Lindsay Lohan no longer exists

April 12th, 2010 // 62 Comments

Things Lindsay Lohan is Known For *UPDATED*

Alcohol Abuse
Sucking Penis
Mean Girls


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  1. Que

    Que mean.

  2. dnasty


    is there a mean girls ds game? :D

  3. msa

    who cares. Second!

  4. This bitch is two crack hits away from from skid row. thevapid

  5. bohokitty

    I kinda feel srry 4 her, after all mean girls is classic and now there aren’t gonna use her image from back when she looked good??

  6. xylus

    Don’t worry… I’m sure she’ll file a nuisance lawsuit over this horrendous slight. Where’s Gloria Allred?

  7. JoJo

    I love watching train wrecks!

  8. goodjob

    Looks like you managed to close the strikethrough tag this time! Great success!

  9. Hahahahaha, nice

  10. Valerie

    Fuckin’ A, she looks like a homeless person…minus the shoes and makeup.

  11. titicaca

    It’s a shame. Mean Girls’ Lohan was as hot as it got… She had A LOT of potential… almost looked like a young Carmen Electra. But I guess she wanted to turn her career and prepare herself to play Skeletor in the next He-Man movie…

  12. No Biggie

    No big deal – she never was a real “Mean Girl” in the movie anyway. The other 3 were. I wouldn’t look too deep into it.

  13. Trashtickler

    You had me real excited for about ten seconds

  14. VD

    I thought you meant she was dead.

  15. abby

    Yeah, that’s kind of bullshit. Regardless of what she is dealing with now, she should still be acknowledged for her previous work… But if I were Lindsey I wouldn’t care because no one is going to buy this game anyway.

  16. Boogeyman King Dong

    Damn! The meanest of them all is lacking!

  17. justifiable

    Oh, like she should care, when she’s got “I Know Who Killed Me” to her credit. Wait. What?

  18. Rhialto

    Things like alcohol and drug abuse are sensitive subjects in the Far East.

  19. uberpiano

    All she has to do to get back to her Mean Girls self (besides gain a few lbs) is get rid of the ridiculous orange tan and take that black shit out of her hair. She is a natural beauty but absolutely ruins herself with all this fake crap. YOU ARE MEANT TO BE A PALE-SKINNED REDHEAD. ANYTHING ELSE LOOKS RETARDED.

  20. skeet skeet

    You know it’s over when the Herbie Fully Loaded game comes out later and it’s just Herbie.

  21. Angel

    They probably were worrried about her suing them if they use her pic. I am guessing she would not authorize it with out some megabucks for her precious star endorsement. Anyhow who would buy it for their kids if she was on the cover? Not me!!

  22. kj

    mean girls is NOT a c lassic, bohokitty. take a film class.

  23. Why does your articles always have such filthy language in them?

    Your mag constantly trashes Lohen, Spears, etc…… but yet what about the trashy language you spew out on this site?

    Who is really the worst here?

    You aren’t unaccountable, my friend, just a lit’l fyi.

  24. ing

    @ 21 – BINGO!!

  25. Posttache

    Wtf is nintendo ds?!

  26. ing

    P.S. – wtf do you do in Mean Girls the game????????

  27. abaccah

    All you who seem to get off on talking smack about other people, celebs or not, should be (“should” be) ashamed of yourselves.

    People have issues in their lives – not a fan of this celeb but she is a human being, for God’s sake. Anyone of you thought about praying for her to get help, or recover?

    I highly doubt it.

    satan has you people right where he wants you it seems.

  28. eatme

    lmao. this is almost as bad as being left out of happy feet 2. break out the pills Lindsay :(

  29. TekMoney

    Haha, now this is funny! ^_^

  30. Uhhhhh. also munching carpet, she was with that mutt Ronson too.

  31. squarehead

    if they had put her in jail for “having drugs on her person” like
    they would of done to you or me. they just might have saved her life.
    letting her get away with that- just started the clock ticking to
    her death.. can you hear it??? TIC TOCK>>>>TIC TOCK>>>>

  32. Satan

    #27 What I now have is YOU in my sites, abaccah. By repeatedly coming to a gossip site to gloat over rumors about other people’s lives you’ve soiled yourself irredeemably. But by pretending you have pure motives for being here and then trying to make yourself feel superior to everyone else, your sin of pride has condemned you further.

    See you in Hell.

    #23 That goes for you, too, alittlebird – you are also darned to heck. Better?

  33. squarehead

    if they had put her in jail for drugs. they might have saved her life.
    I know if it had been a “person of color” they would of built a jail on
    top of that person’s head, just to make sure they went. now look at her.
    all they did was give her time to kill herself….

  34. Nate

    At the time all those girls where unknowns. At the time Lindsay was smart enough and powerful enough to not sign away her imaging rights unlike those girls.

    Of course now we now see it wasn’t a smart move at all. Poor Lindsay.

  35. Gail

    I have prayed for poor little rich, young, lovely, spoiled rotten Lindsay Lohan thank you very much. She needs at least one asshole out here pulling for her. What grinds my garters more than anything though is you mainstream Christians who climb up on those 300 storey high, mega ton horses of yours and point your gold plated fingers at the rest of us. What about the part where we are NOT SUPPOSED TO JUDGE? Remember that part you sanctimonious shit? (I holler as I sit here judging you…)

  36. nebula

    But did she EVER stand a chance really, after being raised by her so-called MOTHER?

  37. dude

    who cares, it’s is a video game–which no one will play. laugh all you want at lindsay but she’s outlasting all your pathetic doomy predictions. the less of you interested in her the better my chances of nailin her anyway lol, and yuh, i would happily tear the fuck out of that thang!

  38. What kind of video game is Mean Girls anyway? sounds lame

  39. Now get her off the cover of “The Parent Trap” remake.

  40. bohokitty

    @ kj. I have thank you. I love classic movies. I’ll rephrase that, what I meant was as far as mindless teenage flicks/Lohan’s film career goes it’s classic. Meaning for what I consider a mindless genre and a mediocre actress who @ one point showed potential it’s one of the better things she contributed to. That is my opinion. Did I say her performance was comparable to Monroe in The Misfits, Nicholson in Easy Rider, or Crawford in Mildred Pierce? I don’t think so. You misunderstood my meaning. You seriously don’t have anything to say about this other then to knock my comment? Lol.

  41. PostmortemG

    “You know it’s over when the Herbie Fully Loaded game comes out later and it’s just Herbie.”

    Damn. That being said, I´m going back to the recent Heidi Montag post to look at her beautiful butt again.

    “the less of you interested in her the better my chances of nailin her anyway lol, and yuh, i would happily tear the fuck out of that thang!”

    You, sir, are a very isolated person.

  42. PostmortemG

    One Last Thought: The brunette on the right was *ALWAYS* hot. =D

  43. jason

    I jacked off to Lindsay the way she looked in Mean Girls many, many times. Wish she had that same body now. Oh, well, I can always watch the movie again. Maybe I’ll jack off to The Parent Trap for old time’s sake.

  44. cc

    “You know it’s over when the Herbie Fully Loaded game comes out later and it’s just Herbie.”


    Some of the challenges:
    - rolling down the window in time to puke
    - hiding the coke before you pull over the police
    - driving in a straight line and giving a hand job at the same time

  45. Nick

    Its like Back to the Future!!!!

  46. joho777

    Well, they wouldn’t have wanted to use Lindsay’s current likeness. Her bloated face, dirty hair, and bad skin wouldn’t have gone well with the nice complexions of the other three.

    I imagine that now her fans are going to explain that Lindsay is too much a star and too classy to appear on the “Mean Girls” box.

    Or too drunk.

  47. Dn

    Lindsay Lohan no longer exists?! Oh, contraire, mon fraire! She snorts, therefore she is!

  48. stanlymorris

    Lohan… This is definitely something to commit suicide over…. hint hint

  49. trudye

    One could only hope Ms. Lohan would actually go away. Far far away. She has absolutely nothing to offer seems like. I feel very sorry for her, but addiction is ugly, and it just gets worse.

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