to embarrass herself by releasing those shitty clothes, so he has sacrificed all his personal dignity by calling them his own.

    Lindsay is lucky to have friends like that.

  30. Wasn’t that Patrick Aufdenkamp with them in St. Barth’s a few days ago?

  31. Please be polite as actress when walking on the road. Actress must give good sample for public.

  32. swank

    Stank x 2

  33. chupacabra

    let me just say this, those two girls are the bottom of the barrel irish trash.

  34. The Dude

    LOL @ military press comment (#7) so TRUE.

  35. joho777

    Lindsay is a cokehead and alcoholic. Of course she blabs her “top secret fashion ideas” to anyone who will buy her a drink or offer her a little blow.

    Besides, her sketches of plain black leggings aren’t really very secret, are they?

    Just more drama to get some publicity. Lindsay’s “Sell By” is long past.

  36. Gary B

    This guy stole her top secret designs such as:

    $80 ripped up and runs to all hell leggings.

    Already looks it has been slept in sleep wear.

    Jizz Stained Panties.

  37. that’s too bad, i am sorry to hear that.

  38. She is pretty old. But I like her Style. I think that everyone wants to become thief for her.

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  40. j m

    21. Angie You’re basically right about supermodel Ali.
    However she didn’t suddenly shoot up in height.
    She’s been taller than Lindsay for about 2 years.

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