Lindsay Lohan might be getting engaged

August 31st, 2006 // 58 Comments



  1. scrooge

    My mother always said an ass squeeze is just as good as a diamond ring.

  2. PeptoBismolPrincess

    Looks more like a wedgie to me..which is much more classy.

  3. nwork

    The marriage may only last a week, but the herpes will live on forever.

    Certainly someone with that kind of wealth can’t be that dumb. Unless he already has herpes.

  4. Carvinho

    Next time, perhaps he can grab her throat and squeeze really hard. For a long time. Would that count as domestic abuse or community service?

  5. Good, I hope she gets married, let’s herself go…. oh wait…she already has…

  6. ElatedPornStar

    My God, he’s squeezing like it’s going outta style! Bless him well children, for his hand will soon meet the same fate as his penis. Soon it will become a pathetic mass of ash and charred flesh, much to the atrocious design of the infamous Firecrotch.

  7. I see this lasting a week, or until Lindsay “accidentally” falls on some other guys cock

  8. OOH, he needs to just hack that hand off. He’ll never get rid of the smell. Harry, anal probing is just not a nice thing to do at the mall. We all know $$$ can’t buy class, but even K-Fed knows better than to stick there fingers in someone else’s ass crack in public. Gross!

  9. Dory


  10. lol — that picture of him grabbing her ass is so platypus!

  11. hav-a-tampa

    He’s just pulling up Her Bikini Bottoms. They were sliding off Her Skinny Ass there so wore (whore)out from use.

  12. sssucks

    Only in the world of celebrities is someone thats as diseased and see-through as Lohan able to get a hot guy.

  13. pagebetty

    what is he grabbing? she has no ass. oh, he’s sticking his fingers in her a*shole.

  14. ToiletDuck

    Aww, Lindsay’s truly becoming a young lady…she now publicly fingerfucks on her first date…she has graduated from French kissing, to anal, to oral, and now this – we should all be so proud…

  15. ToiletDuck


    Listen Bets…don’t be shy – it’s not a*sshole, it’s ASSHOLE, her ASSHOLE, ASSHOLE ASSHOLE ASSHOLE ASSHOLE….Lindsay Lohan’s ASSHOLE…

    There, now don’t you feel better, I know I do…

  16. Giggles


  17. ToiletDuck

    Aww shucks, stop it…

  18. Screaming Meat Nugget

    Hey Superficial, let it go with Lindsay Lohan already. Everytime i come here, all i see is the Freckle Queen, and i’m sure most of us, if not all, are sick of seeing her constantly.

    -Screaming Meat Nugget

  19. ToiletDuck


    I totally agree, HOWEVER, this is a photo of a guy sticking his finger in her asshole, her ASSHOLE, or ASS HOLE, so this is kinda different…

  20. _____

    It’s a lock he at least gives Lindsay the Shocker once in a while. Gotta start with a pinky Harry!

    Happy Girl on Girl Friday everyone!! -

  21. A POS

    BAH!! big deal. Who hasn’t had their hands all over Hohans’ ass? Been there done that. I just wish I could get rid of the stink of penis off my hands.

    And why is that assclown dressed like Avril Lavigne?

  22. ToiletDuck


    Wow, holy fuck, just clicked on that link and saw some little girl-on-girl, and without the fatness, the cropped hair, the mean hard faces, and the smoking and swearing…damn, I think I am getting hard…

  23. Populist

    Ahh, nothing says love like trying to cavity search your girl’s poop chute in public. Unless he just left his credit card in there.

  24. Jesus, how sad. Imagine living in a world where you have an almost unlimited amount of money, but you are forced to keep company with common street trash for your sexual satisfaction.

    Goddamn it, I may just take my own fucking life.

    And P.S. – get out in the sun once in a while, you pale-as-a-ghost mother fuckers. I just very well may be blind now. Now go make another shitty movie, you transparent skank.

  25. jane's eyre

    Is her butt really that high up there? Oh that’s right, she doesn’t have one. Must suck not to have a round luscious bottom.

  26. No, no he is doing that all wrong. The proper ass grab technique is in the finger action and he is using way to much wrist for fire-crotch complications. Please people, learn the basics, you won’t be sorry… then all will be platypus.

  27. Bambella

    um her ass cheek is about six inches lower than where is he is grabbing. kids today….

  28. Ok a few things:
    1. Why the hell is she kissing his shoulder? Maybe she’s drunk and missed.
    2. He’s grabbing her ass? I didn’t know she had one. Looks like he’s grabbing a handful of pants to me.
    3. She should marry Cheetor from Transformers Beast Wars.
    4. Transformers Beast Wars sucked.

  29. bepsy

    My latest gossip mag NW in Australia says that Harry just broke up with her because he walked in on her making out with stavros


  30. AmberDextrose

    Maybe I’m reading this all wrong, but that looks to me like a bounty hunter cunningly disguised as a skanky sk8r boi leading a straightjacketed Hohan into the bowels of the Mall of Hell. Her head is spinning like something out of The Exorcist as she tries to escape.

    In the next two shots, the BH (who has scrubbed up incredibly well) is collecting his bounty.

    Hurrah, hurrah. Ding Dong The Witch is Dead, etc!

  31. knowhere

    he’s wearing adidas shoes. by wearing adidas you support nazis. this is a fact.

  32. chubbs

    is she worth a Cartier ring? say it isnt so. I would have more respect for him if it was Paris Hilton. Who gets married first, Paris, Lindsay, or the recently jaded has been…Tara Reid…

  33. RichPort

    I actually walked right past them in the mall. The whole front of his shirt was covered in cocaine, he looked like a fucking baker. I did over hear him whispering that she could get a sniff for every ass grab… personally, I would have just kept the coke.

  34. dupababy

    it appears this dynamic duo obtains their coordinating trashtastic fashions at wal-mart.. always fugly slave labor fashion.. always..

    and that shit is even to stingy for this bitch..

  35. dirt chicken

    Never fear peeps…Hairy is just gonna give that skank a Dirty Sanchez !

  36. jrzmommy

    If he proposes, Gosh, I say go for it Linds. All you need is a failed marriage and jail time to complete your Starlett Resume.

    Dysfunctional Family….check
    Public Catfights….check
    Sexual Promiscuity….check
    Unprofessional/Diva Behavior….check

    And DAMN he’s getting WAY up that ass! Goodness!

  37. How many kegs do you think her reception will have?

  38. dmarie

    She needs to crawl back under a rock. And by rock I mean the toilet that Courtney Love pissed…around. You know, the same one Tara Reid puked all over?


  39. StanGable

    What’s with the lurky Desperate Ho’s wallpaper?

  40. herbiefrog

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  41. commissioner

    Poor, poor Lilo. She needs a shower, an infectious disease specialist and a stylist.

    Ol’ Harry looks like one of those werewolves from the Buffy series. Bet his ass is so hairy it feels like a wool sweater when she grabs his cheeks.


  42. YoMamma

    Can anybody say…
    WHo is this guy and why is she helping him become famous?
    He really chose the wrong chick… credibility is not her forte.

  43. whodatiz

    It’s hard to believe all 3 photos are of the same guy. In the last 2 he looks like a gorgeous Armenian god, yet in the first one he looks like one of the jackass pre-teens who skateboard outside my driveway.

  44. Can you make a wedding cake out of Cocaine, used martinee glasses and old deoderant maxi-pads?

  45. I LOVE THE COCK!!!!!

  46. ch474

    I think he was looking for his car keys.

    Hey Harry, remember to wash thoroughly after a Lohan ass grab. You’ll never know what you’ll catch

  47. thesarahficial

    her body looks discombobulated

  48. bigponie

    he’s doing it all wrong, he’s suppose to grab, squeeze, pinch and the most important , TWIST…

  49. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    To me, it looks like he’s sticking his finger all the way up her ass, which in turn seems to make her head spin around like the chick from The Exorcist. Creepy…

  50. peopleRweird

    Ohhhh they should get Panic! at the Disco to play I Write Sins at their wedding considering the first part of the song goes like this:”oh well imagine as im pacing the pews in a church corridor and i can’t help but to hear an exchanging of words what a beautiful wedding what a beautiful wedding says the bridesmaid to waiter and yes but what a shame what a shame the poor groom’s bride is a WHORE!” Or sometimes they use fucking slut in their live preformances,either one will work.

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