Lindsay Lohan might lose birthday sponsors

May 31st, 2007 // 76 Comments

Lindsay Lohan checking into the Promises rehab facility could cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorships for her upcoming 21st birthday party. Svedka vodka has already backed out, and now other prospective partners (including Caesars Palace, the Social House restaurant at Treasure Island, and Pure nightclub) are considering backing out too because of stricter underage drinking rules in Vegas. An insider tells Gatecrasher:

“Rules are much stricter in Vegas than in New York or L.A. because we have casino gaming [licenses]. When Ashlee Simpson did her 21st at Pure, they had to keep her on the red carpet literally until 12:01 a.m. on the day of her birthday.”

Lindsay’s currently in a 30-day rehab program which will discharge her less than a week before her two-day birthday party in Vegas. It’d be like Rosie O’Donnell fasting for a month and then being let loose in a buffet. Or a farm. Or an elementary school. Basically anywhere she can find something to fit into her mouth.


  1. Jimmycroni


  2. elle

    DAMN YOU jimmycroni DAMN YOU TO close. so close.
    linsay looks like rosie o’donnell there

  3. elle

    lindsay rather

  4. Easy come, easy go.

  5. Amy

    doesn’t she make like 8 million dollars a movie? why can’t she pay for her own fucking party

  6. 30 days isn't enough

    If Lindsay actually gave a shit about REALLY getting sober (as if)- She’d pull out of her own birthday bash.

    Hanging out in night clubs doesn’t help one “recover”. There is an old AA saying-
    If you hang out in a barbershop long enough, you’ll eventually get a haircut.

    Many people have been complaining about how much press these jackass “stars” have been getting while important issues get ignored. I, for one (aside from enjoying good gossip) think it’s great that these dolts get their plastered faces plastered on every front page because they can no longer hide behind the “it’s all a lie” card. Maybe some of their young/teenage fans who idolize them so much will finally see that they’re nothing but bratty, rich, drunken addicts.

  7. i wish svedka would sponser my 21st…oh wait, thats a looooong time gone.

  8. The Superfish guy is on coke

    Why do all you clowns get worked up into a tizzy over being the first to comment? Your attention starved whores who are just as pathetic as the celebrities we make fun of.

    Now to the matter at hand.

    This picture will never get old for me. She looks EXACTLY like she’s coming off a 3 day coke bender. Classic.

  9. She ought to get ms-13 to sponsor her party, they’d provide the cocaine and there’d be a lot of hot little mexican guys for Lindsay and her friends to screw. Maybe they can teach Lindsay how to perform a donkey show.

  10. Bugman4045

    Valtrex and Trojan are still lined up to sponsor her 21st birthday.

  11. jenster

    omg, this is what this bitch is worried about? how about the fact that her innerds have turned to mush, due her spending her days and nights inhaling colmbian baby powder

  12. 30 days off, 7,962 days on. Works for me.

  13. skyhydragonfly

    I hope she has the party and drinks herself stupid (not that she’s intelligent now). I hope she keeps going the way she is because then we will not have to look at her nastiness for years in hollywood. this bitch doesn’t even deserve to get paid $8 mil for movies. She can’t act and I don’t know why hollywood is even still bothering with her.

  14. skyhydragonfly

    #9, calm yourself. it’s all meaningless fun…sheesh!

  15. robo

    why the fuck bring Rosie in to this? your ideas and humor have DRIED UP

  16. Pootsy Bleep

    sixteen minus fivteen equals FIRST !!!!

  17. e-roc

    In the spirit of a Las Vegas 21st birthday, what’s the over/under on the birthday girl ODing before midnight?

  18. Lohan needs to loze everything, then maybe
    she’ll learn to appreciate her life, but
    then again, maybe she’ll kill herself,hopefully.

    yea, leave Rosie outta it or I will ram
    stupid elizabeth shit down your throat,

  19. CandyAss

    @14 — Excellent boobs on your blog today, Bern! Those aren’t even disturbing. Just massive and awesome.

  20. Pope Benedict (call me Eggy)

    It’d be like Rosie O’Donnell fasting for a month and then being let loose in an elementary school for girls. Because at Lindsay’s party there will be lots of binges and fingerbanging.

  21. BlohansDeviatedSeptum


  22. magickal

    She seriously looks like the anna Nicole morgue corpse picture from the enquirer in these pics…with the blue lips and all. All joking aside, because making fun of a trainwreck is fun and all, but with those fucked up parents and all the yes-men (and women) in her life enabling her, it’s no wonder she’s not dead already.

  23. Jimmycroni

    Hey, that was my first FIRST ever.

  24. lawboyut

    Why would anyone want to sponsor Blohan’s 21st? And a vodka company wanting to be associated with a 2-time Rehab drunk/coke whore? That’s just classy. Would be like Union Pacific wanting to sponsor a train wreck.

    Next thing you know Hilton Hotels are gonna sponsor the California Prison System, and call them Club Paris. Orange jumper included.

  25. The Warden

    Do not buy or drink Svedka Vodka. Any company dumb enough to sponsor crack head Hohan’s shouldn’t get your hard earned dollars.

  26. Caitlin

    wah. poor fucking spoiled baby.
    It’s her own fucking fault. my heart BLEEDS for her

  27. Ugh, I hope she leaves the hotel before morning on her one night stands, because even though Jude Law is a tool he doesn’t deserve to wake up to THAT.

  28. The Warden

    I figured it out…Svedka Vodka wants to become the Vodka of choice for SLutty Crack Whore Skanks and who better to be the face of their vodka than the #1 crackwhore skank slut Lindsay Hohan! I still say boycott them.

  29. No, no, no. DO continue the Rosie cracks. They make my tummy tickle.
    As for Lohan/Hohan/Blohan…someone needs to get all 2000′s on her ass and sprinkle anthrax in her cocaine.

    That’d tickle my tummy as well.

  30. Mark Fuhrman

    She should invite a bunch of black people and then see if KFC and MD 20/20 will sponsor the party.

  31. elle

    dunno if my last comment to #9 posted so i’m re-posting.

    #9 for your information i have never EVER done that ‘first’ thing before. i just felt like referencing it as no one else had commented yet. i could give two shits about being first. if you had a ounce of humour you might notice an element of irony in the way i wrote my comment. you need some fucking anger management or something. you’re more pathetic than lindsay lohan yourself.

  32. elle

    and while i’m replying – how does being first get you any attention anyway even if you want it? god you’re thick

  33. elle

    FIRST! to write while getting my period…

  34. elle

    #35 very funny

    but it IS annoying when people freak out on this site for no reason like #9. unless #9 is you…

  35. lambman

    They didn’t cancel the party yet? I smell an Oscar for Lohan this year, the academy loves parties (especially post-rehab parties) what do you guys think?

  36. steveiscool

    lilo should have a 21st birthday like any other drunken sorority slut – beer pong with PBR, red plastic cups, mardi gras beads, rounding out the night with some projectile vomiting and a call to EMT. that’s if she really wanted to do it up right.

  37. I can’t wait to see the disaster that is this birthday party.

    I’ll bet she ends up like Britney, puking in the men’s room, lying on the toilet bowl.

  38. Josh Lavarn

    She rightly deserves these curses after starring in Prairie Home Companion.

  39. Josh_Lavarn

    Is she passed out in Herbie by chance? She’s Fully Loaded with heroin.

  40. Kamiki

    @9 – what an ass its all a laugh, being FRIST is just fun, sheesh what we have to behave all growed up on here now. I was really pleased to get FRIST only once but it put a smile on my otherwise crap day. Now get a grip toolface.

  41. It´s not heroin, it´s cocaine.

    What kind of rehab program would give you a break to go drink your ass off?

    This is B.S.!!!!!!

  42. Kamiki

    oh I cannot believe this whore is only 20 still she could easily pass for thirty something. I hope she dies of OD before her birthday oh and #9 don’t take that tooo serious OK!

  43. Webster's

    no no no – when going for a terminal put-down slam, always use “poopyhead” not “toolface.”

  44. #9. you´re just jealous you didn´t make it FRIST!!!


    I´m kidding. Idiot.

  45. WowJustWow

    Hope they arrange her in her coffin just like that pic. Sweatshirt, 30days sober necklace and all. Ya and put some powder around her nostrils..

  46. Kamiki

    @#45 I’ll try to remember poopyface its definitely more juvenile and playground than toolface – good call ;)

  47. wedgeone

    #27 – Read the article above: “Svedka vodka has already backed out”

    The best part about her “passed out photos” are that the color of her hand really brings out the fake orange tan of her face!

    Not to mention
    1) Linsday’s Dad is now saying that she’s also addicted to OxyCotin (so technically she should be dead after having mixed that with alcohol), and
    2) The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control want to know if Lohan or others were served after videos show Lohan leaving Hollywood’s Les Deux club at 3:30 a.m. the night of her car crash.

    A whole bunch of people are going down over this bitch. After the way “Georgia Rule” bombed, LiLo would be lucky to get $8K to make a movie. Maybe if it were a gang bang film with all orifii filled….

    Here, Linds, a huge plate of justice being served to ya!

  48. Blah, Blah, Blah. Wake me when she’s dead.

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