Lindsay Lohan ready to leave rehab soon


Not sure if you guys remember this chick, but Lindsay Lohan’s rehab stint is just about over. Granted there’ve been rumors of her doing coke and having sex with guys in the bathroom while at the Cirque Lodge facility, close friends (that’s code for “publicist”) are saying she’s cleaned up and ready to come out. However Lindsay’s mom Dina Lohan is trying to deny Lindsay’s departure, according to the NY Daily News:

A pal tells the Daily News the tamed wild child could be out as early as this weekend but her mom, Dina Lohan, is trying to put the kibosh on that rumor.
“Access Hollywood” is reporting that show host and Dina Lohan pal Billy Bush e-mailed her asking if LiLo is indeed getting out of the Cirque Lodge rehab center in Sundance, Utah.
Mama Lohan replied: “Not true, staying in Utah.”

Lindsay really needs to get back to her career. I mean it’s going so well. Her latest movie “I Know Who Killed Me” pretty much went straight to video. That’s good, right? People get to watch it right away instead of going to the movies. How awesome is that? And her singing career is just poised to take off. Lindsay’s voice must be amazing from all those cigarettes. Nothing is more sexy then the sound of emphysema. So hot. Come on out, Lindsay, the world is your oyster!