Lindsay Lohan posts topless pic to Twitter

June 16th, 2009 // 74 Comments

Lindsay Lohan posted a topless pic on Twitter last night out of boredom. The shot’s from the set of her surprisingly non-career-ending Fornarina commercial, and for some reason she really wanted Perez Hilton and Ben Lyons to see it: – top-fornarina.OLD PHOTOS. I’m THAT bored @iambenlyons and @perezhilton
10:08 PM Jun 14th from TwitPic

I completely understand why she didn’t send this to me: A. I don’t use Twitter. And B. This is probably the most boring topless photo I’ve ever seen in my life. If doctors ever needed a quick substitute for an anesthesia, problem solved. No, really, you could saw out my kidney right now, and I wouldn’t even notice. Not counting the fact I’m drunk. (Mostly.)

Photo: Twitter

  1. Hash

    First. Where’s ze titz?

  2. lt


  3. mr. t

    she isn’t dead of a drug overdose yet? Please somebody hurry up and sell her some bad junk!!!!!

  4. eric


  5. Brüno

    I’d let it hit me.

  6. mikka

    oh.. i thougth it was a new zombie flick

  7. P911GT10C

    She was great as zombie #245 in 28 Weeks Later.

    Oh, #1 & 2, you’re both losers.

  8. havoc

    I guess technically its topless, in a lame Woodstock, hippy sort of way.

    Oil them sweater puppets up and lets see them……


  9. The nostalgia… her last foray of pseudo-relevance…

  10. robert

    Where is her handbag? –er, I mean “girlfriend”

  11. ph7

    I can see why another chick would want to eat her out.

  12. Hash

    Oh, #7, quit being jealous, instead of watching crappy sequels.

  13. Jared

    BOOOOOOOORING….here, these are better

  14. misty

    The movie 28 Weeks was so creepy, I was still freaked out 28 Weeks Later.

    Wow…that was bad.

  15. misty

    So sorry….I’m bored too.

  16. Montana

    Yaaaaa… Hate to break it to you SFW, but that’s not a “topless” photo, so much as it is a “Fake hair dickey” photo. One more like this, and it’s back to triple-A to settle you down a bit…

  17. kingofbeer

    She reminds me of a coked out whore…

  18. Bilvis

    When did Iggy Pop get a twitter account?

  19. dude

    she looks great, she’s one of the few celebs i’d take on the back my bike cos the rest would wear out the suspension in minutes (brit, jessica simpson, etc). anorexia is anor-sexier hahaha

  20. misty

    @19…….That was great!

  21. Amy

    She reminds me of the MadTV parody, “Wash Me” making fun of Alanis Morrisette.

  22. Max Planck

    So who is that in the background with the facial hair…Samantha Ronson?

  23. Max Planck

    So who is that in the background with the facial hair…Samantha Ronson?

  24. Ella

    She complains about how her fans and people in general are responsible for her not having a decent career, and not taken seriously.

    So what does she do? She turns around and does stupid shit like this.

  25. Kelley

    No. 17 … she IS a coked-out whore, you bonehead.

  26. Jeremy

    I hate that look where the middle of a woman’s chest looks like the tits are clinging to dear life.

    She should do a mermaid flick.

  27. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Wow she looks like this chick I used to by crack from….

  28. Natasha

    Whatever. Is Karl Wang dead yet?

  29. dethbyrd

    dang kill this girls’ career now so she can eat.

  30. McFeely Smackup

    you moronic jackholes

    that is NOT a “topless photo” by any stretch of credulity. She is wearing a “top”, it just happens to be made of fake hair. You’d never call this level of exposure “topless” if it were cotton cloth, but because it’s fake hair you’re impressed by it?

    Look, I get it. I really do. But use some fucking brainpower in writing the headlines so you don’t look so damned stupid.

  31. CrunchPop

    Will someone please kick this stupid cunt in the head?


  32. Kelley

    Right on, No. 31 … for years she has denied a boob job … but it’s true, she has had one … fuck. They all have to lie about it. Even Posh Spice tried to deny she had a boob job … when her tits look like bolted-on orange halves, lol. Real tits don’t that that awful gap between them … they look like Audrina Patridge’s tits – also fake. Jesus, real tits really stand out these days in the sea of silicone bags !!

  33. so, so, ROUHG

    Bhahaha Ben Lyons? The worst movie critic in the western atmosphere. Lilos trading skins for good reviews; say it ain’t so Lolo…

  34. Randal

    You are so beautiful Lindsay! Love the commercial, an instant classic!


  35. so, so, ROUGH

    Damn it I’m so upset by this cruel joke I even got my own name wrong..

  36. Omg… she looks awesome…. For once she doesn’t look trashy

  37. meh!

    I’d hit it… with my car!

  38. btw Perez is the gayest man in the western hemisphere!

  39. Keanu

    western hemisphere wtf?

  40. Fish — why isn’t your headline here “Lindsay Lohan’s Most Recent Desperate Act”?

  41. NxIxCxKxMxAxNx

    this is win….

  42. Read my previous post and pay attention 39

  43. bitingontinfoil

    She twittered @perez?! LMAO

  44. F.U.

    Visible, glorious nipples are the sine qua non of any topless shot. Hence, this is not a topless shot.

  45. 1moreidiotintheworld

    get a haircut before your next “topless” photo, stupid cunt……………

  46. XX

    Hey, its Skeletor!

  47. ade

    I think she made a typo. It’s not ” i’m THAT bored” it’s “Yes, I’m THAT boring”

  48. I am glad I checked out your site. Thanks! You are so beautiful Lindsay!

  49. Hotbox

    Would someone please tell her she is not attractive in ANY way?!

  50. violet rampage

    #26–her boobs look like that ‘cuz she’s so bony. she obviously does not eat enough. doesn’t help that her boobs are so saggy, makes her look scrawnier somehow.
    at least her face looks decent in this pic. most other pics she looks either drunk or drugged out.

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