Lindsay Lohan returns to fake lesbiantry

January 15th, 2009 // 86 Comments

Spotted in Beverly Hills last night, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have reconciled, but like the rest of us, they’re probably just curious to see who will eventually murder the other. In the meantime, I want to make an escargot joke, but looking at Sam I should probably go with kielbasa. Or maybe even two kielbasas, I dunno. Wikipedia won’t tell me how many wangs Man-Bats have. How’s a man supposed to educate himself, dammit?

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  1. Dear Gina and lipsmacker

    #47. I was talking about Samantha Ronson. Lindsay falls into the category, which I also refered to, of a gay person who you would not know was gay just by looking at them. Ronson falls into the category of having traits, style and preferences that are viewed as inherently male. Aslo many people believe that most people are more bi than gay or straight hence the male female look that many gay couples have and the homophobia (fear of what actually intrigues people). Lindsay is Bi so it’s no surprise that she is attracted to a manly girl who makes her feel pretty and feminie she would likely only fool around with a hot sexy girl, but not want to be in a relationshio with one who could potentially take attention away from HER.

  2. titsonsnack

    Oh listen to all the Olive Oyles lamenting over the big meanies calling her too thin. Shaddap. The biggest part of your leg shouldn’t be your knee joint. If a person was fat all their life and considered themselves “naturally fat” that wouldn’t stop you from thinking they’re too fat and need to lose some weight, so stuff your “been thin all my life and I resent that comment” up yer arse.

  3. vanessa

    anyone who thinks this walking skeleton actually looks good needs serious help. this girl is going to die soon if she doesn’t eat something.

  4. feeling sassy

    the only reason anyone says lindsay looks hot here is her giant implants. and mark my words.. those ARE implants. remember the last time she turned into skelator?? she was concave.

    and i love little miss i’m-so-skinnny-and-lindsay-only-looks-good-skinny. so she admits that lindsay’s weight is most likely unhealthy and brought on by drugs, but she likes her better that way. that’s gross. and how the hell is heather locklear built? randomly specific there, chief.

    if we’re bragging, i for one am 5’4” and a buck ten. being petite is the greatest, cuz we get to wear size 0′s while still having curves. guess you could say i look like pre-pudgy bad haircut eva longoria. so suck it, skinny bitches.

  5. Hefe

    I love those two splooge pillows on her chest.

  6. Dorian

    While I would NEVER ENDORSE CAMELTOE on any woman, myself included – Gross!! – seeing Lindsay with in these pictures with totally ‘loose crotch’ only proves the following: she’s using blow or meth again, and big time at that. I know from first hand experience.

    Luckily, I managed to clean up proper like, with the help of my family. I hope Lindsay’s family will do the right thing and acknowledge that she is obviously using drugs again and get good help for her. To make a long story short, if they don’t…well, you all know the final outcome. She’s far to young to go this way.

  7. kate

    emm, u are so sweet.. but i just found out your secret that you have joined the online club ***kisscougar. c om*** , by which you are seeking younger babies!

  8. plumkin

    This is a case of drugs & no food !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. vito

    I’m surry, but LiLo is tooooo fucking skinny. Her legs look like chopsticks.

    And Samantha Ronson is one ugly motherfucker.

    Just my humble opinion. But I’m right!

  10. bi

    #54 Hello you weigh around the same as lilo she is around 5’4″ to 5’5″ so what are you talking about? She may lie about her height on IMDb but all celebs do so you have to take an inch or two off every celeb there is a great website called celebheights that gives their exact height.

    Heather locklear is thin (I never used the word built) so my point is the women in my family are thin, it is based partailly on genetics, but we actually take care of ourselves too. Lindsay is NOT naturally thin she forces this, clearly, but that doesn’t mean every thin girl forces it. Guess what you are thin and considered almost underweight by BMI if you are saying you weigh 110. I weigh about 102-105 and wear the same size 0, we are considered thin and trust me even if you have curves ( I have a natural c cup and a butt and hips) many people who see you assume you have an eating disorder. People are obsessed with accusing others of having them see this post for evidence.

  11. Xena

    Lindsay is so fucking skinny. I remember when they 1st started being photographed together, Sam’s legs looked like toothpicks compared to hers. Now, Lindsay makes Sam look fat.

  12. ………………SHE NEEDS MONEY, sam?

  13. LICKING FO THE GOOD COUSE $$$, folks?

  14. asscrack

    skinny unattractive dudes with drug issues, yucckkkk!!!!

  15. Sara

    They both need feeding tubes!!

  16. GG1000

    Bored with her foray into lesbianism, Lohan returns to her tried and true life as an anorexic addict. Yawn.

  17. Fati

    this samantha ronson is so ugly and gross! if i were a lesbian, i’d neeeeeever do her. ew.

  18. yuki

    wow lindsey is losing weight so fast, she looks great. Her legs look so long, her body looks so good
    samantha is soo skinny look at her legs compared to skinny lindsey
    does anyone here have good weight loss secret? i need to drop some kilos

  19. karen

    skinny skinny skinny! yocky!!

  20. Érico Calixto

    Can someone please give her some food?

  21. jenn

    apparently she also got back to anorexia

  22. Doc

    2 packs of cigarettes a day and diet soda will help them maintain the anorexic look.

  23. mysticalmissc

    She was at her hottest in Mean Girls. Healthy average weight. She does not look good here at all.

  24. Rachel

    why did god give this whore such big tits, pisses me off

  25. Stoner

    They both look like they’re on drugs to me.

  26. Jackson


    Her plastic surgeon gave her big tits and ugly hard ones at that!

  27. herbiefrog

    ok… if we have tooo…

    [what ? ? ? ?

  28. herbiefrog

    apparently we “de-adopt” you

    you are free : ))

    with much love ))

  29. herbiefrog

    v clever … : )

  30. She looks great, but a little on the thin side. Looks like Samantha Ronson and LL share the same diet – maybe cocaine and Diet Coke? Let’s hope not.

  31. mindgrapes

    Celesbian (co)

  32. mindgrapes

    stick celesbian (c)

  33. Dude, Lindsay’s a meth head and Sam’s been into drugs forever. Neither of them are naturally that skinny. When you’re up for days smoking or snorting, you really don’t think about eating.

    And yeah, those tits have to be fake. She probly weighs under 100 pounds but manages to have DD breasts. Imposible! She has no fat anywhere else.

  34. As far as I can bear to read these repulsive comments, I have seen none that describe Lindsay Lohan’s creative talent for acting. She’s really good. If she were to stop hanging out with this cull of a thing, Samantha, who is out to destroy the goodness and creativeness of Lindsay, then Lindsay might live to tell about it.

  35. As far as I can bear to read these repulsive comments, I have seen none that describe Lindsay Lohan’s creative talent for acting. She’s really good. If she were to stop hanging out with this cull of a thing, Samantha, who is out to destroy the goodness and creativeness of Lindsay, then Lindsay might live to tell about it.

  36. It had its warmest and Mean Girls. Healthy average weight. He does not look good here at all.

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