Lindsay Lohan might lose birthday sponsors

May 31st, 2007 // 76 Comments

Lindsay Lohan checking into the Promises rehab facility could cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorships for her upcoming 21st birthday party. Svedka vodka has already backed out, and now other prospective partners (including Caesars Palace, the Social House restaurant at Treasure Island, and Pure nightclub) are considering backing out too because of stricter underage drinking rules in Vegas. An insider tells Gatecrasher:

“Rules are much stricter in Vegas than in New York or L.A. because we have casino gaming [licenses]. When Ashlee Simpson did her 21st at Pure, they had to keep her on the red carpet literally until 12:01 a.m. on the day of her birthday.”

Lindsay’s currently in a 30-day rehab program which will discharge her less than a week before her two-day birthday party in Vegas. It’d be like Rosie O’Donnell fasting for a month and then being let loose in a buffet. Or a farm. Or an elementary school. Basically anywhere she can find something to fit into her mouth.


  1. Tom Brady

    Jesus, wedgeone, that’s a lot of worked up energy and cattiness about some celebrity girl. The idea is to meet a celebrity, fuck her, and then toss her aside for the next one. Do you know any straight guys?

  2. RawJustice

    Her chins are bloated.

  3. wedgeone

    Nice Tom, but aren’t you supposed to knock the celebrity girl up before you toss her aside?

  4. Josh Lavarn

    She has more chins than a Chinese phone book.

  5. captain obvious

    Oh poor baby, boohoo. Your 21st bdy is gonna suck. I really think all these bars and restaurants that are serving alcohol and letting all these young celebrities drink & do drugs in the VIP rooms, turning a blind eye to all they do, need to start getting some repurcussions for their actions. Thats total bs. It sounds like Lindsay might be the one to really spur that into action. Guess she won’t be very welcome into clubs anymore, haha. Although I suppose once she’s 21 they won’t care. Ah, once her careers completly in the shitter they will.

  6. techclerk

    Is there any chance we could break Mark David Chapman out of Attica and fly him out to Vegas during this 2 day birthday party?

    Will no one rid us of this pathetic junkie?

  7. thiz bitch is so full of
    drugz & alcohol…

    U could throw a lit match
    on her and she would blow..

    good thing she party=d so
    hearty before that B=day..

    a real lozer to be drying
    out on your 21st. B=day!

  8. imran karim

    who could have guessed she wasn’t 21 yet

    imran karim

  9. Hollywood Agent

    She’ll never work in this town again.

  10. Annie M.

    The Rosie O’donnell comment is priceless.

  11. since you won’t STFU
    about Rozie, then fuck
    you Elizabeth…

    U R so stepford, I’ll
    juzt bet when your husbandz
    dick getz hard, you auto=matically
    say: pleaze sir, may I blow U….
    pleaze buttfuck me az much az many
    timez az U want….

    and whoever said that she waz gonna
    have the real anti=christ iz for sure
    on to something there…..

    ok, uz “Great Satan”, Elizabeth……
    Great Satanz (yez girl) with no brainz..
    people, check the back of that babiez
    head for those three 666z when itz born.

    and juzt for the record: THAT SHOW IS


  12. markus9128

    2 words: birthday sponsors
    hello? why doesn’t someone MY birthday? oh, i know- i’m not rich. :-I

  13. techclerk

    If Lohan has any sense at all she should cancel her birthday party and stay home.

  14. fartmonger

    Christ, looking at that pictures makes me want to pour 100 qualudes and a 5th of whiskey down her throat to put her out of her misery. Skank ass-monkey!

  15. Demo

    Damn! I feel hung over just by looking at her picture.

  16. trolaay

    whore…couldn’t belive i idolized her before..

    she’s wasting the shit out of her

  17. sdf

    lohan sucks big deal

  18. Svenny Bo Benny

    I was just wondering if anyone else noticed that Lindsay Lohan is Fugly!!!! The girl is a nasty ugly thing. “Her womb is so polluted that she can’t even carry a baby.”

  19. Susan

    This girl is just a mess. It fame worth it? Her parents should be ashamed of themselves. Money ain’t shit when your life is a total mess. She’s really pathetic. I agree totally with #26. Sue

  20. Susan

    The people who are going to sponsor Lohan’s party should back out. Where are there brains? She’s nothing but trouble. An accident waiting to happen. Back out now so you won’t regret it later. She’s not worth it. Sue

  21. meh

    oh puhlease.. kept her on the red carpet until 12:01 am..

    are we seriously supposed to believe that this b!tch has never partied or gotten drunk in a vegas night club EVER?

  22. Ces

    I…it looks like she’s having a bad dream.

  23. Tell me how you can’t feel sorry for this sad face?…

  24. hahah linds!

  25. patty

    hahah linds!

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