Lindsay Lohan pulls a ‘Heigl,’ drops out of Emmy race

Lindsay Lohan will not enter this year’s Emmy awards. She appeared on Ugly Betty briefly this season, but the LA Times reports Lindsay decided to hold off until next year’s Emmy competition when she’ll have more episodes under her belt. Also, Lindsay didn’t want to compete with Britney for the Holy Shit Did Our Show Really Need Ratings award:

Lohan didn’t submit herself for contention in the guest race because “the appearance was brief,” notes her rep Leslie Sloane. “We made a decision to wait.”
Next TV season Lohan will appear in at least six episodes of “Betty” and will get more face time than she did in her debut appearance last month. In the season finale she uttered only four lines in a scene less than a minute long as she invited Betty Suares (America Ferrera) to play dodge ball with her team.

Before everyone freaks out over these photos, Lindsay is not pregnant. But her character is in her new movie Labor Pains. Which is obviously a sci-fi flick about the first flame-retardant baby. “He survived the delivery. But can he survive love?” *cue “Under Pressure” by Queen*