Lindsay Lohan never texted dad in the hospital

March 19th, 2010 // 38 Comments

Seen here getting turned away at Trousdale because the other customers have to drink, too, Lindsay Lohan informed Gossip Cop she never texted her dad while he was in the hospital:

After reading the Radar story, we contacted Lindsay to apologize for being the ones to first break the news of her dad’s hospitalization to her, but that we saw she reached out to him.
Not so fast.
Lindsay, whose personal life and conversations have become public because her dad secretly recorded phone calls with her and her mother, actually did NOT contact her father.
In response to our mentioning the Radar “exclusive,” Lindsay told Gossip Cop she “didn’t” contact Michael Lohan at all.

I’m mostly posting this to remind everyone Michael Lohan will say a duck’s a cow if it’ll get his name in the press. Which also explains why his daughter is currently being shunned from society to protect our precious liquor reserves. Now tell me somebody’s posting tanks outside convenience stores because anything less and we’re just jerking each other off and calling it a magic show. (I don’t know military talk.)


  1. Randal

    Regardless of what the tabloids have to write about you Lindsay, it’s still tough to know a loving parental unit is in the hospital. In case you do find the time to stop in and read The FISH, know our thoughts are with you.

    You have very kissable lips by the way!


  2. snarkyscreenname

    The return of Randal…or maybe the better timing of Randal cuz I have been missing his posts lately. You make me laugh, Randal. Thank you.

  3. bribios

    She actually looks doable in that main pic. It’s like the good old days.

  4. The Laughing G-D


  5. Ego

    Hmm .. she looks pretty annoyed at those lips.

  6. j m

    She’s still as gorgeous as ever.

  7. markonius maximus

    Still gorgeous? I think not.

    I actually thought this was Regan from the “Exorcist”

    We need a young priest and a young priest here ASAP!

  8. RaraAvis

    Holy crap, look at the breakage in her hair. She really needs to leave it alone for a while.

    I’m actually starting to feel a little sorry for her. Oh, wait, never mind – it’s gone. She’s back to being an ignorant self-indulgent waste of clean air.

  9. captain america

    …….her mouth looks like a VAGINA.

  10. Ain't nothing wrong with a little Rough pride

    Who are “The American people” do not want this health care bill; these jackasses keep referring too. Where are they, I want to see what they look like…

  11. joho777

    The only problem with this article (that Lindsay Lohan did or didn’t say this or that) is that Lindsay LIES all the time.

    She lies about really obvious things that anyone can see are lies, she lies when it will make serious problems for her downstream, and when the truth would be much better.

    So when you all jump on, “but Lindsay says it didn’t happen,” remember that you can’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth.

    Lindsay is right up with Tila Tequila with making up stories to make herself look better.

  12. el ces

    Hey, she looks good. Young.

  13. Doc Schweinstrudel

    at 12: wow an intelligent American at the horizon.

  14. Lindsay should go to the hospital and kick Michael in the vagina.

    @ 9 – She’s got chutzpah and moxie!

  15. Lauren

    okay.. so she does some stupid shit, but HELL- Someone shoot that ‘dad’ of hers. Did you notice when he made the statement about contacting her, he dropped HER name specifically & referred to the others as ‘my other kids’.. media whore.

    He is a waste of a human being.

  16. guest

    her stupid father should go first, waste of internet space. this child will be next, she is just out of control, she looks horrible for such a young girl.

  17. Very very beautiful and prity lives but very very cute is all body

  18. Hhhhhiiiiiiiii everyone, I just want to say again what kissable lips Linds has – the ones around her sphinkter, of course! She’s had her stinkstar injected with collagen!
    The rest of her is ravishing, but her poop chute is to die for! I hear there are aged dingleberries down that have a high cocaine content and are laden with smegma…YUMMM. Some of it belonging to daddy. Keep your head up, you hot babe. Don’t worry that your ass hair is your best feature now…we love you for it!


  19. Michelle

    Eww is that herpes on her lip? Gross

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  21. I don’t know why the media is giving so much attention and coverage to the Lindsay Lohan in different issues and spoiling her fame. Everybody have personal life and media should not interfere in anybody’s personal life.

  22. cc

    You know Lindsay, if you painted your nails at least you might not look like you woke up in used clothing donation box.

    I love the look on her face ‘There’s no booze left, seriously?’

  23. herbiefrog

    hey babe…

    you look beautiful without all that makeup : )

    they protect themselves
    by turning inwards
    sad sad people
    yjey know
    who is
    acknowledge ? )

  24. Video of Lindsay Lohan topless at the Post-Oscar party

  25. Who are “The American people” do not want this health care bill; these jackasses keep referring too. Where are they, I want to see what they look like…

  26. Holy crap, look at the breakage in her hair. She really needs to leave it alone for a while.

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  30. Lindsay actually looks pretty. You don’t have to say Lindsay Lohan remember, we all know her as Lindsay!

  31. Still beautiful? I think not. Personally, I thought of was Regan from The Exorcist" We need a young priest and a young priest here soon!

  32. why did u say this steven?

  33. she looks not bad.

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