Lindsay Lohan plays with knives

June 4th, 2007 // 151 Comments

claims these photos were taken four months ago at a party right after Lindsay Lohan was released from rehab the first time. The photos show Lindsay holding a knife to a friend’s throat, as well as putting it in her mouth and running it down her breast. They’re pretty interesting, I guess, but nowhere near as shocking as the paper would have you believe. Although nobody in their right mind should let Lindsay Lohan near them with a knife. She drove her car up onto a curb and can barely walk in a straight line. She has the motor skills of a toddler. And she’s so stupid she’d probably stab you anyway, laughing the whole time while yelling, “I’m pranking you! I’m pranking you so good!”

NOTE: Turns out the super hot friend is Vanessa Minnillo.

lindsay-lohan-vanessa-minnillo-knife-02-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-vanessa-minnillo-knife-03-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-vanessa-minnillo-knife-04-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-vanessa-minnillo-knife-05-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-vanessa-minnillo-knife-06-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-vanessa-minnillo-knife-07-thumb.jpg lindsay-lohan-vanessa-minnillo-knife-01-thumb.jpg


  1. anonymous

    Do care if she is a drunk or a druggie…she is still hot as hell.

  2. Dee

    Lindsy is so disgusting. She is fricken ugly especially her millions of freckles!! GROSS!!! Nick Lachey needs to get a new woman. Vanessa is obviously a @#$#@#$!

  3. Lanee

    Now kids.. This is what drugs make you look like! Vanessa, Im soo shocked. Crackwhores..what can I say

  4. I thought Vanessa Minnillo was smarter than this.

  5. mimi_bleet

    Good GOD she looks strung out.

    How can anyone find the first picture sexy without having to crop out her head? Her eyes look so dead!

    These pictures just look stupid.

  6. Hand job


  7. Michael


  8. hahahaha

    ok, now picture the 2 of them defecating together! Toilet cam!

  9. She turned into trash.

  10. Zarlat Absilok

    These Ho’s need to be working in a pleasure house.

  11. actually...

    Here is one of Lindsey’s friends, too…

  12. diana

    ok why are people saying that girl with her is hot…you can’t even see her face, just her profile.

  13. Ces

    It looks like they were about to cut each other’s clothes off. We’re missing some pics.
    Tripped out on ecstacy and savoring the sensation of cold, sharp, metal and danger. Just a bit.
    There’s something about a knife women respond to. Erotically. These two are responding. Kudos.

  14. diane

    What a sick sight! This girl has some real serious issues! Her first issue is her psyco money hungry mom. Lindsey needs to get out of Hollywood if she wants to see 30 years old!

  15. Nikky Raney

    fucking sketchy

  16. Is it me or are these pics hot as hell ?

  17. Carol

    She’s a slut.

  18. Bee.

    Anyone else notice they’re only putting the dull side of the knife towards each other?
    Yeah, REAL hardcore.

  19. Michael

    Lindsay is one of the hottet babes in Hollyweird!!!

    ALL HOLLYWEIRD has issues, LOL.

    I been through a lot worse for a lot longer. I survived. She will too.

    I agree Lindsay needs to leave Hollyweird. Everyone needs to leave Hollyweird, LOL.

  20. tuefel hunden

    can you say white trash?

  21. ChristinaG

    THAT GIRL IS`ll see her in the next few years dead from overdose…whats new?!

  22. Lopelus

    I like how her and her friends are the unappealing kind of skanks who’s sultry faces could be confused with a disfiguringly retarded person’s.

  23. Shane Von Russell


  24. nick

    They look like a couple of sluts

  25. Ddave

    I wonder if there was any drug use involved? Priceless photos.

  26. Christina

    I’ll say it again…a total waste of flesh. She is a total LOSER!!

  27. Christina

    Nick is way too nice to hang with trash like that. As my dad always said, “If you hang with trash, you are trash!”

  28. Christina

    Nick is way too nice to hang with trash like that. As my dad always said, “If you hang with trash, you are trash!”

  29. Al Kaholic

    Stupid rich cunts with to much time on their hands. Grow the fuck up.

  30. Why! She is so stupid! What if any kid will follow her plays?

  31. cstomp

    Dude, who’s house are they in? Is that a Crock-Pot I see behind Vanessa’s head in pic #7? I wanna know who the fuck’s house is it that they’d have Lindsay Lohan and Vanessa Minillo over; they don’t look like all that swanky digs to me, if you know what I mean. Anyway, there must be a fairly interesting story to go with the knife-play pics. I refuse to believe it was just some random coke-induced shenanigans; there must be an underlying theme like “I wanna fucking kill you, Vanessa”; “No, I wanna fucking kill you, Lindsay, but since I can’t I’ll do the next best thing and run a knife down your tit.”
    Know what I mean? I mean, how often do you get coked out/wasted/both and pose for pictures with knives? There just has to be more to the story.

  32. Tony

    The first picture of Lindsay nibbling on the knife… is her thumb on backwards!?!!! sure looks like it…

  33. Who cares! The media puts so much hype into what these celebrities do on their own time and portray them to be these horrible people. They were more than likely drunk at a party and were just goofing off, the serrated edge is away from him throat. Let’s move on and leave these people alone!

  34. jenny

    Someone clean her nails…gross

  35. Ellis

    Who Cares what this coke head is doing. She is just like the rest of the stars in her little group. They all got way to much fame way to fast. Not to mention she should do her nails they look like shit. I just can’t wait to hear about her mental break down. Linds would be a great candidate for suicide she should look into it. Now that would be worth reading about.

  36. andy

    this women in cheat

  37. Jen

    Wow — she looks like a real winner to me. Amazing how many teeny-boppers still want to be just like her. I really don’t see anything admirable.

  38. carina

    De verdad que estas dos idiotas tienen problemas. Lo que es el ocio….tomarse fotos haciendo estupideces.

    Las dos son tan obvias, que lo unico que les interesa es llamar la atencion, siempre un show!

  39. Danielle

    it is vanessa manillo she confermed it today

  40. Steven

    Talk about sexy! Oh yes!

  41. RD Scott

    Crackwhore’s are crackwhores. What do you expect from 2 slutty whores? What really “impresses” me is that Paris isn’t partaking of the free publicity! What’s up with that?

  42. sweetnsnooty

    trashy sicko

  43. jennifer

    if i was as stupid as her i would shoot myself!!!!

  44. jennifer

    if i was as stupid as her i would shoot myself!!!!

  45. Azrael

    I don’t care if it was two anonymous sorority chicks going for it, girl on girl knifeplay is fuckin’ hot.

  46. scot

    Skanks with $$. Just goes to show money can’t by class.

  47. Patricia

    These are some slutty pictures! I cant believe she is no. 1 on Maxim’s top 100. Maxim needs glasses, she’s a degenerate

  48. shaka

    Well u can obviously tell these bozo’s aren’t drinking at home there are books behind them in some of the pictures. I think it’s corny and kind of irritating when people try too hard to look good or sexy. If it comes natural then be natural otherwise it comes off as conceited and makes u look self absorbed and oblivious to the fact that people aren’t envious of you they are disgusted! I bet Brittany would have at least cut a bitch!

  49. Tell me how you can’t feel sorry for this sad face?…

  50. Thatguy

    Having gone to high school with Vanessa-I’d give almost anything for a post rehab jitter here from Lohan…

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