Lindsay Lohan Picturetrail Photos

I had the toughest time trying to determine whether these photos were actually of Lindsay Lohan and her friends or not, but after painstaking hours I managed to track down other pictures of her and her friends which matched close enough to put my doubt to rest. Who ever imagined that we’d someday stumble across a Picturetrail account featuring Lindsay Lohan and her friends smoking pot in the backseat of a car?

View Lindsay Lohan’s Friend’s Picturetrail Account (thanks everybody)

*Note: The friend is circled in the picture, not Lindsay Lohan. Some people were getting confused. That makes me sad.

**Update: The Picturetrail account has so been shut down. If anybody happened to save the pictures, send them my way so that I can put them up.

***Update: And the mirror surfaces. (thanks Matt)

****Update: And another mirror because the other one’s down. (thanks Devin)