Calum Best enjoys hookers, cocaine


Turns out Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend Calum Best is every bit the winner you thought he was. Last Wednesday he was taped snorting cocaine in a London hotel room with two hookers he had hired. The Sun reports:

The TV Love Island hunk was videoed during a frenzy of drug-fuelled depravity lasting three hours. Sex toys and a cat-o’-nine-tails whip were used as he: SNORTED lines of cocaine off a glass table while the naked vice girls looked on.LICKED the Class A drug off one hooker’s body and let both women pleasure him at once — before romping with each in turn. SHOUTED at one of them to “take a f*****g line” as drugs were laid out … Then he dropped his pants as the girls — who used a rolled-up banknote to snort coke off a glass table — simultaneously pleasured him. Calum necked vodka and wine as he switched partners or romped with both. Gripped by lust he used his mobile phone to film a girl pleasuring him — just as he did with MICK JAGGER’s daughter JADE. After nearly three hours the girls asked a complaining Calum to leave — only for him to demand they should “learn some manners”.

If a love of cocaine is as good a foundation for a relationship as I think it is, then these two are destined to be together forever. Seriously though, Lindsay Lohan couldn’t pick a worse guy even if she tried. She could ask out a pirate trying to stab her and he’d make a better boyfriend.