Lindsay Lohan refuses to go to rehab

October 20th, 2009 // 151 Comments

With Lindsay’s probation being extended a year, friends are concerned that alcohol education classes aren’t enough and she’s refusing to check into rehab. Which isn’t surprising because I hear they don’t even serve booze there. Lame. RadarOnline reports:

A major source of ongoing angst for Lindsay is her family. “With Michael spouting off to the press, Dina pressuring Lindsay to get a restraining order against her father, it’s a situation that would drive even the most normal of people over the edge. Lindsay just can’t deal with it, and unfortunately her coping mechanism includes alcohol,” the insider tells
Michael Lohan has made public comments about seeking conservatorship of his daughter, Lindsay is going to see what action he takes if any, before filing the restraining order. “Lindsay is in a very tough place right now. The paperwork is prepared and ready to go, all she has to do is give her attorney the green light. Dina pushed Lindsay to take this action, but at the end of the day, this is a young lady that is very confused, and changes her mind at least 10 times a day,” the friend says.

Ha! Michael Lohan is seeking a conservatorship for Lindsay? That’s hilarious. Could you imagine if he actually pulled it off? He’d have a bottle of Jameson jutting out of his thorax in the first five min- okay, somebody needs to make this happen. Is there a legal fund I can donate to? Money’s no object.

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  1. pigmy

    Jesus Christ what happened to her face?

  2. Randal(l)

    Was she also snorting embalming fluid


  3. abbz


  4. Ashley

    Tan setting – OOmpa Loompa Orange

  5. BringbackBabalu

    God she is so damn ugly! What happened to the old Lindsay like 3 or 4 years ago? She look’s like she aged 40 years…good god, if only someone could talk some sense into ehr, what a waste.

  6. damn, she’s 40 already?

  7. Why would she need to go to rehab? She is obviously a drug-free, healthy 48-year-old Virginia Slims chain smoker. Just look at that gorgeous mug!

  8. lizzy

    what a wreck – god i love it.

  9. Mac

    I agree with everyone. How does she look so old? I drink a couple beers everyday, am he same age or slightly older and I look nothing like that. She looks like she is 60. I look like my age… maybe younger. Jeeeze.

    Her friend that said she likes the idea of dying young and overdosing like Marilyn Monroe sounds legit. She looks to be well on her way.

    Sad to see any human being look like that when they aren’t even 25.

  10. havoc

    The booze will age you just like this. Take note kiddies….

    She looks like shit warmed over. Yuck….


  11. abbz

    dang thats a cute coat though.

  12. Mac

    “what a wreck – god i love it.”

    What a great person you are. How bad is your life to be happy about someone else’s falling apart? I make fun of a lot of people for a lot of things but being happy about someones life going down the crapper says it all about your life. That bad huh?

  13. yaksik

    she looks like aboslute shi t

  14. Sand in your vagina?

    @13: You’re on the wrong site, dude.

  15. Luis

    Holy mother of God this girl looks like leather.
    An 80 pound leathery flamingo

  16. Hello There


  17. Mac

    “@13: You’re on the wrong site, dude”

    Maybe you didn’t read what I said. I am just as superficial in judging and making fun of people. It’s a lot different to be happy about someone looking like they are going to overdose on drugs thought. Someone dying is really funny. Hahaha. Let’s all laugh that Lindsay is going to die before she turns 25. Hilarious.

    Jeffrey Dahmer. What a funny guy!

  18. wretched

    I hate to agree with the guy (since I think he’s a bit of a loon too) but he’s right. Rehab does nothing for her. At this point, it’s either a conservatorship or she goes jail. Personally, I would go for the jail!

  19. Salsa

    She looks great. Like that train accident you can’t look away from. Beauty with a sharp edge. I’d hit it right away, but tomorrow maybe not so much…

  20. me

    she looks like a cougar

  21. Mac

    Anyways… she does look like garbage. I just think it’s classless to be happy about her life going down the crapper. We will be sure to laugh when you or a family member are broke, addicted to drugs and about to die.

  22. Bobby

    As orange, wrinkly, and sloppy as she is – I’d part her long, saggy firecrotchy vagina lips and slip my wet schlong in any day.

  23. Hello There

    i love how in the pictures she’s trying to look all sultry and sexy. it’s like, you just know she honestly believes she’s hot, but everyone around her is giving her fake smiles and thinking, “what the fuck is that”

    lol lindsay is such a dumb cunt

  24. wtf?!?

    Jesus fucking Christ! Look at her! I can’t believe that she looks like that! She looks like Donatella Versace. Man, shes a year older than me…thats the crazy part. So close in age with this chick & she looks this terrible. She needs to put a restraining order on both her parents & get a therapist, quick!

  25. havoc

    The sad thing is, that she really thinks she looks good and is some kind of fashion icon.

    This chick looks so fucking beatdown, I wouldn’t give her a second look honestly…..

  26. Ash

    I’d call her fat just to see her reaction

  27. Mac

    On second thought, I hope she dies alone and in the grips of alcoholically induced psychotic agony and AIDS. I hope in her dying days she calls out silently in her head “mommy”.

  28. Oh my God! Lindsay you need raw food and yoga and to surround yourself with different people if you ever truly want to feel better again. PlanetRaw.Com PlanetRawWalnutCreek.Com.

  29. Jaysus H. Christ

    Damn…Talk about ruining oneself….She looks like an old bag. How old is she again, 22-23?? She looks about 40 at least… The sad part is, she thinks she’s hot, like an old drunk would, when in reality, she just looks a damn fool.

  30. abbz

    well which is it mac? You can’t play on both sides of the field here. either you strap on your wings and halo or you come wallow in the muck and slime with everyone else. Don’t worry. Lindsay is here too. She says hi.

  31. Anonymous

    “Coping mechanism”. You can bet I’ll be using that one in the future.

  32. Anonymous

    She’s the picture of health.

  33. Carrie

    Nip slip in picture 9.

  34. ohno

    God, she looks awful. Blonde hair on a ginger is never good. Top that off with her aged orange skin…and *shudders.*

  35. naan

    this chick gets all this collagen pumped into her lips…whats stopping her from injecting some botox into that forehead? or is this how she looks even after the help of injectables?

  36. Deacon Jones

    Who did her lip lipo?

    Dr. Sloppy McShakes?

  37. stupidass


    yeah, i’d still hit it just to say i hit it. you know, something to joke about with your close friends at parties….

    ….sort of an adventure, like eating mountain oysters or putting a shock collar to your taint, only much more gruesome, of course.

  38. arewhyan

    she looks like when they make fun of donatella versace on SNL

  39. Rupert

    Bitch looks like Sean Connery.

  40. Randal(l)

    there is no god, Lindsay’s face proves it.


  41. Chels

    I think her makeup artist hates her. =/

  42. Chels

    I think her makeup artist hates her. =/

  43. Hello There

    lol she got her lips plimped up. That’s funny when you see how she’s puckering her lips in that douche way like Megan Fox and about a million MySpace girls do. YEah Lindsay, WE KNOW you got them pumped. Now you look stupid. But it’s ok, keep puckering up like it’s cool.

  44. To

    Lohan refuses to stop looking like a MIHF.

    Fuck if she doesn’t look 50 in these pictures.

    Do we have a dead pool going on her yet? I wouldn’t bank on her reaching 30 before a booze-pills cocktail puts her in the ground.

  45. phil

    i thought gingers were supposed to stay out of the sun cause their freckles and light skin,., damn

  46. Scott

    What the hell happened to her face?? What a train wreck of a mug that is. Yikes.

  47. Fred

    wow. i can see her nipple in one of the pics. other than that…. uhh. she looks like shes 40.

  48. Fred

    ok i lied. in like 5 of the pics i can see her nip! D:

  49. Guy Incognito

    Why is Mickey Rourke wearing a gold dress?

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