Lindsay Lohan returns to fake lesbiantry

January 15th, 2009 // 86 Comments

Spotted in Beverly Hills last night, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have reconciled, but like the rest of us, they’re probably just curious to see who will eventually murder the other. In the meantime, I want to make an escargot joke, but looking at Sam I should probably go with kielbasa. Or maybe even two kielbasas, I dunno. Wikipedia won’t tell me how many wangs Man-Bats have. How’s a man supposed to educate himself, dammit?

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  1. avfreak

    First! Yeah!

  2. Subsannatrix

    Too thin. Good grief.

  3. So I see that Lohan has decided to be fat again.

    #1 – Take a screen shot and show it to your kids.

  4. Jimmy Jim

    anyone going to try to say she doesn’t have an eating disorder? anyone? c’mon its the internet, you can look like a stupid fuck and no one will ever know its you!

  5. Stone Steve

    Is it me or does any one else for see Lindsay becoming the next Tara Reid?

  6. bairn

    Very worrying – I think I sort of fancy samantha ronson, but only because I have a bit of thing for scrawny scowling teenage boys, I am so female trapped in a male body.

    Lindsey needs some FOOD! poor thing…

  7. Stoner Steve

    Is it me or does any one else for see Lindsay becoming the next Tara Reid?

  8. Angel0nline

    Anorexia has struck again!

  9. Angel0nline

    Actually If I saw them on the street I would think they were a couple of drug addicts. They are both sooooo thin and yukky looking.

  10. Fat Chicks Suck

    Lindsay looks better every time I see her. I’d say right now her weight is about perfect. Bring on more ignorant and/or fat “EATING DISORDER!!!11″ idiots.

  11. Smee

    I’m fairly certain they already made that Batman, Batman & Robin with Alicia Silverstone. Probably the worst piece of shit Batman movie ever viewed by human eyes.

  12. Glad she is back to her senses.

  13. moi

    If Samantha grew her hair out and wore girly clothes, i think she would be pretty

  14. pistola

    linsdey is super thin right now– but let’s be honest here— SHE LOOKS BEST THIS WAY.

  15. Gina

    if gay people are so into their own sex, why do some of them try to look like the opposite sex to take on the “male” role? friggin’ weird!!!

  16. joe m

    Please Lindsay,get away from ugly lesbians
    and put some meat on your borderline anorexic body.
    You’re still pretty but you could and should be beautiful.

  17. Dixie

    Lindsay is 100 percent lesbian because she is the lipstick lesbian and Sam is the butch lesbian and together they enjoy each others pussy juice yikes!

  18. testing

    I think Lindsay looks hot as hell in pick 1, but needs to cut off at least 6 inshes of that nasty hair

  19. ph7

    The coke sure is keeping her thin. Glad to see coke doesn’t shrink her beautiful cans.

  20. Sam

    “Spotted” is the perfect word for 2 bitchy lesbians.

  21. whopper jr.

    I realize she’s a “lesbian”, but I would certainly enjoy pushing and pulling my erect penis in and out of her lubricated vagina until it ejaculated some semen :)

  22. Red Yuck

    they look like they’re auditioning for Drugstore Cowboy the Musical. The paps should leave Lohan to her miserable junkie life and move on. Maybe then when the camera’s go away that will be a wake up call for her and her first step towards sobriety. The paps and myspace are really all she has left and in a sick way they’ve become her enabler.

  23. Suzie

    Thanx for sharing that whopper jr.

  24. Ummm...yeah...

    Who the fuck really gives a shit about these two skanky white trash whores??

  25. L

    ahh to lose weight & still have huge boobs…must be nice HaHa

  26. Max Planck

    Smokers suck!

  27. #21 – You’re still in high school, right?

  28. Jrz

    I gotcha! MWAH MWAH MWAH MWAH!!!!

  29. OJ's Mom

    You limp-dick fuckers would kill for a chance to fuck LL and you know it.

    Most of you jack-offs probably haven’t seen the vagina of an actual living, breathing woman in years (if ever.) You wouldn’t have sex with her not because you think she’s a skank, but because nature won’t allow you to, you disgusting douchebags. It would set evolution back thousands of years if you took your hands off your keyboard and your dick and made an attempt to have sex with anybody, let alone Lohan. Pathetic keyboard jockey’s, you make me sick.

    Useless peckers. Go die now, please.

  30. Red-Blooded Male

    #29: Let me put it this way. LL is attractive. But not all guys will gratify themselves at the expense of someone who obviously has issues. I hate to say “I feel bad for her” because that sounds (a) like I think I’m better than her and (b) that I’ve grown a vag myself. But I DO think she seems sad, and is taking the typical celeb route of trying to get as much attention as possible. Attention is like a drug.

  31. Sara

    She’s looking anorexic again. She must be back on the rocks.

  32. isitfish?isitsuper?

    I have never tried kielbasa

  33. Jrz

    Linds looks good in a burned-out, strung-out, backwoods-butch sorta way.

  34. 4673809

    Cheetah Girls bwahahahahaha.

  35. Katherine

    Goodness that girls name suits her well “SaMANtha” because that is exactly what she looks like: a coke-addicted, venereal-infested teenage boy with bad teeth.

  36. Three cheers for double-sided dildos!!!

    If you’d like to see a hilarious video about the GUY WHO GOT TRAMPLED TO DEATH AT WALMART, check it out only at Digital Funtown:

  37. Delgo

    She looks cool.

  38. ali

    they both look like skeletors.

  39. Randal

    Lindsay, you’re always looks great!

    Your golden mane cascading down your shoulders is like a river of gold being split down the middle by large hills standing before an open valley which eventually spreads open to the void below.


  40. lola richie

    Lindsay reminds me of Tails from the old Sonic games

  41. Dear Gina

    #15. It’s not that weird if you use your brain. People are raised with the male and female concept and many gay people have talents and interest that fit more into the stereotypical male or female box. People also emulate what’s around them so often one person will seems more like the male and the other will often seem more female Still many lesbians and gay men do not fit the stereotype and you would never know they were gay by looking at them (like Portia de Rossi and Neil Patrick Harris). Also gay men and women aren’t in love with themselves, if you are a girl and you like boys does liking boys mean you want to look like a boy? Um fuck no, so where is your logic. Samantha is attracted to GIRLS why would she want to look girly, do you want to look manly because you like men. It’s only weird to you because it’s not your life, but that’s what all bigotry is based on “ew they’re different” or they are inferior because they are different. Same thing happened to women, jewish people, black people, asian people, natives, hispanics, middlie eastern I could go on… if you were born into a world where the majority was gay but you just couldn’t help love men then you’d see what it;’s like at the toss of a coin you can be part of the discriminated group.

    P.S. I’m not gay and I’m married, I’m just not a bigot.

  42. gay whopper jr.

    I realize he’s a homosexual, but I would certainly enjoy pushing and pulling my erect penis in and out of Randal’s lubricated sphincter until it ejaculated some semen :)

  43. danny

    Do dykes ever make sex tapes? And do they ever “lose” them?

  44. bi

    Man her weight goes up and down more than Chloe Sevigny. I’m the same size as lilo is here and have been since puberty (the last 12 years) and my mom and grandma are heather Locklear’s size so I take offense to the fact that whenver people see a woman this size they assume she is annorexic, unless you guys are assuming it because she gets so porky and her wieght goes up and down so much. I think it might just be the drugs or she has no will power and get s in shape and then gets all pudgy again within a year. Anyway I’m sorry but she DOES look best this way, she is the kind of gal who needs to be really thin for her legs and abs to look good, when she isn’t her legs and torso are gross and bloated looking. Also her face looks nasty as hell when she weighs more, all chubby and pudgy. I just don;t understand why she goes up and down so much (weight wise) we all know she stopped going up and down when she took a one way trip to carpet muncher valley.

  45. nope

    #43. Nope only men do that, so they’d have to have a threesome with a man, an actual man not just a gollum thing that looks like a man, and that is about as likely as Lilo becoming a stable human being.

  46. wicked

    she’s coking it up again. skinny bitch.

  47. Lipsmacker


    You make no sense at all. Lindsay is a lesbian and she looks feminine and is attracted to butch looking lesbians like Sam.

  48. robert

    sam looks like a strung-out 12-year old boy in these pictures. yikes.

  49. phwoar!!!!!

    Lindsay looks like she needs some meat…

    I’ll volunteer my man meat for her to enjoy ;)

  50. I love her hair

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