Lindsay Lohan ready to leave rehab soon

September 27th, 2007 // 52 Comments

Not sure if you guys remember this chick, but Lindsay Lohan’s rehab stint is just about over. Granted there’ve been rumors of her doing coke and having sex with guys in the bathroom while at the Cirque Lodge facility, close friends (that’s code for “publicist”) are saying she’s cleaned up and ready to come out. However Lindsay’s mom Dina Lohan is trying to deny Lindsay’s departure, according to the NY Daily News:

A pal tells the Daily News the tamed wild child could be out as early as this weekend but her mom, Dina Lohan, is trying to put the kibosh on that rumor.
“Access Hollywood” is reporting that show host and Dina Lohan pal Billy Bush e-mailed her asking if LiLo is indeed getting out of the Cirque Lodge rehab center in Sundance, Utah.
Mama Lohan replied: “Not true, staying in Utah.”

Lindsay really needs to get back to her career. I mean it’s going so well. Her latest movie “I Know Who Killed Me” pretty much went straight to video. That’s good, right? People get to watch it right away instead of going to the movies. How awesome is that? And her singing career is just poised to take off. Lindsay’s voice must be amazing from all those cigarettes. Nothing is more sexy then the sound of emphysema. So hot. Come on out, Lindsay, the world is your oyster!


  1. booty


  2. Douche bag

    FRIST! Yeah! I rock. Hi Khaki.

  3. vernita green


  4. MrSemprini

    Lindsay Lo… Who? Never heard of her…

    Not frist!

  5. MrSemprini

    Douche, you are so not frist…

  6. MrSemprini

    Anyone seen TT lately?

  7. Nah, this one is not big enough, throw it back.

  8. havoc

    Damn, I forgot all about her.

    Christ, she got fat……


  9. I’ll give anyone 10-1 odds she’s back in rehab by December. She’s a fiend for la coca.

  10. Hemlock Queen

    Good one fish. Nothing like some hot celebrity bullsht to wake up to in the morning. My day is almost complete. Almost.

  11. Cuntyface

    Just do some porn, Linds. Come on, who wants to see her eat a dick? I bet she fucks like a baboon in a viagra factory.

  12. wedgeone

    At least she’s not Jewish.

  13. minnimeme

    I didn’t know Sky Vodka came in those spiffy plastic bottles!

  14. Hemlock Queen

    Barry, make it 5-1, no 2-1. She’s an addict going back to the cesspit that is Hollywood. Not gonna make it. Maybe she’ll just hide it better. Naaahhhh.

  15. ssdd

    Can’t wait for this UGLY filthy redheaded freckle riddled snot nose slut to get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    So she can screw the hell up AGAIN!

  16. Las Vegas

    How about odds that she’ll OD when she gets out? She’ll do a celebration binge double the size of what she was doing before she went into rehab, not realizing that after detox she can’t possibly handle it. I say 5:1 she ODs within a week. 10:1 she combines it with a sex binge. 20:1 she ODs by anal speedball.

  17. IWONKY

    I have to agree with #7 on this, NOT GOOD ENOUGH – isn’t Brit out there fuckin’ up somewhere? Find her.

  18. moocow

    Did Britney do anything yet?

  19. Riotboy

    She’ll Be Back.

  20. JP

    As a coke dealer, I must say that I and my fellow entrepeneurs look forward to her return. We are burdened with overstocks on the supply side that have driven the prices down, thereby impacting our bottom lines (no pun intended). Lindsay’s return will balance out the supply and demand, thereby eliminating our overstock issues and returning the market to it’s natural state. I expect my profits to immediately return to pre-Lindsay-rehab levels once the is back in town. Thank you, that is all.

  21. IWONKY

    Ahhh,,,try this……”Acu-poo-culas”, HAH!..effin hillrat

  22. Hill

    hey #16 I’ll take odds on that bet!! HA Poor kid, though. I hope she comes to her senses soon and realizes she needs to quit before she looks like Liza Minelli!!!

  23. IWONKY

    I get your take on this Lindsay JP,…well said. I always thought of Lindsay like she tides me over, like when the 1st chick keeps it hard for you while the 2nd one gets into position……

  24. lady-croft

    All you pathetic. Dollar falling to shit. We will own youre crapy america soon and cage you white trash. Gays and other religions will be dead.

  25. Ooba Gooba

    Hey Lady Croft:

    Where in the hell did you go to school? Or did you?

  26. lady-croft

    Please to excuse. I say “Dollar falling to shit.” I mean to say “Fucky-sucky fi’ dolla.”

  27. PunkA

    Rumor has it, she has been getting high sniffing pine up in the mountains. And has been snorting aspen root for a clean buzz.

    And lady-croft. You are no lady. Probably some fat, loser, dude who couldn;t get laid if he paid for it.

  28. TS

    #2-your moniker preceeds you

  29. TS

    I’m sorry that I’m being so compulsive about this, but being an incest victim makes me very sensitive about people who claim “first.”

  30. lady-croft

    I high on jenkem, worship Satan! I no have woman, fuck goat instead! Only like goat! I use have sheep, but sheep died. I drunk on woolite but then find goat. I in love now! Me happy! Me suck donkey dong!

  31. jacknasty

    Hasn’t she been in rehab for like 4 months? And really its not going to help, the only way to stop Lindsay’s addiction is to drive a stake through Dina’s heart, then chop off her head and burn the corpse.

  32. mabbo

    Fish, kiss my arse with your anti-smoking rhetoric. I am a proud smoker and have zero health issues. Trust me, hon, the cocaine that LaLohan blows up her nose will do more damage than a couple puffs of tobacco.

  33. BunnyButt

    Mom wants to keep LL in Utah so she stays an addict. Because the only way to tolerate living in Utah is by doing drugs and drinking.

    MrSemprini, it seems like TT hasn’t been around as much lately. Maybe s/he doesn’t love us anymore! :( Or, unlike us, maybe TT has gotten a real life. If so, yay for TT!

  34. biff

    I think a Victoria’s Secret truck overturned and TT is still sorting through the panties.

  35. Wicked Wendy

    MrSemprini….TT has been MIA for several days…..plz come back TT!! You’re one of the few who make me laugh!!!

    BB……I hope he didn’t just up and leave due to the unfuckingbelievable slowness (of posting stories) and lame ass comments we have been forced to undure as of late. I will admit in the last week or so I have been VERY close to finding my entertainment elsewhere……..

    oh btw, BB and MrS, you are both pretty entertaining to me……keep it up!

  36. Wicked Wendy

    I should’ve probably said that jrz, frist, veggi, jimbo and more are a few of my faves too……

  37. zsa

    The lack of comments pretty much says it all. There were 95 for Natalie Portman being photographed doing nothing. I’m over her. She’s used up her 15 minutes many times over, it’s time for her to go away. Just…disapear. She won’t be missed. Lindsay who?

  38. Woo hoo im preparing myself for more fire crotch shots- and drunken antics… I doubt this girl will ever truly recover.. shes a messssss. No one cares about Lindsay anymore- shes washed up- she needs to just reminise on her parent trap and herbie fully loaded days- because her career is pretty much done- as was so apparent in her newest movie… “I know who killed my career… me” I mean I know who kiled me!

  39. BunnyButt

    @34, LOL! You almost made me shoot coffee out through my nose! You made my day.

    @35, thank you, WW. I try.

  40. TS

    @29, HAHA. Actually I am sensitive to people who claim first, second, third, or people who are just plain idiots. I come to this site to be entertained and not for dumbasses to state the obvious. Then again in my comments @28, that’s exactly what I was doing so I should just shut the hell up.

    Your comment was actually entertaining, kudos. Can’t believe I just used the word kudos. I meant nice job.

  41. Wicked Wendy

    speaking of missing regulars….what about bern and his daily big boobie shots??


  42. Texas Tranny

    Haven’t seen him, or his big boob shots.

  43. CNN reported she is coming home this weekend. Get you kids off the streets.

  44. MystixXx

    wheres shit on britney, i’m sick of this idiot. wether she comes out or not, she’ll never change. she’s a coke fiend slut.

  45. Me

    you know, it’s sad, but I truly believe that she will be dead before she’s 30 because she WON’T stop her bad habits. I believe she will OD. She thinks she can do whatever she wants and there is no recourse for it. Well, she can do whatever she wants. clearly the law does not care given the joke of sentences they hand out to these celebrities, so, it’s kind of their fault as well when an actor dies from drugs. in the end though, the only one that can truly be held accountable is loho herself since she is the one who decides what goes into her body, legal or otherwise. she won’t stop. she probably hasn’t even stopped in rehab.

  46. Wicked Wendy

    BB was meant to be TT (#35)…… sorry, I must’ve exceeded much of inventory today……that’s what thinking about the railroad does to you….(…my old man interviewed with Union Pacific today…infact, still waiting for his call……)

  47. MikeyB

    It’s fun watching Lindsay take all the drug news away from Britney. Isn’t that why she exists in Hollywood? I think she secretly works for Britney’s agent and sole purpose is to snort up all the cocaine so Britney can’t get at it.

  48. em

    i’m not a fan of lohan, but i have a feeling she’s going to surprise us. then feel super special for proving us wrong. kate moss did it best – scandles happen, then she throws all that shit at us, right? her profits go up! and you know she’s not over yet! or.. is heroin chic over?

  49. ready to leave rehab? no…!! there’s no way for her to ready to leave rehab!

  50. roughdaddy

    this chick denise richards suprise me every time how skanky she is…the first time was the hooking up and marriage to charlie sheen,,,,then its all down hill from there…

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