Lindsay Lohan might be pregnant

A number of readers have mailed in saying that Lindsay Lohan might be pregnant, as a friend visited her early this morning bringing an overnight bag which had a pregnancy test in it.

A friend of Lindsay Lohan returns to Mount Sinai Medical Center with some shopping including a Pregnancy Test. The woman left the hospital in the early hours of Wednesday with Lindsay Lohan’s limo driver. She returned to the Emergency Department at 1:30 am with several overnight bags and food shopping including a Pregnancy test, Playing cards, mouthwash, Coke, and a box of Cocoa Puffs. The friend declined to comment on Lindsay’s condition.

First of all, that doesn’t look like a woman handing Lindsay Lohan – or the blurry object pretending to be Lindsay Lohan – the bag. Second of all, why would she request a pregnancy test at the hospital, during the middle of huge news coverage over her asthma attack and admission of cocaine/bulimia. There’s too much here that doesn’t add up. Then again, I did fail second grade math and Linday Lohan is a loose whore.

Thanks to everybody who sent this in.

UPDATE: Images removed at the request of the owner.