Lindsay Lohan posts topless pic to Twitter

Lindsay Lohan posted a topless pic on Twitter last night out of boredom. The shot’s from the set of her surprisingly non-career-ending Fornarina commercial, and for some reason she really wanted Perez Hilton and Ben Lyons to see it: – top-fornarina.OLD PHOTOS. I’m THAT bored @iambenlyons and @perezhilton
10:08 PM Jun 14th from TwitPic

I completely understand why she didn’t send this to me: A. I don’t use Twitter. And B. This is probably the most boring topless photo I’ve ever seen in my life. If doctors ever needed a quick substitute for an anesthesia, problem solved. No, really, you could saw out my kidney right now, and I wouldn’t even notice. Not counting the fact I’m drunk. (Mostly.)

Photo: Twitter