Lindsay Lohan owes a sh-tload of money

April 19th, 2010 // 70 Comments

Seen here at Coachella with Ali because positive role models are important, Lindsay Lohan reportedly owes more than half a mil in credit card debt, according to RadarOnline:

“Lindsay owes credit cards $600,000,” a source tells of the troubled 23-year-old. “One card cut her off last week and it’s only a matter of time before all her other credit cards cut her off too.”
Lohan used to make a good chunk of change by doing club appearances, but as previously reported the invites are becoming sparse and the starlet gets only from $5,000 to $10,000 at most.

Of course some of you might be thinking, “C’mon, she’s famous. $600,000 is nothing to celebrities,” and I’d be inclined to agree with you. Except this is Lindsay Lohan so you could’ve said she owed someone $20 and I’d tell you there’s no way she’ll make that kind of money. No way.


  1. Courtyardpigeon

    Look at those lines on her forehead. She is the oldest looking 23 year old I’ve ever seen. Fair skin is an enemy to aging, but the way she lives is taking its toll.

    She still has a kicking body though, but I imagine it’s pretty sex disease riddled.

  2. Reality

    Time to sell your body Lindsay!

  3. MrV

    I hope this forces her to do porn :D

    maybe a bukake session will cure that wrinkled face.

  4. meh!

    The only porn she can be in at this point is with Max Hardcore. And I’ll pay to watch that… well… not really but nevertheless.

  5. Kourtney Kardashian sure lost a ton of weight…

  6. WhiskeyDust

    Nobody in porn would fuck that.

    Even THEY have standards to uphold.

  7. xylus

    She proves the Theory of De-evolution…

  8. elephantman

    @4 HAHAHA!!!! I would love to see her do a max hardcore film! if any of you have ever seen one of his films he is quite abusive to the women, its actually quite interesteng to watch these women get so abused and they let it happen but what ever! i’m sure he could do quite a number the Linds! dick to butt, dick to mouth, yep she’d be eating her own shit when he gets done with her. and in the end, she would love every friggin minute of it! watch out for the corn, linds!

    Oh and her lips “STUPID”!

  9. Dank

    Mmmmm that Ali is one hot piece of tran…..

    wait, she’s actually a teenage girl? GTFO!

  10. Dank

    #5 i was just thinking she looks like Khloe K here. Eww

  11. Stephen Hawking

    Virtually indistinguishable from any low track street whore in most urban locations.
    She’s had miles of men up her birth canal, a few hundred loads deposited
    on her face and she’s in debt like many crackwhores who can’t pay for their
    next rock without inhaling a stiff penis to finance the purchase.
    I guess all those movie roles are rolling in and she has to be more selective of the ones that will actually pay her cash instead of coke.
    Good luck Hohan!

  12. VD

    Ali’s breasts are smaller than they used to be.

  13. Sport

    wakeup call for all talentless whores….

  14. Lindsay again? More Britney Please!

    Spent. I’ve been saying it for a long time now but this chick is totally spent.

    Good news for her though, the drunker she gets the less she’ll be able to care about the debt.

    Anyway, blowjobs for a few credit card execs is probably the best solution at this point.

  15. Valerie

    How is it that she owes so much money from buying clothes, but has no sense of style whatsoever?

  16. Armando

    LiLo porn pays and taking it the ass pays double baby – look forward to working with ya

  17. Valentina

    I read “Lindsay Lohan OWNS money” and I thought “Huh? How did this happen?”

  18. havoc

    She should knock off a video store like Dana Plato, do lesbian porn, then croak in a trailer.

    She’ll OD in 2010 or 2011.


  19. DT

    Another day, another story on Lilo that isn’t positive. Lindsay probably doesn’t owe that much on her credit cards, there’s no real info here. Lindsay looks worn, she can smile but she doesn’t look well or particularly content. Ali has decided to go from way too much makeup and overstyled in 2008 to not trying at all in 2010. Ali, put your hair down, put on a tasteful amount of makeup, wear nice clothes, you really are much better looking than you are presenting yourself. Ali does look healthy although she’s skinny. I have no problems with her being at the festival. She’s biologically a young woman at 16. She’ll be around places that have booze and drugs, and she’s not in any trouble (that we know of). There’s music at a music festival that she’s sharing with her sister and friends. It’s been over a month since she’s hung out with Lindsay and I understand she’s in CA to work on a project with Lindsay.

  20. lololololol

    she actually looks pretty hot here. she won’t be doing porn but i’ll bet you she’ll start to turn tricks on the side for cash instead of coke from now on.

  21. bar room hero

    She looks used up…

    I’d still hit it hard though…I think this slag was out of money long ago.

  22. Deacon Jones

    Long live Max Hardcore!!

    May the authorities in Florida that sentenced him to 5 years in prison die a long, painful death!

    He will return!

  23. Cartman

    Lindsay can still make $20.

    I’d give her that for a blowjob. I have no use for any of her other diseased holes.

  24. lindsay lohan beautifull baby

  25. Since she’s not quite as non-famous as, say, Octo-Mom, she won’t get offered porn for payoff. However, you can pretty much cue someone like Elton John to come save her from financial and drug despair. Mark my word. I was right about Bombshell and her getting paid to do a show. Cattle are cattle.

  26. Crusty

    It is April 19, 2010. Lindsay Lohan is still alive. And I’ve lost my bet.

  27. Girl

    Is she a hot mess, or just a mess?? Can’t quite tell… I’m 23 yrs old too and I feel bad for her face

  28. Esoteric

    Lindsay has no body to speak of. Her breasts (real or fake) are shadows of their former selves, she has no hips at all. There isn’t a curve on her with the exception of the starving Ethiopian belly bloat she often has going.

    It really is time to put her out to pasture (read: rehab) and hope she has what it takes to turn her life around. I sadly doubt it.

  29. Stu Gavin

    Dear God the amount of sexually aggressive suggestions written in the previous comments for how Lohan should pay her debts is simply incredible, my penis has reached 4 different levels of throbbing at this point. Some of you should seriously be porn directors, you know what hot is.

  30. arealcad

    She can “escort” a few old guys for a weekend and have that bill paid up ASAP.

    Oh wait, she did try that! Except next time, she should actually get on the plane to meet the guy to get the money.

    BTW – Vivid Entertainment won’t touch her – so forget porn.

  31. Neorules2112

    On your knees again and start chuggin

  32. rex

    hate to burst your bubble, but people need to pass a STD test in order to do porn. Plus, she’s already posed in playboy, so a big paycheck centerfold is out. Unless shes going to do a porn solo act, she is left with private escorting. –and even then, they’d be paying for her semi-celebrity status, not her body or skills. someone call her agent and see how much she’s looking for…

  33. Ball Buster

    The dude in picture #9 behind LI-HO must have just gotten a wiff of that wrecked, STD infected, puss oozing, nasty roast beef looking fire snatch, because he looks like he about to pass out and puke out a kidney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. Sardonic

    Name A Lindsay Freckle Registry: $19.95 ea. x 3,000 freckles = Problem solved. I’m naming mine Samantha

  35. elephantman

    i’m going to name my next child lindsay! yea right!

  36. Fati87

    This girl’s life story is totally tragic. She went from being “a promising young starlet” to yesterday trash that no one worthy even wants to talk to. And yet, I don’t feel sorry for her in the least. Let that be a lesson to all the idiots out there – alcohol, drugs and being a whore never worked out for anyone. Keep your fucking shit together.

  37. Fati87

    I forgot to mention that I would rather gouge my eyes out than watch porn with her. She couldn’t disgust me more if she was a hobo. Makes me want to throw up even thinking of watching her naked and hving sex.

  38. cc

    Cartman @23. I see your offer and raise you 50 cents. How about Lilo?

    “Look at those lines on her forehead.”

    She must be about a liter short of fluid ALL THE TIME.

  39. cc

    She still has pretty eyes. Positive post of the day DONE!

  40. Captain Simian

    I predict Lindsay will pose in Playboy by the end of the year. She will be paid enough to pay off her credit cards and will be back in the same exact situation a year later. The spread will be airbrushed all to hell like Tara Reid’s layout.

  41. LPB

    So that development deal we heard about with (—fill-in blank—) didn’t work out? Oh, okay.

    Well, what about that deal with (—fill-in blank—) we all heard about to design some of their clothes? NO? Really?

    Well damn, what about that lawsuit she announced against (—fill-in blank—)?


  42. screwballu

    Her fingernails are brown. Gross

  43. sir elton john

    anal douche.

  44. lalala

    I love how she just has no friends and instead carries her underage (45 year old looking) sister everywhere with her. Injected lips, removed freckles, starving baby’s tummy, hair extentions and she’s still fugly.

  45. JoyLovePeace

    Make a REAL wish!

    8,888 wishes granted, after that, no more wishes will b granted..


  46. Little Lucy Loo

    Her debt is not just from clothes but probably also from cash advances for her extra prescriptions. Insurance will only cover the cost of one bottle of oxy and adderall a month, from one dr. The other doctors and her back alley pharmacists all have to be paid cash. A bottle of 90 adderall XR can run $700 bucks or so without insurance. That would last an average ADHD patient at least a month but for an abuser wouldn’t last more than a couple weeks at best. Same is true for oxycontin. Without insurance it is astronomical at the pharmacy and if you get it off the street, forget about it. You can pay $1 a milligram and a seasoned opiate addict can easily go through 240 – 320 mgs in a day of oxy. It eventually becomes cheaper to do heroin. That is the progression and for adderall one progresses to street meth or crystal.

  47. Bowchickawawa

    LiLo is looking a little Winehouse-ish in the abdomen/lower body area. She just needs some pink slippers.

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  49. Alianas Pimp


    Better start sucking Samantha Ronson’s dick again LiLo. Hopefully being a fake lesbo will start paying better for ya.

  50. Lindsay probably doesn’t owe that much on her credit cards, there’s no real info here. playwright looks worn, she can grinning but she doesn’t look well or particularly content.Lindsay has no embody to speak of. Her breasts (real or fake) are shadows of their past selves,

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