Lindsay Lohan needs to learn how to drive

Lindsay Lohan got into her second car crash in six months and was taken to hospital after she hit a van in Los Angeles.

Eyewitness Victoria Recano, a reporter for US television show Insider, saw the crash and its immediate aftermath. She said: “I was just walking down the street when her Mercedes-Benz sped north… and I guess… hit a red van head-on,” she told CBS 2 television. Ms Recano added that the actress and her passenger ran from her car and into a nearby antique shop. “I don’t believe they were fleeing the scene, I think they were hiding from paparazzi who hang out in this area,” she said,

To be fair to Lindsay though, it is pretty difficult to drive while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. I’m not implying that she’s always on drugs and alcohol or anything, but she’s definitely always on drugs and alcohol. 100% of the time. Always. That’s how you know she’s cool.