Lindsay Lohan not posing for Playboy

Lindsay Lohan had reportedly been asked to pose nude for Playboy and recreate Marilyn Monroe’s swimming scene from Something’s Gotta Give. But Dina Lohan set the record straight with Us Magazine:

“That [offer] never happened,” she tells “That would be a no.”

Yeah, because the first round of shots of Lindsay as Marilyn turned out so awesome. Let’s do that again but with the class and style of a Playboy photo shoot. Actually, I’m serious about that. Those guys are airbrush masters. Maybe, for once, I can see Lindsay Lohan naked and say “Yippee!” instead of being bored to tears by her breasts. I mean, that’s just sacrilege. Right, Pope? Pope? Hey, man, put down the Guitar Hero and commit yourself to this joke. Don’t you point that hat at me. Oh, that’s real cute. You bless people with that finger?

Photo: Getty Images