Lindsay Lohan refuses to go to rehab

October 20th, 2009 // 151 Comments

With Lindsay’s probation being extended a year, friends are concerned that alcohol education classes aren’t enough and she’s refusing to check into rehab. Which isn’t surprising because I hear they don’t even serve booze there. Lame. RadarOnline reports:

A major source of ongoing angst for Lindsay is her family. “With Michael spouting off to the press, Dina pressuring Lindsay to get a restraining order against her father, it’s a situation that would drive even the most normal of people over the edge. Lindsay just can’t deal with it, and unfortunately her coping mechanism includes alcohol,” the insider tells
Michael Lohan has made public comments about seeking conservatorship of his daughter, Lindsay is going to see what action he takes if any, before filing the restraining order. “Lindsay is in a very tough place right now. The paperwork is prepared and ready to go, all she has to do is give her attorney the green light. Dina pushed Lindsay to take this action, but at the end of the day, this is a young lady that is very confused, and changes her mind at least 10 times a day,” the friend says.

Ha! Michael Lohan is seeking a conservatorship for Lindsay? That’s hilarious. Could you imagine if he actually pulled it off? He’d have a bottle of Jameson jutting out of his thorax in the first five min- okay, somebody needs to make this happen. Is there a legal fund I can donate to? Money’s no object.

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  1. JPRichardson

    And I heard she is going to appear on Playboy next *PUKE* *PUKE AGAIN*

  2. hahahahahaha

    wow… can’t we all remember a time when she was sorta hot andyou and all your friends wanted to hit that just cuz……. now…… EW

  3. Superbiggerevil

    Here’s to LL finally seeing the light and driving over a cliff in Malibu somewhere!

  4. dude_on

    I don’t think that looking like a grandmother is going to hurt her chances at turning a trick for an 8-ball due to her celebrity status, so she’s got that going for her.

  5. Michelle

    Wow… She looks so old and unkempt… Look at her nails, she’s a some fancy shmancy Gala looking like absolute shit… yikes…

  6. Chewy

    These pic remind me of the crystal meth videos on youtube where they show people go thru stages of their life on meth ….sad but hey she did it to herself right ?

  7. Ana

    OMG @ the very last picture! i cannot believe she looks that bad, she has aged about 20 years…its sad how she threw away her career and youth ..poor girl i hope she gets some help soon !

  8. Sam

    she looks very hot!!!

  9. Heywood U. Blowme

    She should hook up with Courtney Love and make a meth sandwich.

  10. ding a ling

    0 to 60 in 2 years.. Take note.. Drinking, smoking and drugs… all together combined…… make one mess. She will end up 6 feet under if she does not get help.

  11. Mama Pinkus

    Lindsay, please…… need to do this:

    1) Dump those press-whore parents of yours
    2) Take a year off work
    3) Stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and the sun and public events
    4) Stop getting plastic surgery
    5) Find a good therapist
    6) Make some real friends

  12. i dont care

    she looks like a cougar… yes, she was wayyy hot like 4 years ago.
    and yet, id still hit that.. of course the next morning i would be like WTF?!
    but oh well. shes probly gonna OD soon anyways, what a dumbass girl

  13. GTBurns

    It makes sense for Lohan to refuse rehab, it is not like to worked for the last 1,000 times she was there.

    At Promises it was alleged, that she snuck in drugs and booze and then screwed guys in the bathroom.

  14. Jake

    @ 61; you hit the nail on the head. A swindeler and felon for a father, a self-absorbed stage mom as a mother, no-account leaches for friends; oh, and you are the sole bread-winner of the family. No wonder she acts (and now looks) like she does. She really does need help (and prayers, seriously).

  15. Clownpants

    Lindsay, you freckled fuck, stop being such a dumb cunt.

    Best Regards,
    Every person on the plant except for you.

  16. No Return

    Everything can be traced back to her pathetic, self-interested parents. What a shame. Lindsay had real potential until she wrecked herself.

  17. Ein

    Poor 60yr.

  18. Jaez

    I have a deja vu… Tara Reid… the other 0 to 60 fast forward.

  19. @ 34– Nice catch!!

  20. lola

    If she quit the cocaine her skin would look 10 years younger. This is sad, but this is the life that she wants. She has probably partied more than most of us by the age of 40. She doesn’t need my respect, she needs a job.

  21. Sardonic

    Lindsay Lohan at a museum? Get the f*ck out of here.

  22. ew her nails are so gross! she could have at least gotten a manicure before this event!!

  23. cantstandcelebs

    she looks like shes trying to be marilyn monroe before she died of a drug overdose!

  24. cantstandcelebs

    she looks like shes trying to be marilyn monroe before she died of a drug overdose!

  25. cantstandcelebs

    she looks like shes trying to be marilyn monroe before she died of a drug overdose!

  26. nina

    she’s looking like donatella versace.

  27. ex

    She’s so friggin high on ecstacy it’s crazy!!! I’m jelous!!!

  28. Annie Loves Anal

    13. No offense, but this dumb bitch did it to herself. She has already had 2 stays in rehab, and hasn’t learned her lesson? You are right on the opinion that she shouldn’t die, but I don’t think she should keep prospering under all of these enablers either. Let the bitch hit bottom and just go away for awhile, the dumbass might actually get her shit together and realize she sucks at acting, and becomes something that might actually be a contribution to society.

    Personally, I’m sick of her. NEXT!

  29. clpierced

    linds wtf is wrong with you? you used to be my idol! shits weak. i miss the old lindsay lohan. the slutttt lindsay :) still love you :)

  30. MissVi

    ohmygosh…. she looks horrible for her age!

  31. Holli

    She looks about 10x more horrific that she would if she hadn’t decided to burn her skin off. Word to the wise redheads– this is what happens when you neglect the sunscreen. Also, her makeup and hair color are absolutely terrible.

  32. Vicki Gizzle

    Donatella Versace is that you?

  33. Lil' Danny O'Lohan

    Hey Grandma! Stop with the blowing of the kisses. You’re freakin’ me out already.

  34. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    Lindzay iz zo zexy. Can you believe that zhe iz only fifty-zix?

  35. It was fine when you talked about her while she was hot….but now I don’t care anymore. Can we get a replacement?

  36. After seeing that horrid face, my penis has officially gone on strike.

  37. I see the Lohans took a lot of inspiration from the intervention episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I can see it now. Dina Lohan’s probably gonna be sipping wine out of a Diet Coke can, and poppa Lohan’s gonna try to pop a quick intervention on Ali while he’s there.

  38. Daryl G.


    Your comment has changed my life, and given me a new goal for it.

  39. Daryl G.

    It’s truly pathetic when celebrities, who only are noticed for their looks, lose those looks.

    It’s even more pathetic when this happens before it’s taken away by age.

    There should be a “common sense” department of justice regarding these types of things…

  40. coleslayer

    six years ago she was on my top ten. What the hell happened?
    Fame,drugs, etc. Damn…

  41. Lindsay is soo sexy… Looking like goddess.. Simply awesome!!!

  42. DesireeCheney

    I love the chipped black fingernail polish. It goes well with the expensive gitup. By the way… is she balding? Looks to me like someone used her face to buff the chrome on an 18 wheeler. ROUGH!

  43. Clee Clee

    Not so much Marylin Monroe, more like Dana Plato. She’s pathetic.

  44. Her problems are solveable

    I’ve hated this chick for a long time, due to her famewhoring behavior & her aggressive arrogance. After reflecting on it, he’s totally screwed, and not all due to her own actions. That’s the bad news. The good news is, her problems are solveable. She needs to:

    1) Fire her mother; she’s a lousy manager and a shitty mother.
    2) Tell her father to STFU. She should threaten suit if he doesn’t.
    3) Dump all her clingy enabling “friends”. She needs people around her who actually care about her, not what she can “do for them”.
    4) 86 her lesbian girlfriend; she doesn’t need a relationship right now.
    5) Send her 15 year old sister to SCHOOL. She desperately needs an education & needs to be away from white oprah’s desperate grasp.

    Now that she’s put her life in order, she needs to concentrate on getting healthy. She needs to:

    6) Go to rehab & dump all the drugs she’s taking (alcohol, coke, cigarettes).
    7) Start eating healthy & getting exercise.
    8) Go away from Hollywood for a year & just concentrate on getting better.
    9) Lastly, from an appearance perspective, she needs to go back to her original hair color & stay there. Also, stop with the cosmetic-procedure-of-the-day (fake tanning, collagen injections, botox, etc).

    If she can accomplish all these things, she’ll gain humility & will lose some of that aggressive arrogance she’s shown. She’ll come back in a year as a beautiful, healthy, mentally together young woman. She can then rebuild her life & career. However, if she doesn’t, chances are good she’ll be the next Anna Nicole. Time will tell…

  45. monica

    i don’t hate you, lindsay, i don’t. i just wonder why you’re skin is looking like a catcher’s mitt these days.

  46. Nat

    I’m beginning to think she’s not going to get it and this is going to be another Hollywood tragedy and not one she’s ever going to come back from. So it feels cruel at this stage to pick on her looks. She’s got bigger issues than that.

  47. illure

    “The booze will age you just like this. Take note kiddies….” It’s partially booze, but probably more to do with cocaine, and smokes.

  48. daintypeony

    I CAN’T believe ANYONE my age can look like this!!!!
    Are these pictures real??
    She looks 60 at the picture on the bottom right!

    P.S. Her lips look kinda funky too!

  49. Tiff

    So sad that both her parents don’t have her best interest at heart. They are either in it for the money or revenge. I hope she either finds someone/has someone to support her unconditionally and break away from her horrible parents…

    …looks like she really is in a Parent Trap…..

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