Lindsay Lohan pulls a ‘Heigl,’ drops out of Emmy race

June 18th, 2008 // 45 Comments

Lindsay Lohan will not enter this year’s Emmy awards. She appeared on Ugly Betty briefly this season, but the LA Times reports Lindsay decided to hold off until next year’s Emmy competition when she’ll have more episodes under her belt. Also, Lindsay didn’t want to compete with Britney for the Holy Shit Did Our Show Really Need Ratings award:

Lohan didn’t submit herself for contention in the guest race because “the appearance was brief,” notes her rep Leslie Sloane. “We made a decision to wait.”
Next TV season Lohan will appear in at least six episodes of “Betty” and will get more face time than she did in her debut appearance last month. In the season finale she uttered only four lines in a scene less than a minute long as she invited Betty Suares (America Ferrera) to play dodge ball with her team.

Before everyone freaks out over these photos, Lindsay is not pregnant. But her character is in her new movie Labor Pains. Which is obviously a sci-fi flick about the first flame-retardant baby. “He survived the delivery. But can he survive love?” *cue “Under Pressure” by Queen*


  1. It's me Fuckers

    As if she’d actually win!! Lol!! She is just pulling out because she realizes that she hasn’t got a chance in HELL to win! ROFL!!

  2. mimi

    GOOD thind she dropped out!

    She CANNOT compete with Britney!

    BRITNEY ROCKS and all she did was copy-cat!

  3. mimi

    GOOD thing she dropped out!

    She CANNOT compete with Britney!

    BRITNEY ROCKS and all she did was copy-cat!

  4. dude_on

    I am disappointed. I wanted to watch her walk the carpet with her butch girlfriend.

  5. Holyfuck

    Mimi isa retard

  6. When self tanner wears off…

  7. Barak Obama

    That Security Porch Monkey behind her couldn’t outrun anyone unless fried chicken was involved.

    Is her dress sticking to her oozing cootch?

  8. p0nk

    5, yes. yes she is.

  9. Juliet

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: that angry face just isn’t working for Lindsay. Notice how her angry face brings out those deep fissures between her eyebrows? And how they seemed to disappear in pic #5 where she smiles and looks (dare I say) pretty…

  10. leslie

    I’m dropping out of the Oscar race, too.

  11. Grunion

    Now if she would just drop out of the human race we’d be all set….

  12. The Gorgeous One

    I love you Barack Obama, and its not for your mind . . .

  13. HughJorgan

    The headline would have been funnier as

    “Lindsay Lohan drops a Hiegl, pulls out of emmy race”

  14. You can get an Emmy nomination for saying less than four lines under a minute? That’s fucked up.. Where the hell is my nomination for my provocative yet nuanced performance of me flipping the bird and yelling “Stern rules!” behind that TV reporter?

  15. Rand

    she looks bad in yellow.

  16. PunkA

    Did they say Lilo pulled a keigel and actually tried to tighten up her semi-wide cooch? Good luck with that.

  17. mimi

    Dear #5. Holyfuckoff,

    Britney and I forgive you for being too stupid to appreciate us!

  18. veggi

    hahaha! Nice video Auntie!!

  19. veggi

    Oh, and WTFH is up with the animal hairdos in the so freaking hot section?? Seriously, what the fuck IS that??

  20. Dave

    Pics are worthless without tits/violence.

  21. Now those are some serious white girl legs. I’ve got to find a way to get Lindsay to stand next to me at the beach…

  22. #14 – That was hilarious. But tell me, why don’t all of our TV news and weather people look like this?

  23. tp

    Eeew, her nasty pastey white thighs make me vomit

  24. Que

    Que readyforaction!

  25. Por que no le avisan que existen unas camas solares que le pueden dar un poco de color… La verdad que no le vendría nada mal un poco de bronceado… no les parece…?

  26. whatever

    @23 – That and the rug burns/bruises she always has on the pasty white legs are pretty nasty as well.

  27. heyjeer

    Do none of these twits ever exercise? Lohan, Britney, Kardasian – they all look flabby.

  28. douche

    how many bodyguards are sporting ipods these days?

  29. firecrotch

    better to be pasty white than over tan

  30. Randal

    No matter what Lindsay touches, it turns to gold.

    Look at the press she created by just appearing “briefly” on Betty and already her name’s whispered along with the word Emmy. What’s next season going to be like when she appears for an entire episode or better yet, a season?

    Betty’s TV rating shot through the roof by such a brief appearance from Lohan, so look out next season because Betty’s going to be the #1 show on TV and every cable channel is going to be fighting for the rights to broadcast it.


  31. Boston_Freek

    Mimi can go blow a donkey. A retarded donkey. A retarded donkey with fleas and one wonky eye.

  32. Boston_Freek

    Mimi can go blow a donkey. A retarded donkey. A retarded donkey with fleas and one wonky eye.

  33. krazihotkelli

    zhe iz z0 gr0zz!!!!!

  34. techclerk


    No matter what she touches, it turns to gold? When a sitcom introduces a character to cause a spike in the ratings, that’s not gold. It is called “Jumping the Shark” Lindsay is on the show because it was going to get cancelled. Nobody wanted to watch it anymore unless they could get a freak show to make an appearance. Every show does that when nobody likes it any more.

    She only gets the scripts that every other actress turns down. She’s living on Hollywoods table scraps. Sheesh, maybe I should get some of your positive attitude and put a Ralph Nader bumper sticker on my car. Get real, you lonely loser.

  35. britney's weave

    34, chill. randal is hilarious.

    why am i seeing the golden girls when i look at lilo’s outfit? why?

  36. herbiefrog

    we refer you to uor previous answer…

  37. Lucy

    Is that what you do when you now you can’t win and don’t want to lose?
    It’s embarassing for everyoone, that we give a shit about her

  38. Lindsay’s hair is actually looking pretty good here, but does anyone else find it funny that Lindsay has auburn hair on the top of her head, then blonde in the front and on the ends? Allow me to explain this phenomenon: her hair is naturally auburn. She got a few highlights in the front, and extensions which are completely the wrong color. She either needs more highlights, or more variation in the color of her extensions. Neither of these is difficult or out of Lindsay’s reach. She spends thousands of dollars a year on her hair, shouldn’t it match?

  39. snarkymalarky

    yuk, she’s so fricken rough & nasty looking; isn’t her time up yet? I swear I see prettier girls than her all over the place….go to your local walmart, go to mcdonalds, go to the fricken city dump for cripes sake (ok, maybe not that extreme) and you will see chicks that can out-hot …Britney, Jessica Alba (you may even see her doppleganger), and especially this redheaded stepchild from hell. Bleeech

  40. spratt

    Must say the “*cue under pressure by queen*” bit is damn funny.

  41. be sure: YOU DON’T GET ONE!!

  42. el ces

    Very pretty smile on her.
    She looks good in the yellow dress too.

  43. Jackie Cha Cha

    That is the SAME DRESS Brooke wore on American Idol. Looked better on Brooke!

  44. mafme

    How long before she becomes Julianne Moore’s twin sister? How long after that will she become her older sister? Discuss.

  45. douchebag Mcgee

    I’d totally bang Lindsey Lohan, too just incase anyone was wondering.
    I think I have a fetish for chicks with VD that aren’t paris hilton or nicole richie.

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