Lindsay Lohan ‘open’ to doing Vegas Peepshow

Lindsay Lohan might be doing some fancy stripping in Vegas, according to E! News:

She tells E! News exclusively that, despite reports saying otherwise, she is not interested in being a lead performer in Peepshow, the burlesque production at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino currently starring Mel B and Kelly Monaco.
But Lohan, who saw Peepshow over the weekend, says that for the right amount of money, she would be open to making a onetime appearance in the Sin City spectacle. “One show as a guest would be fun,” she says, adding that she’d do it just “for play.”

PRODUCER: Miss Lohan, we spoke to your agent and are willing to make an offer.
LINDSAY: Finally. Work!
PRODUCER: Will you accept half this can of Red Bull? It’s slightly warm-
LINDSAY: Sold! When do I take my shirt off?
PRODUCER: Well, the show isn’t until the weekend-
LINDSAY: Too late. WOO! It’s like water balloons on a broomstick, boys! WOO!
PRODUCER: We severely overpaid.
LINDSAY: Ha, I know, right? WOO!

Photos: Getty