Lindsay Lohan never texted dad in the hospital

Seen here getting turned away at Trousdale because the other customers have to drink, too, Lindsay Lohan informed Gossip Cop she never texted her dad while he was in the hospital:

After reading the Radar story, we contacted Lindsay to apologize for being the ones to first break the news of her dad’s hospitalization to her, but that we saw she reached out to him.
Not so fast.
Lindsay, whose personal life and conversations have become public because her dad secretly recorded phone calls with her and her mother, actually did NOT contact her father.
In response to our mentioning the Radar “exclusive,” Lindsay told Gossip Cop she “didn’t” contact Michael Lohan at all.

I’m mostly posting this to remind everyone Michael Lohan will say a duck’s a cow if it’ll get his name in the press. Which also explains why his daughter is currently being shunned from society to protect our precious liquor reserves. Now tell me somebody’s posting tanks outside convenience stores because anything less and we’re just jerking each other off and calling it a magic show. (I don’t know military talk.)