Lindsay Lohan reacts to dad’s engagement

April 7th, 2010 // 36 Comments

Lindsay Lohan has responded to news her father is engaged to Jon Gosselin’s ex Kate Major:

“I’m gonna vomit!” she told after hearing the wedding news Tuesday. “I so didn’t need that info … Yuck!”

Interesting. I could’ve sworn her reaction would’ve been more along the lines of snorting 25 lines of coke then sifting through Samantha Ronson’s trash for clues that she still loves her. “A Stouffer’s lasagna. This proves it!”


  1. Pussy Galore

    Who really cares about this skag. I wish she would just die already.

  2. Lindsay BLOWhans whole damn family including herself is a circus. We have 10k in vegas she’s going to be the next one to go. For us it’s between her and Mischa Farten.

  3. small asian penis

    I’d like to see her get her shit together.

  4. xylus

    She is America’s sweetheart!

  5. dude

    how can you expect lindsay to be thrilled? for one thing, i bet 9/10 kids whose parents broke up had a shit time of it. and they’ll take a good long time accepting any new partner to either parent, especially one who’s known for hanging around people on the fringe of fame. so yeah even a shitty marriage is better than divorce. i’m with her. well…i wish i was with her lol..

    hey fish, AVG detected a threat on this page… is that your sponsors or are you up to some diabolical trick…lol

  6. Monkey_killing

    I wonder whats gonna be new with her tomorrow….(Jesus, they should just make a separate blog section just about her on this site).

  7. Beeotch

    Not that I am ever defending Michael, but I am sure when he heard the news you were going downtown on Sam the man, he thought Yuck too!

  8. Giorgio!

    Well her father is a fucking douchebag who uses his relationship with his own daughter as a publicity stunt. By the way Lindsay might be a mess but she is still 100 times better looking than most girls.

  9. cc

    She’s engaged to a bottle of vodka, so what does she care?

  10. Sport

    What’s funnier, is that the skanky celebFucker Kate Major probably is having the same reaction towards Lindsey. You have fallen pretty far, but how low can you go?

  11. TekMoney

    She’s been sucking on Samantha Ronson’s dick for years and THIS makes her vomit? Riiiiiiiiight.

  12. What a dumbass

    BLOWhan is a worthless drug addicted piece of trailer trash who arrogantly thinks that everyone is interested about everything she has to say. So, instead of being a normal person & keeping her opinions to herself, she instead twatters to the world her opinion on everything “because what I have to say is so important”. I wish she would just shut her big mouth & stop twattering; keep your idiotic opinions to yourself, you stupid bitch. No one is interested in hearing what you have to say about ANYTHING…

  13. CPO


    I know women in their 40′s who look younger than this silly little twit.

    She’s the poster girl for debauchery if there ever was one.

    Anyone think she’ll actually live to see the age of 30?

    How sad.

  14. herbiefrog

    he’s jus tryin to screw with you hunny…

    nice smile : )))

    let’s keep those fingers
    out of our mouth…

    /…we are not five ))

  15. Dread not

    So Lilo wasn’t thrilled to hear her Dad is marrying that barge barnacle, Kate Major? Hope this news doesn’t send Lindsay on a drunken, coke binging, cleoptmaniacal, SUV hijacking spree. Oh, wait, yeah I do!

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  17. Eli

    She was so hot just a short time ago. Oh how the tides have shifted..

  18. Lindsay needs to go away. Maybe she doesn’t have the best parents in the world, but eventually you need to accept that you’re an adult and take responsibility for your own life.

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  21. Stella

    she’s so lame

  22. captain america


  23. captain obvious

    LOL @ her ginger roots

  24. It certainly made for some cheerful pics of her.

  25. She was so hot just a short time ago. Oh how the tides have shifted..

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  27. jd

    What is happening with this chick’s face? Its bloating and melting at the same time, how much money would they have to spend on her face even if she gets a gig?

  28. hot

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  29. Way back before she became Barbies clone, she has bugged me since the moment I laid eyes on her. Not for how plain looking she naturally was but her personality is that of a dinner plate. I couldn’t tell you what Irked me about her but it is something way deep down inside her, underneath the plastic shell in the hallow depths of her soul.

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