Lindsay Lohan really was a burglary target. Whoops.

Turns out the supposed burglary attempt at Lindsay Lohan’s house wasn’t a false alarm after all. Police have released footage of two suspects outside her home who allegedly attempted to break in, according to People:

“While the driver stayed inside, the passenger suspect stepped out of the vehicle, walked through a gate and entered the backyard of the residence,” say police, who are seeking the public’s help in identifying the suspects.
“Investigators believed that the suspect tried to gain entry by using an unknown type tool to pry open a back window and door. After the unsuccessful attempt, the suspects drove off.”

So, I’m going to come right out and say it, that’s definitely Sam Lutfi in the surveilance photo. But if turns out it’s not, who’s to say it really isn’t it? Eh? Think about that one for a bit then try to tell I’m wrong. You can’t do it.

Photos: Splash News