Lindsay Lohan refuses to go to rehab

October 20th, 2009 // 151 Comments

With Lindsay’s probation being extended a year, friends are concerned that alcohol education classes aren’t enough and she’s refusing to check into rehab. Which isn’t surprising because I hear they don’t even serve booze there. Lame. RadarOnline reports:

A major source of ongoing angst for Lindsay is her family. “With Michael spouting off to the press, Dina pressuring Lindsay to get a restraining order against her father, it’s a situation that would drive even the most normal of people over the edge. Lindsay just can’t deal with it, and unfortunately her coping mechanism includes alcohol,” the insider tells
Michael Lohan has made public comments about seeking conservatorship of his daughter, Lindsay is going to see what action he takes if any, before filing the restraining order. “Lindsay is in a very tough place right now. The paperwork is prepared and ready to go, all she has to do is give her attorney the green light. Dina pushed Lindsay to take this action, but at the end of the day, this is a young lady that is very confused, and changes her mind at least 10 times a day,” the friend says.

Ha! Michael Lohan is seeking a conservatorship for Lindsay? That’s hilarious. Could you imagine if he actually pulled it off? He’d have a bottle of Jameson jutting out of his thorax in the first five min- okay, somebody needs to make this happen. Is there a legal fund I can donate to? Money’s no object.

Photos: WENN

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  2. bebe

    I’m lmao @ the first comment… took the words right out of my mouth!!

  3. bebe

    and lmao @ “fuck if she doesn’t look 50.” You guys are killin’ me! :):)

  4. Stef

    lol? is this her halloween outfit?

  5. 88

    Personally I think her father SHOULD take over. Does it seem like Lindsay can take care of herself? Obviously not as she looks like this.

    Her father may not be the BEST person ever, but at least he knows something is wrong. Her mother is in complete denial even saying Lindsay is “misunderstood”, rather than trying to make sure her children are healthy and happy.

    Last time I checked happy people don’t drink, do drugs and get into drunken fights with people publicly.

  6. lelelololala

    this girl come from a broken home with fucked up parents and this is the main reason why human beings fall appart ! when they realise that no one will give them the support they need because the people that are responsible for your life, doesn t give a shit anymore and are too busy with their problems hating eachother and trying to put their children by their side no matter how, no matter what ! It s devastating for children to find themselves alone in this huge world that is most likely a jungle in wich the survival is for the fittest !.. IT s so easy to mock and feel happy when someone s else s life is crumbling down, but don t be so damn happy because it might happen to you too, no one is safe from problems, madness, temptations and destiny ! wich decides wheter you ll live a happily ever after life with your love one s and all, or a terrible crash, or natural disaster will kill all your sibiling and friends and you ll find yourself all alone with a bottle of alcohol and a ounce of cocaine as your only loyal friend and family, indeed these things are going to destroy yourself but hey, why do you care, when you have no one and nothing left to care about ? Lindsay, try to get along with your demons, don t shut them up all the time with cocaine and booze coz it s destroying your image and in the end, is the only thing we all have ! and will forever be with us (unlike people)! and think that there are so much people in the world that had a WORSE kind of life than you, me, everyone, we can eat everyday, have a safe roof, we have rights, our voices are heard somehow.. Some, don t even have water, roof and human rights.. So, if you still think you re a unlucky person that must destroy herself and let everyone see how you go down… Well, girl.. you re wrong ! You re a human being, and like all of us, we deserve to have peace of mind and love ! so get up, get along with your demons, get rid of the coke and booze coz there are better friends than these 2 ; )

  7. Lola

    Do i see nipple?

  8. meme

    mmhmm id skin that and make it into a nice belt

  9. Bosco

    She looks like 90% of New Jersey housewives over the age of 50. Success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. TheRealist

    I would still fucking do her if I got the chance and all you other guys would too!
    Although she looks like 40…stil hot!
    Oh PS: A couple of girls here propably would do her too ;)

  11. dadanbetty

    that poor woman

  12. jimmy

    I don’t know about you guys, but after seeing photos I AM a little aroused …..

    i am just kidding, i’m just hoping that she would go to rehab and get well soon so we can all go back to our lives and dream about her and megan foxx making out lool

    best wishes keep smiling bitches cause life is too damn short

  13. wtf?!?

    funny thing……I left a comment yesterday (#25) saying Lindsay looked like Donatella Versace & this morning I was watching NY1 while getting ready for work & they even compared Lindsay to Don. We’re all on the same page here. hahaha

  14. norton

    If that cunt Dina or that cocksuker that calls himself a father really wanted to help this gal, they’d move her OUT of Califucknia for starters.

  15. Jesus Christ, she looks horrible. That photo gives me the shivers. Perhaps she is working on her Halloween look?


  16. in the sack

    she looks like this…

  17. nina

    lindsay is secretly a 40 year old tranny.

  18. cc

    “damn, she’s 40 already?”

    That’s next week…I know because I booked her celebratory forehead lift.

    I wonder who she is sleeping with these days or is she too stoned or drunk to even get laid anymore?

  19. Well lydsay is my future ex wife, and I still love her I want her to come home we have that recliner you wanted and Im not signing a prenup!!! Hey Phill I love the work you do even thou you think its not work. I just want you to mention our favorite group of people activists PETA= People Eating Taisty Animals. Not the protection of animals society, they suck!! And just remmebr if you arent here you’re there, and i’m here, near there, but closer than b4!

  20. ghost

    she is beyond ugly. she may in fact beyond fugly, she has moved to the category of ugly ugly

  21. What the hell happened to her lips!?

  22. Jammy

    I love her as Katherine on CSI

  23. DCMikeRotch

    She looks like she’s been making out with lawnmowers.

  24. Adam

    She’ll Overdose on drugs Soon.

  25. R_man

    Oh god! She has melanoma cleavage. I always thought that was reserved for 50 year old women in floral dresses.

  26. i call 'em as I see 'em

    #16- Hilarious!
    Hey, Fish- will you post side by side pictures of this latest Lindsay incarnation and Dina Lohan? Sadly, I’d bet cash money that Dina looks younger…

  27. Nero

    How tall is she?! Someone should start digging a grave for her.

  28. Darth

    She looks like a zombie to me.Cremation would be a better idea.

  29. Hefe

    Damn she looks absolutely hideous in these pics.

    What in the hell is going on with her face?!?!

  30. Gando

    Aren’t we tired of this attention whore!? Just let Pazuzu do his work.

  31. Galtacticus

    Did she play in Baywatch as well?!

  32. Pazuzu


  33. Genesis

    She use to be so beautiful. Why oh why did she go down the wrong path?!

  34. bitchiscrazy

    Wow, I thought she was kinda hot in those herbie movies but now its just…….eww. Her face looks like it got hit by a freight train and melanoma at the same time

  35. Murf

    Is anyone gonna be suprised when she off’s herself with coke and a good bottle of Wild Turkey?

  36. youfags

    You morons! Seriously, can’t you even imagine ONCE that maybe the god damn photographer of this picture just didn’t catch her that well here? Come on, how many pictures of you are there out there that you look like SHIT on, just because they didn’t catch you smile or right at the verge of smiling while blinking at the same time and while the wind blew your hair in all directions. Superficial blah blah folks.

  37. nady

    @42, chick’s broke, she can’t afford any fucking makeup artist

  38. Quen

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! What the fuck happened to Lindsay? She’s so GROSS now! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

  39. *Under Revas*

    I can’t decide who looks worse. Lindsay or Pam Anderson.

  40. MeMannnE


    She looks like a 47 year old chain smoker cugar who in her youth years decided to experiment with crack, on top of her many addictions.

    This is AWESOME!

  41. fffdd

    94, the problem is Lindsay… it’s not the 20 or so things she and everyone else lists. Like attracts like.. if you change yourself, shitty people will gradually move out of your life and shitty things will stop happening to you.

  42. Noez

    I use to love her up and throughout I’m utterly disgusted :[

  43. Court Ordered Rehab ~~~save a life

  44. Omyjebus

    its hard to imagine she used to be hot

  45. Poor Lindsay. :’( I REALLY hope she gets better. D’:

  46. peeltheorange

    N94 very wise

  47. lol..kind of tired of reading her..

  48. I think I’m gonna throw up, gooooood

  49. Hope

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

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