Lindsay Lohan picks a pumpkin


Lindsay Lohan did the strangest thing I’ve ever seen her do. She picked a pumpkin for Halloween like a normal person. I think I need to lie down. Ok! Magazine reports:

The 21-year-old, who has been enjoying an extended stay at an Cirque Lodge rehab clinic in Sundance, Utah, following her arrest this summer, ventured out to a pumpkin patch in nearby Orem on Monday. “She seems happier,” one local, who has seen La Lohan out and about in the area, tells OK!. “I think a lot of people around here are really pushing for her to get better.”

So the pumpkin isn’t filled with booze or cocaine or anything? No? Lindsay just wants it for decorative purposes as is customary for the fall season? I’m freaking out here, man. I have to be in some sort of alternate dimension. Nothing makes sense anymore. Next you’ll tell me the sky is green, cows say “quack” and Paris Hilton is a nuclear physicist. Someone get me out of here!