Lindsay Lohan on ‘Ugly Betty’ season finale

Lindsay Lohan finally makes her first big career move since leaving rehab and will appear on the season finale of Ugly Betty as a “down-on-her-luck high school pal of Betty,” according to Us Magazine:

She was so excited to shoot, a source tells Us, “Lindsay arrived on set 45 minutes early.” Adds the source, “Lindsay and America [Ferrera] really hit it off!”
Her rep tells Us the actress will also appear in multiple episodes of the ABC hit.

To be honest, I really couldn’t care less about this news. I just wanted an excuse to post pics of Lindsay’s yams at some event. I have no idea what it is, but I’d bet money it’s the Annual Horse and Boob Show. And, yes, for the record, I did just refer to the female breast as a starchy tuber. I bet you guys read this site and swear it’s written by Shakespeare. Ha ha! Nope. However, his ghost does float above my desk and cries every time I write a sentence. Aww, on the keyboard, Shakespeare? C’mon!

Photos: Splash News