Lindsay Lohan NOT looking like a 40-year-old meth addict

March 1st, 2010 // 66 Comments

Here’s Lindsay Lohan at the Roberto Cavalli Fashion Show in Milan yesterday where she surprisingly didn’t look like she’s been fellating truck drivers since ’89. Which is good considering she’s only invited to these things so old rich dudes can bid on an American actress in a secret underground auction.

Or they just play connect-the-dots with her freckles. I’ve honestly stopped trying to figure out Europeans.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Taz

    I’d stick it in her

  2. jbolbgfr

    shes pretty

  3. y3n0

    Is the drawstring optional for her Glad or Hefty dress?

  4. Oz

    she should use some more mustard, that bleach is not good for the skin!!

  5. y3n0

    Nice Glad bag dress

  6. Rough rage

    “fellating truck drivers”

    I think Fish just call my Lilo a Lot Lizard….

  7. Gerald_Tarrant

    I think she looks great. It is good that she can still find something to laugh and smile about. With parents like she has I am truly surprised she hasn’t pulled a Michael Blosil yet.

  8. AnonymousError

    She looks better than she has in a while. I like her dress, and for the record I’ve never seen a silver glad bag, dumbass.

  9. Sport

    nice wedding band – wishful thinking.
    You will die young with hepatitis…

  10. terry

    She is looking good…probably toning up so Sam will take notice and make her “the bitch girl” again

  11. Vito

    She’s not even showing her tits. What a waste of bandwidth!

  12. Kathleen

    Puhhhlease make a turn around!

  13. wtf

    The lighting in that place must be INCREDIBLE! Her dress is pretty hideous, too.

  14. salsa

    She looks gorgeous.

    I’d HIT IT!

  15. jt

    she looks great!

  16. this random guy

    I think she’s looking pretty tasty.

  17. B

    “play connect-the-dots with her freckles.”

    …that’s when you tie her to the bed and get out the Sharpie, right? Or is it a Sharpei?

    Seriously though, I’d connect the heck out of those dots. Oh yeah.

  18. Jenny

    The new writer fails hard at being witty or funny

  19. Pete

    Much better, apart from the receding hairline and the bottom half of that dress. How soon til she’s crying outside a club or posting embarrasing tweets at 2am.

  20. arealcad

    $20k gets me 1 hour w/Lindsey or $35k for 1 hour w/Rachel Bilson.

    I can’t decide.

  21. Matthew

    please she still a z-list celeberty

  22. pimp

    let the pink freckled asshole eating begin!

  23. It would be nice if the cunt would show us her cunt.

  24. Anonymous

    She is seriously unattractive.

  25. Da Trooooooof Hertzz

    I don’t get it. This is her looking good?

  26. Giorgio!

    She looks really good here but she looked better in the other dress from before the Cavalli show.

  27. BeeTee

    I looked at these pics and my brain said “Hey she doesn’t look to…..” then all of the sudden my dick reached up and bitch slapped me and said “What you talkin bout Willis?”

  28. Randal

    Lindsay “Stunning” Lohan is out on the prowl again and looking in tip top shape, as always. With her hair tied back, it brings out her angelic facial features which only become even more illuminated by her playful young and hip smile.

    Keep sparkling girl because you’re a true star!


  29. Pathfinder

    Damn, She looks good in these pics. Something about those freckles is a major turn-on. Needless to say – I’d drill her like and oil-derrick.

  30. hateyoufornoreason

    WTF?? She still looks like absolute shit. Just because her nasty, greasy extensions are pulled into a nasty greasy bun doesn’t mean she looks one iota better. What is wrong with you people? Loooowwwww standards, I guess.

  31. Lindsay looks really good. The dress is made for her. It’s Perfect!

  32. Butternut

    Nice chipped nail polish, greasy hair, uneven tan, and cellulite.

    How do you even get tan lines like that on your legs?

  33. I hope she fails and starts doing porn. LET US SEE YOUR PUSSY!

  34. Thunda Downunda

    What’s with the scar on her wrist in pic 7?

  35. hotgirl123

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  36. j m

    Beautiful,busy,wealthy Lindsay travels to dozens of foreign countries,
    meets other powerful,important people at meetings and parties
    while also doing humanitarian work.
    The losers sit in their lonely rooms and hate her and deny their jealousy.

  37. sborrainboc

    Fuck it!


  38. Rasputins Liver


    “Lindsay Lohan NOT looking like a 40-year-old meth addict”


    True. She’s only looking like a mere 39 1/2 year old meth addict.


  39. TheTruth

    OH!!!! I GOT A BONER!!!

  40. Ian

    She’s doesn’t look bad here (ducks behind desk). Yeah she’s looked better, but given her recent history, she’s looking pretty good. She does need to tone her legs and she has really sad eyes. I’d love to see the Lindsay of “Mean Girs” back, not to sound like “super gay” Randal.

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  43. It’s actually kind of nice to see her smiling. She does like good, though that garbage bag dress is probably full of used condoms.

  44. KumaTenshi

    I’m pretty sure only meth addicts would be wearing a garbage bag with fake shiny hold ups.

    But yeah, at least she doesn’t look 40 years old here….more like a 35 year old.

  45. Blech

    Atta girl!

    Lindsay, you look healthier. Keep up the great work!

  46. Lindsay, from the head to (right above) the knees, looks great! I have to give it to her.

  47. terri

    i think she looks the best she has looked for sometime but i don’t like the outfit.

  48. captain america


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