Lindsay Lohan ‘open’ to doing Vegas Peepshow

April 21st, 2009 // 45 Comments

Lindsay Lohan might be doing some fancy stripping in Vegas, according to E! News:

She tells E! News exclusively that, despite reports saying otherwise, she is not interested in being a lead performer in Peepshow, the burlesque production at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino currently starring Mel B and Kelly Monaco.
But Lohan, who saw Peepshow over the weekend, says that for the right amount of money, she would be open to making a onetime appearance in the Sin City spectacle. “One show as a guest would be fun,” she says, adding that she’d do it just “for play.”

PRODUCER: Miss Lohan, we spoke to your agent and are willing to make an offer.
LINDSAY: Finally. Work!
PRODUCER: Will you accept half this can of Red Bull? It’s slightly warm-
LINDSAY: Sold! When do I take my shirt off?
PRODUCER: Well, the show isn’t until the weekend-
LINDSAY: Too late. WOO! It’s like water balloons on a broomstick, boys! WOO!
PRODUCER: We severely overpaid.
LINDSAY: Ha, I know, right? WOO!

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  1. Que

    Que notanticipatingthisoneatall.

  2. Peep show, hey? Well, we’ve already seen it all. I’ll pass.

  3. adrienne

    water balloons on a broomstick…


  4. Jrz

    Creepshow is more like it. Who the fuck would want to see a dancing naked cadaver with red extensions? What kind of shit show is that?

  5. ___

    Her cans are already at her belly button. She could hide a phone book under those things. What is she, 22? Terrible. Fucking disgusting.

  6. Kelley

    I’m with you, No. 5 … pretty saggy tits for a 22 year-old, Jesus.

  7. Jrz

    What the fuck is this fucking asshole smiling about?

    Man…if I was a US Marshall…….I’d knock those fucking teeth right the fuck out of his face.

  8. I dont care if her bony knee pierce my ribcage Id love to get a private exhibition…

  9. Iluv

    Nice background. Wrinkled curtains.. LOL!

  10. Sigmund Fried

    She looks completely stable to me. No apparent neuroses or psychoses there. Nosiree…

  11. It's Me Fuckers

    #8 he is in the land of the free now. American jail is a fuckin walk in the park compared to living in Somalia. He is also a celebrity with all of his pirate friends now as well. I do have to agree with you that I would love to see someone knock that fucking shit eating grin off of his face… I’d pay to see that.

  12. JRz

    #12–I’d pay to DO that.

  13. Mr. Obvious

    I never even heard of that show until now. Definitely a publicity stunt.

    She probably want some breast lift surgery before performing. Those things might fly out and hit someone in the front row.

  14. LawnGnome

    And seeing this front picture, who wouldn’t want to see her? BLECH.

  15. SoTe

    Wow.. she looks like a corpse, she is so fucked up. Yack.

  16. >ThisGuy<

    #5 yea man those are saggy as all hell. She doesn’t look healthy at all come to think of it, she looks like death.

    What can you expect from someone who parties every night, doesn’t eat, is a lesbo bisexual w/e, abuses alchohol and other substances, and is an all around junky of the good time party scene.

    Now this doesn’t stand to say that everyone who is a celeb that does this turns out the same way. But she’s been doing it for far too long and never in moderation.

  17. Anonymous

    This time next year, she’ll be considering offers from porn producers. Probably sooner.

  18. Ram Punchington

    Yay!! Zombie Strippers!!!

    Punchington Out.

  19. smarg

    It’s sad, really. Poor girl.

  20. Valerie

    I still feel sorry for her. But you guys are fucking hilarious!

  21. It won’t be long before she’s letting hombres pay five pesos a pop to watch her suck off a burro in Tiajuana…

  22. Could her boob BE any longer??

  23. Danklin24

    Water balloon on a broomstick, thats good shit fish

  24. Fat Chicks Suck

    Her tits are saggy, her freckles are out of control, and her skin is beyond pale – it’s actually a white/gray color! Imagine what she’d look like without the makeup and bronzer. Despite all of that I will say I’m at least impressed that she’s in decent shape. I don’t think she’s “too skinny” – I think she just doesn’t look very good. If she packed on 20 pounds of fat you really think she’d look good? She’d look even worse.

    I’d still fuck her just for staying skinny and having a cute enough face that I could look past the freckles for a few minutes.

  25. This is too sad!! some one please help her.

  26. Jesus

    I would still pay to see her strip everything off. She’s already hit rock bottom..

  27. @22 I’d pay to see that.

  28. salawhite

    Recently I found a hot club — S e e k i n g t a l l . c o m — just for sexy tall gals and guys to find their cupid. Come on, tall singles. Don’t miss your love.

  29. mikeock

    That dress has potential nip slip written all over it.

  30. Swirlie

    Holy fucking shit, those knees & legs look like Granny’s.

    All the fucking, smoking, drinking, pill-popping, cock-sucking, carpet-munching and coke-sniffing have fucked this bitch up forever. No turning back, she’s fucked.

    Hideous, wrinkled, saggy and freckled is no way to go through life. Sadly, the first 3 were under her control.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…… all her money and she’s a shriveled, fried corpse…. what a fucking disaster.

  31. Kels

    Next up: BangBus. It’s pretty much all that’s left

  32. Arthur Higgenbotton

    I’d like to be the penis in that sandwich, if you know what I mean! *wink wink* Eh guys?

  33. joho777

    This is completely a publicity stunt (the press release, I mean). Lindsay doesn’t have the figure for stripping or being in a topless show.

    And she dances like a cow on ice. Remember her on the stage of Lily Allen’s concert??

    This has to be just another desperate PR move by Lindsay.

  34. JPRichardson

    Someone should tell her that in order to represent a stripper, you need to have the body of a stripper.

  35. notfunny

    its causes shes gone up and down in weight so many times that her breasts are all weird…when she was 18…chubbier (or normal weight for those of us who dont give a shit) they were right up there with the rest of her

  36. RaraAvis

    Holy crap, is this a recent picture? She’s a walking corpse with dead eyes. I feel a teeny tiny bit sorry for her…oops, it’s gone. N’er mind.

  37. This because even no american is dumb enough to give her the financial support she needs to continue her lifestyle, folks!!

  38. joho777

    “For the fun of it”, huh? Lindsay would jump at a chance to wink her browneye at a Las Vegas audience “for the fun of it.”

    As long as she got paid in blow plus 55 gal drums of her favorite clay-colored makeup.

    Girl looks like she is very close to the end of her warranty.

  39. OMG!

    She looks like Von Skeletor!

  40. Darth

    A girl gotta make a buck!

  41. Sauron

    I’m looking in this crystal globe. . . To see if there’s any future. . .

  42. n

    well look she’s hangin’ out with Mel B…her career has gotta be on the rise now, right?

  43. Ella

    Instead of joining “acts” such as this, why doesn’t she step back from the limelight and educate herself. Get a degree in college and make something of herself. She’s obviously not welcome in Hollywood much anymore, and the other route may be more life fulfilling.

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